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Nintendo Is Bringing A Pokemon Game To The App Store



After years of gamers clamoring, one of Nintendo’s hottest properties is coming to the App Store in a unique, exclusive title not available on the 3DS or Wii. That’s right, Pokemon is finally coming to an iPhone or iPad near you…

Kotaku Japan reports that a new freemium Pokemon game called Pokemon Say Tap? will be coming to the iOS App Store and Android Marketplace later this summer.

It’s not your usual type of Pokemon game. Don’t expect one of Nintendo’s classic RPGs, for one. It’s a rhythm game that has you tapping in time with the game’s music on Pokemon trading cards.

Even weirder? It’s being done without Nintendo as the official publisher. Rather, it’s a title made by the Pokemon Company, a Nintendo affiliate that controls all the licenses and marketing over the cute, battle-hardened little pocket monsters. Nintendo still would have had to approve the app, though.

This is notable, not just because it’s the first time a Pokemon game has been published on non-Nintendo hardware, but because Nintendo has previously been dead set against releasing games with its first-party properties on the App Store. Is Nintendo coming around to the App Store given the less-than-stellar adoption of their latest handheld, the 3DS, and if so, will we see an official Zelda or Mario game, given enough time? Here’s hoping.