Apple Will Kill Off The White MacBook By August In Favor Of $999 MacBook Air [Report]


white MacBook

Apple’s white Macbook has served as the company’s entry-level notebook computer for several years. The 13-inch white Macbook is currently offered as Apple’s cheapest notebook for $999. The base MacBook Air model is also offered for the same price.

It looks like Apple is set to phase out the white Macbook in the coming months, which would place the Macbook Air as Apple’s premiere entry-level notebook.

A report from AppleInsider details this prediction by Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of Concord Securities. Ming-Chi Kuo reveals inside data that Apple’s internal forecast for the white Macbook in August is the lowest it’s ever been, which hints that Apple is “phasing out” the product.

“Though Apple continues to offer the yesteryear notebook as part of its Mac portfolio, this data indicates consumers are proactively choosing notebooks with the latest technology, like the new MacBook Airs or MacBook Pros.”

The white Macbook was launched back in 2006, and recently it’s seen a downwards trend in sales. Even though Apple gave it a redesign in 2009, the white Macbook is still not getting enough attention. With faster, competitively priced computers like the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro available, the white Macbook is rapidly losing its place in Apple’s product line.

New Macbook Airs with backlit keyboards and upgraded specs are expected to hit the shelves as early as this week. These Airs will allegedly come with faster Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt I/O ports and come with minimum specs of 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM.

In Cult of Mac’s opinion, the entry-level MacBook Air is more than enough laptop to replace the venerable white plastic MacBook, even though the lesser amount of storage and lack of optical disc drive could annoy some. What do you think, though? Sound off in the comments.

  • Chris Brunner

    FOM reported this nearly a month ago, see the article here:

  • John Branham

    a macbook air doesn’t seem to be nearly the same performance as a stock macbook…. correct me if I’m wrong… But I suppose it pushes people to get Pros….?

  • Shameer Mulji

    I hope it happens.  The time is right.

  • Chris Hester

    These reports are failing to mention that the $999 MacBook Air is an 11″ not a 13″.

  • lwdesign1

    What I’d like to see is a comparison of the processing power of the Air to the MacBook. Is the Air with its newer technology able to compete with the processing power of the “old” MacBook?

  • Wayne_Luke

    The memory and storage expansion capabilities of the Macbook give it an edge but it is falling behind in terms of processor power. As network storage becomes more readily available, it will lose in the storage arena as well. 

    If the 13″ Macbook Air with newer i3 or i5 processors, 4 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is available for $999, then it will be a better deal than the current Macbook. If they expect people to get with the 11″ along with less RAM and 64 GB of space, it is just a glorified iPad.

  • Chris Hester

    Exactly. I’ll buy the 13″ Air tomorrow if it’s $999, but not an 11″.

  • dagamer34

    People who bought the $999 MacBook don’t really care about performance in the first place.

  • JoeBin

    Typing on a 4-year old Intel Core Duo white MacBook. It’s showing its age but still can gitrdone. Sad to see the white MacBook go, but if my memory serves me right- on one his last keynotes Jobs said that the MacBook Air was the future of their notebook lineup. The current starting price on the 13″ MacBook Air is $1299. Hmmmm.

  • K. Bledsoe

    My prediction is that they’ll go all-in with the Air. I bet we’ll see a pretty competitive price point for the new ones. I’m betting $999 for the 11″ with Sandy bridge and 4GB of RAM and 128GB flash drive. It’s a pretty great solution for someone who wants more power and system access than an iPad, but wants something light and tough they can tote around. If I had any money, I’d be seriously considering it.

  • c.t

    Please stop your spam about FOM

  • imajoebob

    Far be it from me to criticise a company that just raked in $2.4B a month (PROFIT!), but the white Mac is iconic.  In fact, it’s the only white product left in their entire product line.  There’s nothing wrong with moving on and creating better products, but even VW, Fiat, Ford, and Chevrolet recognize the value in their symbols.

  • Piotr Wieladek

    Well, discontinuation of White MB would fit perfectly to Apple’s philosophy “Awesomeness over usefulness”. There would be absolutely no problem in making WMB a mid-way product between Air and Pro, with standard processor, changable memory, optical drive, 15″ screen and medium specs, but … It wouldn’t be awesome anymore. Sad.

  • AppJuice

    Lies! What about the……the. Maybe your right, or maybe apple is trying a new style.

  • mac_student

    I agree with ‘imajoebob’ – The white macbook is iconic! And it looks so good. I still use my white macbook that i bought about 3 yrs ago and it still works fine :) I am thinking of changing to an 11″ macbook air because i do have to tote it around a lot more than i expected and the macbooks are a bit too heavy, especially since i have neck/back problems.

    If anything, Apple should keep the white macbooks just because they are so legendary and nothing will ever compare to that look.

    lastly – a question for the community — do you think these new macbook airs will be slowly releasing in Canada soon too? Also, has anyone had any significant problems with their macbook airs (if you have one that came out in 2010; not the crappy 2008 ones).

    Thx gang.

  • Techy8789

    Yeah, and the MBAs don’t have an internal disk drive, either.  Although Mac prices should drop in a couple of years, that would make Macs a little harder to buy for the original consumer in a few months.

  • imajoebob

    First thy came for the iMac, and I said, “I don’t use a desktop” – no, that’s just too poor taste.  

    The iMac, then the iPod, then the mini, now the MacBook?  If true I wouldn’t bet on that white iPhone.  

    So much brushed Aluminium, so little Windex.

  • Boris

    Screen resolution. MB’s screen was perfect for reading without strain. The Air’s 11″ screen is not for everybody. 

    (… )

  • Ciccio Willy

    Are you Kidding?
    You know how fast is the Air because of the SSD.. on the Motherboard?
    Most people (which i actually know) use like.. 20 GB of space (ON WINDOWS!!!)
    Because they only surf the internet and write some doc.

    For most consumer The Air is a killer for all the windows mid-notebook that are sluggish

  • Ciccio Willy

    Yes Chris.. who care…
    If you prefer… follow FOM. WE DON’T CARE

  • Wayne_Luke

    Where did you get that 20GB statistic. It is pretty wrong. Most people have more than 20GB of stuff on their phones let alone their computers. Speed means little when the disk is full.

  • Ciccio Willy

    As I have said before, from people i actually know

  • Nana Bagaturia

    I nearly fainted when i could’t see the  white macbook on my  start page. I was planning to purchase   the new white macbook for the next month.The main reason me being the apple customer it was the macbook and  now it’s gone.Very sad!