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Say Goodbye to Boxed Software from Apple



Apple has begun to discontinue the selling of boxed software in its retail stores. OS X Lion was made available this morning as the first download-only version of OS X, and Apple is placing a strong emphasis on the Mac App Store as its main method of desktop software distribution.

Other flagship products from Apple, like Final Cut Pro X, have been also offered exclusively in the Mac App Store.

Apple’s best-selling software, including iLife, iWork and Aperture, will no longer be offered in Apple stores for physical purchase. It’s expected that third party developers, like Microsoft, will also see their boxed install disks leave Apple store shelves soon.

The number of games Apple sells as boxed purchases have also been drastically reduced from 32 to 8. Many of the most popular PC game titles are now available on the Mac App Store, including titles like Call of Duty and Bioshock.

Honestly, boxed software has been needing to die for quite some time. It’s nice to see Apple pulling the plug on an antiquated distribution model. Long live the App Store!

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