Microsoft Hopes to Follow in Apple’s Footsteps by Opening 75 New Retail Stores [Report]


Photo by Donald Kelly -
Photo by Donald Kelly -

Poor Microsoft. While Apple’s sales and profits have been on the upward trend for the past several years, Microsoft hasn’t nearly as much growth in the computer or mobile business.

In an effort to expand the “Microsoft story,” the Redmond based company has launched the initiative to build 75 new US retail stores in the next 2-3 years. 75 stores hardly competes with Apple’s 300+ worldwide retail locations, but at least it’s something to start with for Microsoft.

Technically, this new retail plan isn’t something that Microsoft is “starting with” at all. Did you know that Microsoft already has 11 retail stores in the US? Based on Microsoft retail’s lack of success so far, we’re guessing most people don’t.

Neowin notes,

“During the presentation Microsoft showed a map of future locations which will be opened in the coming years. The expansion represents Microsoft’s commitment to bringing their vision of the retail experience to the consumer.”

Microsoft tried to copy Apple’s retail stores back in 2009, and the company even tried poaching Apple store employees with pay raises to leave Apple and join Microsoft retail. Needless to say, the retail experience has yet to be done correctly by Microsoft, so the company is trying again with this new initiative.

“Also shown off during this presentation was that an Apple retailer in Latin America was showing off Apple hardware running Windows 7. Microsoft used this to poke fun that Apple makes fantastic hardware but that their OS is still behind Windows 7.”

OS X Lion is set to launch tomorrow, and Apple is expected to see unprecedented sales due to the product’s incredibly cheap $29.99 price point. Windows 7 has been seeing strong sales as well.

A recent report says that Apple is currently the fastest-growing US retailer, with the company accounting for one-fifth of the overall Q1 retail sales in the US. Microsoft has a lot of catching up to do.

[via AppleInsider]

  • TomD

    Why would anyone go to a brick and mortar in this day and age for software?

  • lux luxlamf

    Looks like a Sports Bar.

  • Ryan

    No wonder they’re struggling. They can’t find Colorado on a map.

  • KateMacVerde

    This is funny. Let them waste the money the have on this fruitless endeavor. 

  • lux luxlamf

    It is Odd that they feel the need to open MS store when they dont make hardware.

  • Stephen Cook

    Funneee!!!! I missed that. 

  • Mike Rathjen


  • Mike Rathjen

    Microsoft makes hardware, for example Microsoft mouse and keyboard.

    Oh, and a little thing called Xbox.

  • Takeo

    There is not “200+” retail stores worldwide from Apple, but 327!!
    huge difference!

    comment on Microsoft: FAIL.

  • tedcranmore

    Gotta go test drive that microsoft mouse before I buy it! It’s a completely new mouse experience that I really need to try before I understand it. Of course, getting experts to help me with my mouse issues is also a great convenience. Nothing wrong with taking a good idea from Apple and applying it to your own business. 

  • Jdsonice

    Sigh! Why do I own MS shares? They have more money than sense. What a waste of shareholder money. 

  • fernando

    Ballmer is obsessed with apple. 

  • Guest

    Has anyone noticed that Microsoft is copying Apple’s idea EXACTLY.  Mmmm, pretty sure Microsoft also started their whole business through MS DOS copying developed by someone else (I believe IBM that thought DOS was useless and gave it to Bill Gates).  Do you notice that Microsoft made the richest man in the world and has only continually re-sold Windows (new DOS) and Office (age old word processors) for new prices with new names.  At what point is the biggest name in software going to change the world and bring new ideas to the world?  Not anytime soon.  They have to copy cutting edge companies like Apple to do anything new.  Yeah, also, they don’t sell hardware, so store to try computers they don’t sell, to try Windows that everyone knows exists and everyone puts up with due to lack of choice (in business at least)…. makes zero sense.  I am sure Microsoft stock will still go up anyway… they are a monopoly that nobody has been able to bring down yet anyway.  Enjoy the $299 cost of Windows… going to buy OS Lion the day it comes out.

  • Vladyslav Lissovenko

    Fuckin MicroBrain assholes

  • AnupR

    Desperation leads to strange things. Balmer is frantically trying every possible thing to get a “jump start”… alas.. holding the golf club is not the same as Tiger holding it :) This is what happens when somebody without a passion tries to run the company. I just hope Cook does what jobs had in his vision otherwise apple could suffer the same fate in a few years. Windows 8..I am still confused why are they going touch screen if they wont produce tablets? Who in right frame of mind (PC users) would by windows 8 when none of PC owners have touch based devices? Now, this… who would go to MS store to buy ..what?? office ???

  • AnupR

    I have been a windows user all my life (till 2009) …but this — “Microsoft used this to poke fun that Apple makes fantastic hardware but that their OS is still behind Windows 7.”— is utterly incorrect. Mac OS has been a boon for lot of reasons… amazing stability, no virus, superb features which windows lacks, UI is 10 years ahead… don’t know what MS is talking about really. Do you? You can call me a fanboy… I am proud to be one :)

  • Daibidh

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Here’s to Microsoft really differentiating itself at some point… perhaps post Ballmer?  Competition is good for consumers.  A successful Microsoft Store will be good for Apple… perhaps it will spur more innovation.

    Lone Tree Colorado is an infinitely better location than Kaycee Wyoming!  I bet someone wishes they paid better attention in geography!  Oh, the embarrassment!

  • dwplay11

    I see an iphone, and then a windows phone 7, and they both look awesome in there unique way. I see an apple retail store, and a windows retail store and it makes me want to punch them in the face for lack of creativity.

  • TheBasicMind

    Ironically, the only MS products I have ever liked have all been hardware. I was a longtime Windows user until switching some 3-4 years ago after years of hurt reached the crescendo that was Vista. But, on the other hand, I have nothing but good memories of the hardware.

    – The MS Ergonomic Keyboard (great innovative MS product, high build quality)
    – The MS mouse, most incarnations, always did the job well (unlike the mighty mouse – One of Apple’s rare misses and one they inexplicably persisted with for years) excellent build quality
    – The MS Sound System – fantastic and “hit the spot” so well when it first came out (quickly emulated and bettered though)
    – The MS Force Feedback joystick (same comment as for the Sound System) fantastic fun, especially when paired with MS Combat Flight simulator
    – XBox 360, no need to say more

    I hear, though it was too late to the party and it’s easy to criticize for that reason alone, that the Zune is actually pretty good also, though personally I have never touched one.

    Of course all of these (bar the XBox) are accessories and not PC’s, as MS could never compete with it’s software channel partners. But always the build quality was consistently excellent and had a utilitarian MS style and approach which was their own – didn’t copy Apple – and yet had a consistent identity and worked very Well for them.

    MIcrosoft, perhaps you are a company who needs to see a career councilor.

  • Dave Parry

    Their first visitor appears to be Homestar Runner

  • Figurative

    Did you ever hear about Cargo Cults?

    The Microsoft stores remind me of a Cargo Cult.  They’re building a quasi-duplicate version of the real thing in hopes that the wealth will return.  Ain’t gonna happen.

  • jordanx5

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