Check Out This Awesome New Kickstarter-Funded iPad Stylus



As if there weren’t enough capacitive styli out there for the iPad, here’s another one from Kickstarter success Adonit (who make the Adonit Writer we previewed here in a Kickstarter Macworld story — review coming soon) called the Jot. Ah, but this one’s different.

The $18 Kickstarted Jot employs a flat disk attached, via ball-and-socket, to a fine point at the end of the stylus. The upshot is finer control, more like a pen, but unlike a pen, the ability to write at more extreme angles.

Looks pretty cool, and Adonit are set to release it in August. $25 For those of you who drive Beemers Bimmers, there’s also the upscale Jot Pro at $30, with a more austere finish, rubberized grip and magnet so it can cling to your iPad. A $25 pledge will get you two Jots or one Pro