A Look at the Redesigned Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York City



After Apple’s plans for its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City where show off yesterday, Apple has released a rendering of what the final design of the store’s glass cube will look like.


“The company has now revealed the plan on their temporary facade, and they sent us over this new rendering and plant. Though it turns out nothing is wrong with the old cube, they want to simplify it, and “by using larger, seamless pieces of glass, we’re using just 15 panes instead of 90.”

Here’s the current cube design, for comparison:

Who knew that removing 75 panes of glass would make the cube look so good. At least Apple will have some extra glass to put in its mothership campus now.

What do you think? Does this make Apple’s most iconic retail location look better or worse? I like it, but CoM’s news editor John Brownlee prefers the old design. What say you?