How to See Your OS X Lion Download Progress



In case you’ve been living under a rock, Apple has released OS X Lion for $30 in the Mac App Store. Lion was made available this morning for download, and will be sold at Apple stores on a USB thumb drive in August.

If you’ve started downloading Lion, you may notice that it takes a lot longer to download than most apps. That’s because it weighs in at a hefty 4GB. Luckily, there’s a way to at least see your Lion download progress as you wait.

You’ll notice that when you start your download, all you get is a little blue progress bar under the app icon in your Mac’s dock. That’s hardly sufficient if you need to see how much time is left for your download to finish.

If you head over to the Purchases tab in the Mac App Store, you can see a list of all the purchased content you’ve downloaded. Once you buy Lion, you can hop over to this tab and watch the time estimate of how long until the download finishes. Pretty hand for those of us with Lion fever.

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  • Erfan Severi

    got mine :D

  • Matt Harris

    Thank you for this post, all I could see was the progress bar which told me nothing. This helped a lot. Mine is going so slow. 

  • Eric Sondeen

    45 min download for me early this morning…  Comcast–pretty good bandwidth.

  • Finlay MacArthur

    Same here, mines working out at 1 Gb per hour.

  • justin

    Thank you for this… This helps me alot, i can see where the progress bar is going… Mine is very slow (871.36MB of 3.74GB-1hr 25mins). 

  • justin

    Can’t Wait man!!!……….:)

  • Edgar Quintero

    Yea well don’t forget to set your Mac to non sleep mode, came back and it was stuck at 600mb… had to pause it and unpause it to get it going again, simply resuming from sleep doesn’t do it.

  • William Brynjolfsson

    go to the mac store- got mine in less than 5 minuets- installing it was a different ball game.

  • Austin Sersen

    Thanks for the tip.  Less time than I thought it would take.

  • HuggingFitMum

    Thanks for this post! Been wondering how long it would take! I still have 3 hours to go!

  • Randall Hudson

    Figuring that the entire world was going to trying to download this yesterday (according to Apple there was over 1 million downloads in the first 24 hours) I opted to wait a day. It took all of 18 minutes for me to download it tonight.

  • SandyS

    Thanks for this!  It shows exactly how far and how long to go!

  • haolema2
  • Lorna Yonés Semidei

    thanks a lot!! Apparently the whole world is downloading this. lol 2 more GB to go! ;-)

  • Berford

    Well I was a UT99 addict. After installing Lion I get the message that Power PC apps can no longer be accessed. Going through withdrawal pains and it’s only been a few hours :(

  • Aitor Riano Ojanguren

    wow thanks!!

  • Lenna Saeidzadeh

    Fantastic thanks! 

  • ric

    Thanks wasn’t even sure if it was working, takes a while for even a little green bar to start showing.

  • FollowMeSticker

    Neat thank you.

  • Allemania_ak

    Good grief this download is slow!! It’s been downloading for 3 hours now and it is only at 710.07 MB out of 3.79 GB and says that it still has anywhere from 12-23 hours to go (the time keeps changing)! I wonder if I should just pause it, reset my internet and come back to resume the download again??

  • Allemania_ak

    I forgot to add that I don’t see a “little blue progress bar” under my App icon on my dock. The only way I could tell it was downloading is when I clicked on the purchases icon and it is showing the progress there. But as I said, it is very, very slow.

  • Gary Dhillon

    good one thanks..

  • riskguy

    I was pretty sure this was broken, glad I read your post before I restarted the computer!  Thanks a ton.

  • Sky Hunt

    Phew! I thought it was broken too.  THANKS.  You made it so easy… I will be back!

  • dafydd99

    Thanks for the tip.  Very useful.  However, 5 hours to download the app which in itself is a third of my monthly limit is not very clever.  I see the thumb drive will be 2.5 times the price of the app.  This is very silly and I can’t see the justification for the excessive price or the inconvenience, especially as I have another machine to put Lion on to.  I hope Apple will give this a rethink.