Crooks buy iPad at Walmart, Return Empty Box



“I just bought this iPad, but I’d like to return it.” OK, the Walmart clerk must have thought.

Duh. Who would buy an iPad, then return it a few minutes later?

Well, you might return the empty box. (Too lazy for recycling, maybe?)

That’s what a pair of crooks did in Gallatin, Tennessee did.

They walked into a Walmart, bought the iPad. Walked out, walked back in and managed to return the iPad-deprived box with a book inside to give it some heft.

The man and woman were both caught on video surveillance, looking rather calm as they walked out of the store.

Police are still searching for them.

Via News Channel 5

  • Steven Chaffer

    Thats won’t fly at Target. They have a customer UNcentered return policy with their electronics, especially iPads and iPods. If you open it at all, you don’t get a return OR even a store credit, period. Unless its defective. Learned that the hard way. Don’t ever buy electronics from Target.

    But back to the topic, I would think the employee would just peep inside??? Ya think?? 

  • Wayne_Luke

    The person who performed the refund probably lost their job. They are supposed to look inside the box to make sure everything is returned.

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  • GregsTechBlog

    Every retailer can tell you, you always check the box before processing a return. I’m sure the employee who processed the return lost their job over this. I wonder if it was really worth that to these two crooks. 

  • GregsTechBlog

    Maybe it was because I was employee there, but I bought a hard drive, it didn’t work, so I returned it and got another. That one didn’t work either, so I gave up and returned it as well for cash. 

    If this really is a perk of working there, be warned: working there is hell. I haven’t worked for Target for 4 years, and I still have the occasional nightmare about it. Not worth it.

  • nthnm

    People are surprised? Walmart (and really every other big box chain store) pays crap and employees don’t give a crap about their jobs.

  • nthnm

    What does it matter to the crooks? I doubt it’s the first time they’ve done something illegal and it won’t be the last.

  • nthnm

    Maybe the employee was in on it? lol

  • GregsTechBlog

    Robbing from a corporation like Walmart is one thing. Costing someone their job though? That weighs heavier on a person’s conscience. 

  • lsl833
  • lsl833
  • Brandon Dillon

    Ha I go to that Walmart. I hope nobody lost their job over it.

  • FlacVest

    That was due to their stupidity though. It isn’t like what the “robbers” did actually caused them to lose their job.

    That’s like going to get your car serviced and the guy not putting a pan under the oil, causing you to slip and impale yourself on a tool and die.

    It isn’t “your” fault, nor was it the robbers that the worker got fired.

    It’s common sense to actually check the package.

  • derekedelaney

    I currently work at Target in the electronics and that is our return policy. I dont understand why people think they can buy something, try it out and if they dont like it, return it. How would you like to buy an ipod that someone else has returned or might have music still on it. You probably wouldn’t like it at all. Do some research before you buy something to see if its worth it. Thats the smart thing to do before you buy something especially an electronics item.

  • lsl48
  • lsl48
  • AlecTheFirst

    So you’re saying it’s ok to rob from a corporation?

  • GregsTechBlog

    Nah, but it’s less evil than robbing from someone who has less, or causing someone to lose their job. 
    I’d compare it to stealing $5 from a rich man, and stealing $5 from a homeless man. Which one will go hungry because of your actions?

  • Felicia DeGroot

    the trick is.. you just have to make it LOOK like you never opened it. ;-) jk

  • Hampus

    I agree with you, as long as there is a demo unit of the device in the store.
    For the iPad there I would imagine there is, that’s how Apple wants things but at least where I live many stores have stopped having actual phones up for people to actually look at and test, just shells with a weight inside. They still have working laptops and computers up for some reason though…

  • Digi59404

    “How would you like to buy an ipod that someone else has returned or might have music still on it. You probably wouldn’t like it at all.”

    Thats why companies like Walmart ship all returns to a processing center to be checked out and re-packaged. So this doesn’t happen.

  • lls17
  • Racefan14

    Supposedly the product looked like it had not been opened. If it is a sealed package, why would you break the seal to check the contents? Sure the clerk should have checked the timestamp on the receipt. Perhaps call over a manager for assistance. Then again we have all been stuck in a long line at the service desk at Walmart. Last thing we want to do is wait longer for a manger. 

    Crooks don’t have a conscience so they don’t care if people lose jobs or not. After all they are the ones stealing.  Police have 2 pretty good pictures to go by of the man and woman. Police are on the look out and know what color car they drive. Chances are these ipads have already been sold on the black market.

    Lessons should be learned by all.

  • AlecTheFirst

    Oh ok, so what you’re saying is that stealing is ok if the person has more than you?

  • GregsTechBlog

    If you can find one place where I said that it’s okay to steal from someone who has more than you, I’ll give you a cookie. 

    I’m just saying that it’s worse to steal from someone who has very little than from someone who has a lot. Stealing isn’t right. But think of it as a percentages game. If you steal $5 from someone who only has $10, you’ve taken 50% from them. Steal $5 from someone who has millions, and you’ve taken less than a fraction of a percent from them. 

  • Steven Chaffer


    Pardon my stupidity for assuming that Shit-hole, I mean Target, would be any different from mainstream America. Shame on me for assuming. I bought this for my brother who I though I could get going with an iPad, I was wrong. I have my own. I had my first version. I don’t have to “try in out”. There IS other circumstances when a  return is other than what you assume my friend.You don’t sound very educated when it comes to what your own, or any company  does with returned items. Do you really think they would leave personal pics, songs, data on it? Really? Wow. Im amazed. Its called “restore”…which I did prior to my return attempt and which every retailer does prior to re-selling them… you can look around. Apples return policy is completely open with zero re-stocking fee, as well as Best Buy’s, Sears, JCPenny, Nordstrom, Staples, OfficeDept, Fry’s electronics, Radio shack….do I need to go on? All of these retailers return your items, open’ed or not. Get a grip man. Its part of the reason these companies are so admired and have gotten so far. They RESPECT their customers a little more. And yes, I will wait until the stock return to Apple next time….trust me.If your defensive about Target and want to help your company, then TELL people about your pathetic return policy. Its not the norm buddie. Its not even made clear on the receipt. “Do some research before you buy something”….Really? Your gonna go there with me? I asked the clerk and she told me I could return it opened. That was not the case when it came down to it. So I guess my fault is not getting her to write that down…shame on me.Targets return policy sucks, nor is your company responsible.

  • Sam Parmenter

    And how on earth do you do that. Unless you happen to have a very expensive machine that actually repacks it, a 2 second check would have revealed that it had been opened.

    Thats about as good an excuse for accepting it as saying “well it felt like there was an iPad in there so I didn’t check”.

  • Brandon Pacheco

    aka lesser of two evils.

  • Brandon Pacheco

    aka lesser of two evils.

  • BrianVoll

    Why not just return it with one of those dummy/fake iPads you can get from the internets?

  • Adam Schneider

    I bought my 4th Generation iPod touch from there. They had a good selection of cases, but not very much stock. I got the 32GB model. Last one they had on the locked shelves. When ever and if ever it breaks I will bring it into Apple.