Microsoft Adding Lion Features to Office 2011



With more and more Mac apps gaining compatibility with OS X Lion, Microsoft’s widely popular Office suite for the Mac is the next in line. MacNN is reporting that Microsoft is hard at work implementing Lion features like Auto Save, Versions, and full-screen mode in Office 2011.

Apple’s own iWork productivity suite has already been updated with these Lion-specific features, and Microsoft aims at adding these features to Office in the coming months.

“Office for Mac 2011 users will be gaining access to some of the enhancements of OS X Lion, says Microsoft’s Pat Fox. Specifically the work suite will be getting support for Auto Save, Versions and fullscreen mode. Fox has few other details to offer; regarding the timing of an update, the Office team member explains that the wait will likely be “measured in months not days.”

If you use Microsoft’s Communicator for Mac, you can grab an update now that fixes issues with crashes in Lion. The update is available in Microsoft’s AutoUpdate and Download Center.

Microsoft has also said that Office 2004 will never be compatible with Lion, thanks to the lack of Rosetta support in Apple’s latest desktop OS. So, you’ll have to update to a 2005+ version of Microsoft’s suite if you’re a Lion user.

There’s been no word on whether Microsoft will bring the Office suite to the Mac App Store, but Apple’s own iWork suite is available there for $19.99 per app.

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  • Brandon M

    I just wish they could ad MSN support to iChat. 

  • iNecko

    what about 2008?

  • Brent LaRowe

    I recognize I’m in the 0.2% club with this question, but in Office 2008, Microsoft Query is still written in PPC, and my recent upgrade to Lion has me scrambling to find ways to bring in external data to Excel spreadsheets. Any good news on that front? Will Office 2011’s Lion update be bringing all PPC micro-applications up to snuff?

  • Don Youngner

    All I want is just one feature – “return receipt

  • AnupR

    I think eventually, or soon , iWork will kill this completely…

  • bav14

    I found this new apple blog and it great!

  • bav14

    I found this new apple blog and its great!

  • djrobsd

    And what exactly are you basing this theory off of?  Apple hardly has a reputation of anything other then a hardware and device manufacturer.  It seems like most of their products like iWork are just pet projects of some vice president at Apple, and they don’t actually compete when stacked up against products.  Just look at the whole Final Cut Pro X debacle if you need any proof of my statements here.

  • dongche79