Apple Launches MobileMe’s Successor With Beta [Gallery]


Screen Shot 2011-08-02 at 09.12.10

Apple has just launched its online service which will later be the successor to MobileMe. Those signed up to the service can now use their web browser to access their Mail, Contacts, Calendar and more.

You may recognize the login screen from the image that was leaked before WWDC back in June. We were doubtful of its authenticity back then, but it seems to be pretty spot-on. Once you’re logged in you have access to your iCloud Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone and even your iWork documents.

If you’re already a MobileMe users, the interface will feel very familiar, though there are a number of updates to its appearance. One of my favorites is the new iOS-like pop-up notifications.

There’s more images of the iCloud web apps on the next page.

  • Friends of Mac

    The look and fell is VERY MobileMe/.Mac- esque, which is good for those of us who have been using them as a paid service for years. The nice added touches are the brushed aluminum look and the new leather, Lion iCal interface. It doesn’t seem like “fall” can get here soon enough.


  • Jeremy Roe

    I cannot wait for this!

  • 011Bojan

    I can’t wait for this either!

  • Tom McGrath

    Can’t wait for this, I just hope no one has taken my email address.

  • robgilgan

    I get a ‘Developers Only’ error message.

  • Felichiomo

    your address is migrated when iCloud goes public you get the same address you will migrate to iCloud and apple said you would keep your current address and data but it will be on iCloud instead

  • Felichiomo

    i keep trying to access the mail app but it keeps coming uo with an IOS style popup saying cannot connect

  • B066Y

    I currently use and like Google Docs but I think I’m going to like this more because my documents will stay synced on my computers and not just in the “cloud.”

  • devmyi

    Has anyone noticed the link is gone, it shows a not found page unless they are redirecting to the not found page

  • Felichiomo

    most people have known this for ages you havent been able to buy MobileMe since early this year thena couple of moths ago apple said that all paying MobileMe customers have had there subscription extended to june 20 2012 (sometime around there) free of charge before which you are to upgrade to iCloud,get with it 

  • Pinkbird_Kim

    I get the same message and I have had a me acct for years.

  • lsla49
  • lsla49
  • Kyle Frenette

    developers only

  • LTodd820

    I previously had a mobileme account and I let it expire because I couldn’t afford to resubscribe at the time.  Will I still be able to use my address when iCloud goes live?

  • Yaz Khoury

    Thank you moderator for editing Chris’s post to not include a link to his site. Spamming has finally been dealt with.

  • Shaunathan Sprocket

    No it hasn’t Yaz, have you seen lsla49’s post?

  • Joel Bruner

    Nyah, nyah… jeez

  • mai duc chung

    The usual idea is that you would use NFC to set up the link between the two devices and then do an automatic hand over to a different protocol for doing the actual transfer of data – eg Bluetooth,iphone 5

  • devmyi

    But before it was there, in july the link was fine, but its back again, it was they were customizing the upgrade page, now its