Restaurant Replaces Menus and More with iPad



A trendy Atlanta eatery is the latest to adopt a growing hospitality industry trend: using iPads as interactive menus.

Guests at the Do Restaurant at The View make their selections on Apple’s culture-changing tablet, which are then relayed to iPads in the kitchen. Waiters of the human variety come in only to bring orders to the tables.

Restauranteurs Christian and Nacasha Ruffin worked with a certified Apple programmer to custom design their ordering system, since what they were looking for wasn’t previously available, they tell CNN.

“The coolest thing about it is that there are no more wrinkled menus with ketchup on it or pizza sauce on it,” says Christian Ruffin.

A combination of sensors and (presumably burly) security guards is in place to prevent the iPads from being ‘borrowed’ after the meal.

Do’s app is set apart by being more than just a menu. It allows, for example, diners to let the parking valet know they’re on the way out. Staff also use it to control lighting/ambiance in the restaurant.

“What were doing here is definitely the wave of the future”, Ruffin says.

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  • John Branham

    gotta love how someone smashed the iPad button into the picture just to clarify it’s an iPad screen.

  • Friends of Mac

    Good idea, but not so sanitary I’d guess…


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  • Jamal22

    What would really be cool if you could make your order from the iPad. Press on a icon, then there is a way to order and make any changes you like to the meal…wow.

  • Peco_pei

    “The coolest thing about it is that there are no more wrinkled menus with ketchup on it or pizza sauce on it,” says Christian Ruffin.

    … So instead you are going to have an iPad with ketchup and pizza sauce on it.

  • Kim Leblanc

    If you want no interaction with the waiter and eat as fast as possible, go to Wendy’s.

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  • djrobsd

    Not good, fail.  


    You can. At ‘do’ you place your order using the iPad and it alerts the kitchen, chat in a private restaurant chat room with other restaurant guests and call for valet. I f you need help with something or would like to refresh your beverage, you can also click the table attendant button on the Ipad. Another Apple/’do’ restaurant feature –  you can use your iPod Touch or iPhone to vote on the music/music videos projected on the walls. 

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  • Thomas Arthur Schaefer

    Dude… that’s exactly what it does. I should know, I helped design the thing.

  • tessmadrid

    I can’t wait to see this a busy sandwich shops during rush hour. I would happily place my order on an ipad when I enter and then sit down and wait for my name to be called

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