AT&T Will Start Throttling Heavy Use Unlimited Data Subscribers In October



Hey, guess what! In just a few months, AT&T’s going to start throttling your iPhone’s 3G speeds if they think you use too much data, just like Verizon already does… even if you’re an unlimited data subscriber! Aren’t mobile companies just grand?

Here’s how it work. If you are a heavy user of your iPhone — we’d speculate this means you use over 2GB per month — you’ll still get 3G service, but AT&T will throttle your speed so it goes much more slowly.

The most interesting aspect of this is probably when AT&T plans on doing it: the first week of October. There’s been a lot of varying scuttlebutt that Apple might release a new iPhone then, and it would certainly make sense for AT&T to get any changes in its service in place at the time of the iPhone 5’s launch.

Most users probably won’t be affected by this, but we expect heavy users and jailbreak tetherers still carrying around their grandfathered unlimited plans to be particularly upset.

[via 9to5Mac]