Apple Unveils iCloud Subscription Pricing for US, UK, EU



Following the launch of the beta, Apple unveiled the pricing structure for its iCloud storage upgrade options. For the first 5GB, iCloud is completely free, but if you need need more storage, subscriptions start at $20 a year for 10GB.

Here’s the full list of iCloud upgrade options:

  • 10GB — $20/year (£14, 16€)
  • 25GB — $40/year (£28, 32€)
  • 50GB — $100/year (£70, 80€)

You can upgrade to a paid iCloud subscription now as long as you’re running iOS 5 on one of your devices. To upgrade, navigate to the iCloud section of the Settings app, then select the ‘Buy More Storage’ button.

iCloud wirelessly backs up your camera roll, accounts, documents and settings when you plug your device into a power source, and everything is stored online negating the need to backup to your Mac or PC. Images in your Photo Stream — which remain in the cloud for up to 30 days — do not count towards your iCloud storage allowance.

I personally think Apple’s iCloud pricing structure is a bargain, and well worth the cash for cloud-based backups. Will you be upgrading?

[via 9to5 Mac]

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39 responses to “Apple Unveils iCloud Subscription Pricing for US, UK, EU”

  1. rolandgosebruch says:

    Last time I checked the UK was still a member state of the EU.

  2. Friends of Mac says:

    iCloud kills MobileMe in both cost and storage not to mention that the 5G account will now be free to all iOS users. FaceTime, .me email addresses, and Find my iDevice for all! We are truly at the dawn of the post-pc era.


  3. Robbie Goacher says:

    I think it’s more of a USD/GBP/EUR differentiation.

  4. Ross Purcell says:

    Yes, but the UK and EU’s currency are different.

  5. rockinrors says:

    Does music count towards the data allowance?

  6. Brent McPherson says:

    The price is very low but it depends on whether Apple will allow us to backup regular files/directories to iCloud vs. just backing up stuff from iCloud aware apps. If they do that it could become a DropBox killer.

  7. KillianBell says:


  8. KillianBell says:

    iCloud doesn’t backup your music.

  9. rolandgosebruch says:

    No, they’re not. The UK is part of the EU. If your statement were right, the UK would not have the pound.

    The EU has no currency. The € is the currency of the members of the Euro zone, not the EU. See Robbie Goacher’s comment.

  10. GingerNinja says:

    Ooooo.  I’d want to see how iCloud for Documents compares with Dropbox first as they are effectively the same price.  Dropbox Pro 50GB is $99 pa.  which worked out as £59 for me last year with the exchange rate being what it was.  That 50GB is on top of the “free” allocation that they give you as well, which in my case with all the referrals I’ve done, is 8GB.

    *sigh*  WHY couldn’t Apple get MobileMe right the FIRST time around.  Then I wouldn’t have become locked into Dropbox & Gmail and would be Appled up to the hilt.

  11. Taylor Ereio says:

    Actually, It does. Take a look at the WWDC again buddy. 

    Steve Jobs – “This way you won’t have to upload your music library. If we can’t match it, we’ll upload”

  12. ? Planeta Apple ? says:

    Anybody knows if this icloud service will be worldwide available at launch?

  13. David Alexander Harrison says:

    There’re one or two other nations aside from Britain that are members of the EU but don’t use the Euro…

    Dude, seriously, do the research before you start treating other people like idiots for getting “wrong” something that they’re actually completely right about!

  14. David Alexander Harrison says:

    There’s absolutely no reason why it shouldn’t be – certainly no technical reason why it couldn’t be – unless Apple makes the arbitrary decision of “we’re an American company, so we’re gonna make this available to only Americans at first”, which would make no business sense whatsoever… Why refuse to sell it to people due to nationalism?

  15. Gheedsgreed says:

    Let’s see…
    I use Google Music to access my music everywhere so that won’t be useful,
    Photos is nice but won’t count towards quota so whatever,
    I use PC and Google Docs so Documents won’t do much for me,
    I use Kindle app not iBooks,
    App Data and Device settings back up is pretty useful,
    My mail, contacts and calendars are synced from Google of course,

    Unless iCloud will let me easily transfer any document between my devices like Dropbox, I don’t see much usefulness for me.

  16. Johnhayes says:

    Now is that 10GB on top of your 5GB free? or am I going to pay $20 for 5 more GB?

  17. rolandgosebruch says:

    Well, “dude”, right now there are 10 EU member states who do not have the €, not “one or two”:

    Get your facts straight or please stay out of this discussion. Seriously.

    All I wanted was a correct headline. It’s not UK or EU, but UK or Eurozone.

  18. Jo says:

    Idiots abound! Check your research and you will find that England is NOT part of the EU. But you were probably trolling anyway.

  19. Guest says:

    10gb on top of the 5 free ones, so 15 in total.

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