Apple’s New ‘Spaceship’ Campus Will Be Bigger Than The Flippin’ Pentagon!



If you’ve seen the images of Apple’s upcoming spaceship-style campus, you’ll agree that it look pretty remarkable. New details and drawings of Apple’s new HQ, submitted to the Cupertino City Council on August 14, reveal the new office will have a bigger footprint than the Pentagon.

 John Martellaro at MacObserver used Apple’s latest drawings of the new spaceship campus to calculate its size — and it is massive!

Given that comforting sanity check, I measured the diameter of the Apple spaceship as 1615 ft, plus or minus a few ft., depending on where one places the ruler. That’s a radius of 807.5 ft.

That makes Apple’s new HQ larger than the world’s current larges office building, the Pentagon in Arlington, VA, which Martellaro says has a diameter of 1,566 ft., and a radius of 783 ft.

The put that into perspective, take a look at the graphic above which lays the Pentagon over Apple’s new campus. Pretty impressive, eh?