Want a free iPad? Ask a Walmart clerk to “put it aside” for you



Walmart is starting to look like a prime place to nick an iPad.

Recently, a pair of crooks successfully pulled a bait and switch by returning an empty box — now there seems to be a gang targeting Walmarts for iPad thefts with an even simpler ruse.

One of them, described as a young male with long blond hair, goes into the electronics department, tells the clerk he wants two iPads. The employee takes them out of the case.

Once the tablet computers are out from lock and key, the potential buyer asks the clerk to set them aside — ostensibly so he can go finish shopping. Then his accomplice, a young woman, reaches under the counter a few moments later and grabs them.

The accomplice passes them to third person who then stashes the iPads in a handbag and walks out.

In four known thefts in the Arcadia, California area, the trio has stolen about $6,400 in iPads.

Via Daily World