Would a 3G iPod Touch Look Like This?



The latest word on the street is that Apple will introduce a new iPod touch this Fall with the capability to run on a 3G network. This rumor has been built off previous reports that a cheaper iPhone “Nano” would be introduced alongside a new, flagship iPhone. Now there’s a render. What do you think?

The iPhoneDownloadblog notes:

“We took this concept to Photoshop, and we came up with the iPod Touch 3G. It looks exactly like the current iPod Touch, but has a black strip on the back. It also says “3G” in the menu bar. Along with that, it also features an integrated SIM card, as the next iPhone is rumored to have…”

We’re a little skeptical. The iPod touch is already super thin, and it would be difficult to fit a 3G modem inside the device without bulking it up. If Apple does indeed unveil a 3G iPod touch in the coming months, there’s a good chance it will look a little different than this. But hey, you never know.

What do you guys think? Does this concept make sense?