Apple Will Now Buy Back Your Old iOS Devices and Macs



Apple has extended its electronics recycling program to introduce a new “reuse” option that provides users with the option of selling their old iOS devices and Macs back to the Cupertino company in return for an Apple gift card.

Apple has long provided users with the option of recycling their old gadgets, either by handing them into the company’s Cupertino headquarters, or having them picked up free of charge by WeRecycle!. You can also hand in your old Apple batteries to your local Apple retail store for disposal. However, this is the first time Apple has offered to buy back your unwanted electronics.

The new initiative is thanks to a partnership with PowerON, who calculates a fair market value for your old iOS devices and computers from any manufacturer and offers you Apple credit for handing them over. The “reuse” option is just as friendly as recycling because it extends the life of your unwanted electronics in the second-hand market.

Apple explains the program on the new Reuse & Recycling page of its website:

If your product qualifies for reuse — meaning it has monetary value — you’ll receive an Apple Gift Card equivalent to its fair market value as determined by PowerON.

You can use the gift card for eligible purchases at any U.S. Apple Retail Store or the U.S. Apple Online Store. If your product does not have monetary value, we’ll recycle it at no cost to you.

You can get an estimate for your unwanted gadgets by visiting the Reuse & Recycling page and answering a few questions about your device, such as its current condition and whether you’ve removed your content and supplied a power cable. PowerON will then give you an estimate and if you’re happy to accept it, they’ll supply you with packaging and cover the shipping costs.

If your device is in fairly good condition and would probably sell better on eBay, you are likely to get more for your it that way. For example, my black 32GB iPhone 4 with some “light to moderate scratches” was worth just $170 through Apple. However, for devices that aren’t working so well that you want to get rid of fairly quickly, Apple’s new service could be the best solution.

[via AppleInsider]

  • Xand Venturas

    Will this only apply to mac users in the USA? What about those of us in South Africa?

  • hausoftrinity

    It doesn’t apply to iPods, I’ve noticed.

  • Craig Grannell

    I just tried it in the UK version. It reckons my 24″ C2D iMac, in great condition with its box, leads and so on, is worth £196 at “fair market value”. Riiiight.

  • Guest
  • vipshopper67
  • vipshopper67
  • Nings

    I can get three times more when selling on eBay, not a good service by Apple. At least not good enough prices.

  • SbMobile

    I’m not sure who would use this service. There are a lot of other ways to get rid of old Apple products & make a bit more money doing it.

  • Theyseeyoutrollin

    Wow. So, you could sell your 32GB iPhone here for $170.00, or sell it on ebay for up to $500.00. which to choose, which to choose…

  • Ronald Epstein


    There have been multiple complaints about their practices on the Apple discussion boards…

    Good computers go in….bad computers come back

  • lsl31
  • JayeDee369

    Fair Market value?!?! Really?!?! $170 is fair market value. Can you give me PowerON’s phone number so I can call them and tell them that they should have Apple sell us these products at fair market value-what a crock of bullshit! Fair Market Value my ass

  • Torrie

    Not trolling or anything but I found this company called CeX that gives waaayyyy more value for your devices. If any of you are interested, their website is

  • nthnm

    It gave me a quote of a little over $200 for my iMac. I sold it through Craigslist for $700

  • andoryuu3

    I’m sorry, but if I have people willing to buy my iPhone 2G for $100, then how is “zero dollar fair market value” anywhere near accurate? 

    For most of us, $100 isn’t just chump change.

  • ‘CeJay Rocha’

    I would not sell my stuff back to apple for these prices. But I would use them as a reference for when I do sell or buy apple stuff on craigslist. Cause there are some WAYYY over priced iMacs Macbook Pros , Ipod touch’s and iPhones. For those people that buy Macbook’s brand new use them for years then sell them for $100 less then what they bought them for.