Holy App Store! This Real-Life Batman Uses An iPad To Control His Turbine-Powered Batmobile! [Video]


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Casey Putsch has done something so incredible that even Bruce Wayne would approve: he’s not only designed and built a turbine-powered Batmobile, but he slapped an iPad on the dash to help him with navigating through the streets of Gotham.

Putsch claims this is the “world’s first turbine-powered Batmobile,” which seems like the sort of maker’s boast that only Batman himself could lay claim to, but then you hear this thing revving up its Boeing turboshaft engine and you realize this is not a car designed for stealthy approach.

The iPad in the center dash is used by Putsch as an avionics system, as well as to display GPS information.

It does raise a question, though: would Batman be an iOS man? I tend to doubt it: Batman likes slapping his logo on everything, and only Android really allows for that sort of customization. Then again, he is an outlaw vigilante… he probably jailbreaks.

[via theiPadFan]

  • Jan Wróblewski

    This is hell of a loud car :P

  • Friends of Mac

    And why wouldn’t he… The uses for this device are endless. Holy punchin’ penguins, Batman!


  • Fred De La Peña

    Yea, but he uses a Droid to run his X-Wing. :)

  • thumbmaster

    Headline is a bit misleading. I thought the batmobile was being controlled by the iPad ala RC cars and 007. Very disappointing.

  • paninebaluy

    It must be fun to catch squirrels and other small animals on his hood. Ooops… More like, shred them ^_^

  • dale2000

    Headline misleading?

    It’s almost a given, here!  In fact, you could almost discount the headline altogether as a rule.  But then you wouldn’t click as many of these precious, precious links, would you?  Let’s sum this experience up:

    You Got Brownlee’d!

  • dale2000

    It’s really disappointing that they built this cool turbine powered batmobile and put a video together of it basically doing a shopping run.  It’s “Putch RACING”.  RACE it.


  • Apple_News

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  • lsla224
  • Lucy

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