Will OS X Lion Ship On July 26th Along With New MacBooks, Mac Minis?



Contrary to rumor, OS X Lion did not launch on the Mac App Store last night. I know, I know: trust us, we’re as frustrated by it as you are. You didn’t type your fingers away to pulps of meat and shards of bone trying to get a 7,000 word Lion review done on time!

There’s still hope that Lion could be released today, in which case, the best guess is around 10am PDT. However, a growing number of people like Ars Technica’s John Siracua are saying that Lion’s not coming at all this week.

So when? If you believe Amazon and Best Buy, the tail end of July… along with new white MacBooks an Mac Minis.

According to Apple Bitch:

Major US Apple reseller Best Buy has been out of online stock of the Mac mini and the MacBook for some time now but are stating that both models will be back in stock around the 26th July. In addition, Amazon.com, while appearing to have plenty of stock of the Mac mini, are out of stock of the white MacBook and are also citing the end of July for in stock dates for the polycarbonate laptop.

The logic here is that Apple is holding back shipping new MacBook Airs, Mac Minis and white MacBooks so that they ship with Lion. Therefore, the new hardware can’t come out before Lion… and might just emerge simultaneously.

I still think there’s reason to hope for Lion to launch today, but all Apple promised was July, and there’s more than two weeks left this month.

Update: The previous headline describes OS X Lion as “M.I.A.” and a lot of readers have had some issues with that term, in that Apple has not promised any release date short of by the end of July. The headline was written from the perspective of last night’s rumor frenzy about a 1AM GMT Lion release, which I think the post makes clear. None the less, we’ve changed the headline now for clarity, and agree that the use of “M.I.A.” was not strictly accurate. We hope that this edit will put to rest any of the severe personal crises the use of the term might have inadvertently evoked in any of our readers.

  • Chris Brunner

    Last night’s Lion “launch” was a debacle!

    Read this story for the scoop!


  • Robert Pruitt

    Me sad now :(

  • Gordon_Keenan

    I find it incredible how much space is wasted online with nonsense like this. Lion will be released whenever Apple see’s fit to release it. By writing endless nonsense about when something is going to be released, shows the world that clearly the people writing this have nothing better to do with their time, nor anything more interesting and useful to write about.

    Anyone with half a brain knows that once the dam thing is released, the same people will then start to write about the faults they are experiencing. How “Mr Arse” uses a piece of software from 2003 and it’s vital to his business, but it does not run on Lion, so what are Apple going to do about it, and so on and so on…

    Sometimes writing nothing is the best way forward. Endless drivel, filling up pages on sites that amount to nothing more than just page filling for the sake of it are, in my opinion, the sad sign of the times.

  • Gordon_Keenan

    And I think that re-enforces my previous post on here.

  • GregsTechBlog

    It seems whenever a company mentions a month for the release of a product, what they’re really saying is “at the very end of that month”. For once, I wish it would just mean “early that month”. 

  • Matt1011

    I am hoping that it is released today. I was one of those people who waited to 1AM this morning to see if the rumor is correct. Seems stupid staying up now. The reason why I think it maybe released today is because the users can get to try all the features and the software out for bugs (I know developers have done this) but to make double sure. It would be emmbrassing for Apple to release the new macbooks and mac minis with a major bug. 

    Fingers Crossed

  • BrianVoll

    Couldn’t agree more. Every time a rumor starts, the media does everything to make their readers believe it.

    I guess it gets more hits to their site or something.

  • SpongebobUK

    Like a lot of people, I was intrigued to hear that we would get Lion at 1AM – but to wait up for? Not a chance – rumours are rumours and has anyone actually received anything from Apple from the ‘Notify Me’ that we probably all signed up for? Nothing here! The only real news was the disturbing (for us in the UK) price hikes from the App Store. Win some, lose some :(

  • Gordon_Keenan

    Exactly. Personally I feel that sites doing this are starting to lose their readers as they become more and more fed up with stupid headlines, usually relating to nothing of any worth in the actual content of the story.

  • Spike

    Note that Apple said it will be released in July.  They just never said what year.

  • tigerwoodslc

    Hey moron,

    First of all, you don’t have to read it.  Second, this is an Apple enthusiast site.  If you don’t want to hear about rumors then why don’t you just piss off and bookmark the Apple PR page – then you can read about it when Apple announces it and spend your time bitching because you went ahead and bought a Mac mini the day before the new model was released.

    Posting the latest information or rumors about when a given product may or may not be released is useful in informing about when a consumer should purchase a piece of Apple kit – is it a good time to buy a Mac mini?  Of course not.  But some people who aren’t up to date on Apple news will go ahead and buy it anyway.  

    Seriously, if you don’t like it, then don’t click the headline.  It’s a matter of choice.  This site is pretty balanced, unlike some others, it’s just a shame that people like you read it.

  • appledrunk

    I didn’t put much credibility in the 1am rumour at all, stock arrival is probably a good indicator..either way we will have Lion and new hardware this month.

  • joewaylo

    Apple Bitch? Couldn’t pick a true author name?
    I kind of figured we wouldn’t see a release right off the bat. Apple usually releases it with a “Just one more thing” idea which would usually entitle a new piece of hardware. Albeit some upsetting folks in June when that was iTunes Match instead of an iPhone.

  • tigerwoodslc

    And it’s ‘reinforce’ dillhole

  • Steven Chaffer

    I still have hope…… Im off today. No worky for me…lets just put our silver balls in our hands and hum….

  • Un_FollowMe

    How about you guys STFU now and wait till it’s actually LAUNCHED!

  • Steve Smith

    ” By writing endless nonsense about when something is going to be released, shows the world that clearly the people writing this have nothing better to do with their time, nor anything more interesting and useful to write about.”

    I notice that you wrote another 2 paragraphs after this one…….

  • Darwin Colgan

    uk is gettin it before u lot

  • tokerj

    There’s no need for childish name calling. And why so touchy about someone else’s opinion? He has a good point, by the way, and it’s nothing you need to get offended by. Just because it’s an “Apple enthusiast site” doesn’t in any way mean that that involves latching on to and pushing rumours. Personally I don’t mind, and some people do enjoy this stuff. But other readers – who may also be “Apple enthusiasts” with every right to be here and give their opinions about the site and its content as you – may not. And that is ok as well.

  • tokerj

    Actually the ‘e’ in place of the ‘i’ is a valid – if less common – alternative. Grow up, tigerwoodslc.

  • CharliK

    MIA means that something was promised and it’s not here. Apple never promised Lion today, so it is NOT MIA. Your precious rumor sites just got this one wrong. Guess what? It happens. That’s the nature of rumors

  • CharliK

    Apple was pretty clear they were only talking about software so those upset about the iphone need to get over. in fact, given that it’s a fairly known fact that a number of Apple components are made in Japan, they should have expected a day due to that “little” earthquake in March that shut down a lot of factories. 

    And a new OS doesn’t require new hardware be released. It’s a fair guess if they are working on new hardware it won’t come before the release if they plan to include Lion on the machines. But it doesn’t mean it will be the same day or even the day after. It could be days or even weeks after

  • CharliK

    Every OS release has uncovered a bug or two after release. There’s no way to test every possible set up of hardware and software to avoid it. Apple has a good record of keeping the count low but it will happen. 

    The fact that they just asked 3rd party folks to submit apps to be ready for the release is a good sign it wasn’t going to be this week. Real people have to review those apps and it doesn’t happen in an instant. A week after that announcement is the more reasonable time to start expecting the OS release

  • brownlee

    Uh, MIA does NOT mean “something was promised and it’s not here.” In military terms, it means a soldier is lost and command doesn’t know where he is. I admit, that’s not valid here, but I was writing the headline solely in context to the rumor frenzy of yesterday’s Lion launch: it is MIA compared to that. Mea culpa, but I think the post made that clear, even if the headline could have been phrased better.

  • brownlee

    Apple Bitch is the site’s name.

  • Bob Forsberg

    Once, once could there be news without apologies for guesses on rumors not turning out as predicted? Actual reviews and actual news would be a welcome change.

    July, out in July…….move on.

  • gerenm63

    I would really like for it to be released this week. I’m half way through a 30-day Adobe CS5.5 Production suite evaluation, and I’d like to see it running on both 10.6.8 and 10.7…

  • Gordon_Keenan

    Once again, as you see, I proved my point. Irritating isn’t it?

  • Gordon_Keenan

    I think your reply shows the readership that the standards are falling these days, and maybe this is why the various Apple sites rehash the same stuff day in and day out. It’s to cater for the likes of you.

    I have invested a considerable amount of money on Apple equipment, and I check out all of the good Apple sites out there, this one included.

    Over the last year, the standards from all the sites has become farcical at times, with there not being much new tech news to report on, so everyone resorts to repeating, repeating, repeating and rehashing tired old stuff. In the past when news was slow in coming out, most places resorted to creative writing on using equipment, using software etc but that requires a lot of work, and just repeating guesswork and useless nonsense is a lot easier.

    When I post on a site, I do it in a way to put a point across, to try and gain feedback and maybe educate me from possibly being blinkered, and not seeing what some others are seeing, but when posters like yourself come online, quite honestly you are a complete embarrassment to yourself and the genetics that produced you.

    I have a point of view, and you have a point of view, and I certainly will not have the likes of you dictate on what I can write about, where I can write it on.

    Go back to reading scrolling text screens of information that is in a loop, clearly thats the level of information your brain is designed to accept.

  • Gordon_Keenan

    The rumours are fine at the start, general point raised, but when it’s done daily, on Twitter, and god knows where else, it’s tiring. More so, when the writers are usually releasing good information until such rumour writing begins and then they seem caught up in the nonsense and then they degenerate into writing such useless and uninformative material!

  • Chris Brunner

    Read all about last night’s #Lion drama here:

  • TylerHoj

    Good! Because my favourite band just released a box set that’s hundreds of dollars. And there’s only 1000 of those, and a limitless supply of Lion downloads. I’m a music buff, and I have my priorities right now. 

  • TylerHoj

    Lol, but yeah they did. In September/October they said “Lion, Coming Summer 2011.” 

  • Peter Emery

    Will Green suggests on Twitter (@britishmac) that the logical release date for Lion is July 23rd, as that is when the Zodiac sign Leo rises.
    Seems as logical as any other date.

  • Peter Emery

    I wish they wouldn’t do that. In the Southern Hemisphere we get summer at the start & at the end of the calendar year. To say something comes in summer is just too vague.

  • jordanx5

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