Microsoft Already Has a Multitouch Mouse That’s Compatible With OS X Lion



Can you not wait to start using the multi-touch gestures in OS X Lion? With Lion set to drop tomorrow morning, everyone is thinking about their Mac setup for Apple’s new desktop OS.

If you don’t favor Apple’s own Magic Mouse and yet don’t want to use a trackpad on a day-to-day basis, don’t worry, there’s a new mouse in town from Microsoft. And yes, we did say Microsoft.

The Explorer Touch Mouse is the newest addition to Microsoft’s mouse family. The main selling point of the Explorer Touch is its support for four-finger gestures. The mouse is cross compatible with the PC and Mac, and it boasts five programmable buttons (we’re sure that makes Jony Ive cringe). Microsoft also claims that the mouse has 18 months of battery life.

Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology allows the Explorer Touch to operate without the need of a mouse pad. You can use it on just about any surface, but we recommend staying away from oven racks.

The Explorer Touch mouse looks pretty cool, but one of its major downsides is that it uses RF technology to connect to your Mac. That means that you’ll need to have a little receiver sitting on your desk.

Microsoft’s new mouse will be available for $50 in September (that’s $20 cheaper than Apple’s Magic Mouse), and is offered in Coal Black, Storm Gray, Sangria Red and Rust Red.

  • prolapsed

    “already”? This mouse is out in September. It’s July. How in the hell is that “already”, or did you just misspell “announced”?

  • Badar Walid

    Thats some UGLY mouse :P

  • Soho22

    Cute. Too bad it doesn’t use bluetooth but you need another crappy receiver on your desk. No thanks.

  • Cultist45

    Doesn’t seem to offer “multi-touch” type function. The features state “4-way touch scrolling”.

    It uses a “nano” transceiver like most new wireless mice.  A little stub that takes up a USB port. Only compatibility info I see is the system requirements “Mac OS X v10.4—10.7”.

    “Multi-touch” type gestures appear to the be the “exclusive” Win7 feature of the more expensive “Touch Mouse” ($80). It’s also on the same Microsoft site.

    Hard to tell with an announced, but unreleased product.

  • imajoebob

    For all the crap we heap on Microsoft (I’ve been trying to cut back, myself), they’ve always had an odd talent for making (marketing) pretty decent mice.  Most of the rest is junk, but the mice! (Oh, I just said I was cutting back…)

  • Edward Ryu

    honestly speaking, Apple magic mouse is crap. it’s totally uncomfortable if you use it longer time. it has serious design flaw. and one more word. useless. yeah, it is. for $70, you’d better get logitech or MS mouse. magic mouse is not even worthy for $40. you can’t even play games. it’s not about fucking apple fanboy or something. when you use it for long time, then talk. how you will feel uncomfortable. just throw away.

  • gandhipants

    I used my magic mouse for 8 months before trading my girlfriend for her cheap Logitec. It eats up a usb port, but is way more comfortable to use. Besides, with a trackpad, I only use a mouse about 15% of the time anyway. 

    Honestly, the magic mouse is a novelty item. Sure, it’s “multitouch”… for what that’s worth. You can four way scroll (but it isn’t nearly precise enough to use in even grageband or imovie). Oh, and you can flip to the next page in preview or picture in iphoto using two fingers. Whoo hoo. How is that functionality worth $70? 

  • Mitchell Busby

    I just bought a magic mouse for $AU50 the other day, and when I saw the picture in my feed I thought OH GOD I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO RELEASE ANOTHER ONE! But its just Microsoft, and now my worry is over :)

  • kcdk99

    I’m a pad guy myself.  It makes no sense to me to be pushing a mouse all over my workspace. Don’t think I’ll ever go back to a mouse, no matter how many fingers you can use on it.

  • Brock Spillman

    Rather pay the Extra $20 for the Magic Mouse!