Boxee App Released for iPad, Boxee Box Updated With Lion Compatibility and AirPlay


Boxee for iPad

Boxee has launched its official, free iPad app, allowing users to watch streaming content on the tablet device and transfer playback from the iPad to the Boxee Box.

Additionally, the new Boxee Media Manager allows you to stream video to the iPad from a Mac or PC. Alongside the new apps, Boxee has brought AirPlay support and Lion compatibility to its set-top box.

The new Boxee iPad app looks really good. Particularly, there are some social networking features that make it easy to share what you’re watching with your friends.

Users can also stream content through AirPlay from the Boxee Box, thanks to the latest update.

The newest firmware update to the Boxee Box adds Lion compatibility for streaming locally stored files on a Mac running Apple’s latest desktop OS. NFS and AFP support have been added, with there also being better HTML5 implementation in the set-top box’s browser.

Boxee has also introduced a very useful feature called the “Watch Later” bookmark. This browser bookmark allows you to save and queque videos you find on the desktop for viewing later on your iPad or Boxee Box.

Screenshots of the iPad app:

  • GH

    I have decided to avoid companies that didn’t have a Lion update when (before) Lion came out.  
    they had months of beta builds, to develop and ‘fix’ bugs.

  • Anon Developer

    I know what you mean – it’s infuriating, and as far as i can see, inexcusable in the case of Carbonite. At least Boxee is ‘free’

  • Friends of Mac

    Why get an Apple TV now it this will do everything and more?


  • Soho22

    Why read friendsofmac when cultofmac will do everything and more?

  • Joram Oudenaarde

    What a horrible interface… who in their right minds puts text vertically? That makes it hard to use/read in interfaces. And why put video-thumbnails horizontally? If you have an average collection you easily reach the 80+ movies, and scrolling horizontally is in that case álways less intuitive and a more difficult way to browse compared to a vertically scrolling list (or vertically scrolling thumbnail-list).

    I hope they fix a bunch of those weird interface mistakes soon to be honest

  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest
  • Guest
  • bondr006

    I installed Boxee on my iPad and desktop and let it scan all the appropriate
    folders, and the damn thing couldn’t find my desktop. On the other
    hand…..ZumoCast works great. Streams everything from my desktop to my iPad
    that I throw at it with no problems.

  • shucai45
  • Fabiano

    For me, it didn’t work. I mean, I could watch some small videos from my Macbook, but no pictures were shown in the iPad!

  • LynxCub

    Have Boxee setup on my mac mini, (2009), created an Applescript to log into my smb volumes, and auotload the boxee media manger after that.  Everything works like a charm.  Plays AVI, mkv, xvid, divx, and etc..  Even allows you to select the audio track if multiple are present.

    Only two issues:
    1)  Doesn’t display subtitles mkv’s with softcoded subs (srt/ast)
    2)  Doesn’t play FLAC/MP3/Etc files

    What seems odd it has a similar feel as the old XBox 360  Blade interface. (as you can see in the last screenshot above)

    Overall, i give is an 8.0 out of 10.  

    What would, at least for me, give it 10/10 would be the following
    1)  Ability to stream over the Internet vs local Wi-Fi (full point)
    2)  Subtitles support (.5 point)
    3)  Ability for it or the media manger (either or) to remember last position (.5 point)