Chinese iPhone & iPad Smugglers Are Now Using Crossbows And Ziplines To Get Out Of Shenzhen



Increasingly thwarted by customs, Chinese and Hong Kong iPad smugglers are taking to the comic books to learn some new tricks for getting their wares to customers: smugglers are now firing crossbows across raging rivers and ziplining across with smuggled iPhones and iPads strapped to their backs!

According to MIC Gadget:

Hong Kong and China run independent legal and taxation systems, and smugglers in China often try to get goods from the former British colony to make a profit on the lower prices. A group of smugglers used a crossbow and pulley system, with strong fishing line hook up, smuggle Apple products across the river that divides Hong Kong and Shenzhen under the cover of darkness. Officers found a 300-metre line rigged across the Sha Tau Kok River, which taking advantage of the geographical environment. The line was connected to the 21st floor of two residential blocks in Shenzhen, a black nylon bag containing smuggled goods was tied to the line and pulled across the border. The traveling time only take about 2 minutes to reach the other side of the river. Investigations showed that smugglers operated in the early hours of each morning in an attempt to avoid detection. They have finally been caught after a major customs surveillance operation. 6 smugglers were arrested in the operation, 50’s iPad 2 and 50’s iPhone 4, which worth about three hundred thousand yuan (US$46,583) were seized.

Absolute crazy. Pretty soon, people will be paragliding them in.