Apple Used OS X Lion To Destroy An Entire Galaxy! [Humor]



You know the new default Lion wallpaper of the Andromeda Galaxy? It’s a heavily photoshopped version of this Astronomy Picture of the Day.

Apple’s version sure is pretty, but do you notice anything else different about it? If you’re eagle eyed, you’ll probably see the problem: along with wiping out several stars, Apple has also deleted an entire galaxy from the picture.

Assistant Professor of Physics David Kaplan from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee noticed the airbrush, and emailed Boing Boing, saying:

Apple has once again altered the Universe according to their whim. They moved/removed many stars, and got rid of a whole galaxy. This is M110, which is one of M31’s [Andromeda’s] satellites. The other big satellite, M32, is still there.

Kaplan’s not entirely sure if the M110 galaxy is still visible since he last looked, but suspects it would be. I think he underestimates Apple. You wanted to know what they’re using their cash hoard for? Two words: Death Star.

  • rcastano

    There!!!  Made a dent in the universe.

  • TylerHoj

    YES! this is awesome. I downloaded the actual picture of the galaxy, new desktop background here we come! …although I love Apple’s [shall we say] artistic rendering of the Andromeda Galaxy.

  • cyberb0b

    They bought M110 to build their new campus and moved it to Cuppertino.. 

  • lwdesign1

    Just call it “redecorating”.

  • Michael

    I actually noticed this right away. Personally, i think Apple’s version looks bad. The universe is beautiful as is, and it does not need to be photoshopped.

  • Jeff

    Can we stop using a photoshop as verb? Altered or edited work just as well without plugging Adobe software.

  • skippykawakami

    They removed it for violating Apple’s terms and conditions. M110 wouldn’t remove a link to their online store, and wouldn’t pay Apple their 30% cut. 

  • prof_peabody

    Everyone knows that M10 is full of Androids anyway.  

  • prof_peabody

    Well, even the original is just a representation and Apple’s is better.  

    It’s a work of art and not intended to be an accurate representation of Andromeda.  

  • Michael Mulhern

    Sorry Jeff, but this is how the English language evolves.  As much as I dislike the free plug for Adobe, people will continue to photoshop pictures,  xerox a couple of copies, then go hoover the carpet.

  • Michael

    Photoshop is a verb.

  • Chase Hausman

    and use Kleenex.  (It’s even in the Lion spellcheck.)

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  • Jeff

    Apple probably iPhotoed it, Apertured it, or maybe even Pixelmatored it.
    And I realize the English language evolves, and maybe photoshopped will be there one day the way xeroxed is.

  • Zulvianes Budiman

    Hahahaha… So true… :D 

  • Randy Weston

    Everyone’s comments are freaking hilarious! Cant think of which one I like the most.

    @facebook-1047490303:disqus No one “hoovers” their carpet! I dont think :), but you’re right on with the others.

    Disclaimer: At the time of this reply, I owned several Apple and Microsoft products, used Google services and had no problems with any of them.

  • Daibidh

    This takes “locationgate” to a whole new level.  Do I smell a class action suit?  

  • AppleFanboyNZ

    Hmmm. Apple Have often “Changed the world” Before but Never have I heard of them changing the universe. :P

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  • lals9955
  • meowfb

    That is a hint. They really want to remove an entire galaxy, Samsung Galaxy.

  • KillianBell

    Actually, in the U.K., everyone “hoovers” their carpet! :)

  • canarino

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  • Jesper Philipsen

    Who cares?

  • Matthewjgr

    Who cares? Apple’s sure looks pretty on my desktop everyday.