Apple is Planning International Price Cuts on New Mac Hardware [Report]


Photo by xorsyst -
Photo by xorsyst -

Remember that new Mac hardware we told you about? Apple is planning on releasing some new Macbook Air, white Macbook, and Mac mini models tomorrow.

While that’s good news, there seems to be even better news for international customers: price cuts!

9to5Mac has gotten word that Apple plans on implementing some strategic “modest-significant” price drops in certain countries. These price cuts generally reflect a retail decrease of about $100/model, which isn’t a whole lot, but is still something for international Apple customers.

Sources couldn’t get into specifics about which Mac models will be dropped in price, but it would obviously be wise for non-US readers to hold off on a Mac purchase for at least the next couple days. These price cuts are expected to take place tomorrow alongside updated Apple hardware, but these rumors can never be assumed as totally accurate.

When you consider exchange rates, Apple’s international prices are significantly higher than those for the US. This is due to the US dollar’s decrease in value over the years, and these international cuts shouldn’t correlate with price drops in the US. Apple has been trying to match international with US prices for the last few years, and these upcoming price drop reflects that mission accurately.

Interestingly, Apple also seems to be lowering international prices for iTunes and App Store purchases. We can only assume that Apple is working to level the international pricing with its stateside rates- which we applaud.

Who’s excited about cheaper Apple gear?

[via MacRumors]

  • b00

    While I am happier Apple should have introduced this along time ago. UK peeps have been getting charged 1:1 for a long time near enough so this is good news if they implement.

  • Jessie Yelle

    I’ve already begun to notice this in the new products in the Apple Canada store. Our dollar has been on par with the USD for a few months now and the new products are launching with 1:1 US pricing! Yay, I won’t have to go to the States to get decent pricing!

  • moshpittman

    It’s about time this happened!  After currency conversion we are paying between $150-$1400 difference for the same machine in Australia!  But I suppose it is much better than how much we have been routed in the past!!

  • Mike Rathjen

    Currency conversion isn’t the only factor. Some countries have GST or duties built into the price. For example, Brazil has something like a 50% tariff.

  • Jeremy Roe

    Here in Australia, we are very excited by these announcements. As the AUD is very strong and buying 1.07 US today, we have not had these figured projected on either our hardware nor app store prices. I do understand that in Australia we have GST which is 10% but, these prices exceed the conversion rate + GST. Extremely happy by this and Apple just thinking of it’s international customers, as Australia iOS and OSX use is growing by the second.

  • Carlos Francisco Suarez Doriga

    I hope this is true because I love my MacBook Pro, though I had to make a huge budget effort to buy it in Argentina, due to the exchange rate and to some dull import tariffs. These may be excellent news!!!

  • joseluisbenavente

    Maybe it’s related to this, but chilean retailers cuts price on 13” macbook pro (~US$200), macbook air and imac (~US$100).!/maconlin

    I want to change my 4-years old Macbook Pro, but seems wise to wait now…

  • PuckDaddy

    lost in all this, is the meaningless mention of letomorrow

  • Graham Briggs

    I am disappointed the carved apple doesn’t recreate the mid-ocean ridges accurately.

    As for cheaper prices – that would be a good thing, but I suspect that it won’t apply everywhere. Any excuse to raise prices in the UK they’ll take.

  • jordanx5

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  • Pradyot Ghate

    A big yay from India… if prices come down, I will buy an Air to go with my iPad

  • Guy Tichborne

    Will be happy when I see this but at the moment still no sign as of yet and Lion and the new Airs came out today.  I’m looking at purchasing a new 17inch macbookpro from the States as they over a US$1000 cheaper then here in New Zealand.