OS X Lion Kills Rosetta PowerPC Support, Here’s What To Do About It



It isn’t a secret that Apple is killing support for Rosetta in OS X Lion 10.7 the first version of OS X that won’t support the PowerPC platform and apps designed to run on it.  All applications requiring Rosetta support turn into “tombstones”  that can no longer be executed after upgrading to OS X Lion. Here’s what they look like and information on what to do about it.

One of the first things you might see after upgrading to OS X Lion are white circles with a slash across them superimposed over some of your application icons. I call those “tombstones” because those applications are the ones that require Rosetta in order to run. Therefore since OS X Lion doesn’t support Rosetta you can no longer use these applications on your Mac. OS X Lion has effectively killed them, but a “tombstone” icon remains to point them out.

The icon image for the Rosetta version of Geekbench above is one example, but we found a few others as you can see below — Epson Scan, a Traceroute application, and a GPS utility no longer work. So the question is what can you do about it?

Arrows point to app icons for apps that require Rosetta and no longer run in OS X Lion.

 What Kind Of Application Is It?

The most important thing to check first about an application is ask yourself, “What kind of application is it? ” These are the three types to be concerned about: PowerPC, Universal, and Intel.

The first one PowerPC requires Rosetta and will not run on OS X Lion. The other two Universal and Intel are okay since these are compatible with OS X Lion. If you are using an Intel based Mac than Intel is the best option. The Universal type includes Intel and PowerPC support, but the latter can make the application bloated and the redundant PowerPC version of the application on your Mac is just wasting disk space.

You can manually check each of your applications by clicking on its icon once to select it and pressing CMD+I. You’ll see a window open in Finder like this one below. Expand the General section if needed and look for “Kind.”

The gpsWrite applications is PowerPC only and therefore it will not work on OS X Lion. Once OS X Lion was installed the icon for gpsWrite was turned into a “tombstone” as you can see in the Finder window above.

So What Do You Do Next?

The only solution for people with the desire to upgrade to OS X Lion and retain their Rosetta applications is to contact the vendor and see if there is an upgrade to a version that is either Intel or Universal. In this case the vendor appears to have gone out of business so I’m out of luck. I’ll lose this application when I upgrade to OS X Lion.

If the vendor has a Universal or Intel version of their application then you will need to upgrade to it before upgrading to OS X Lion. So check your applications and then check with your vendors about OS X Lion compatibility before upgrading your OS.

You can also check out this website for information about application compatibility with OS X Lion: RoaringApps Crowd Sourced App Compatibility Database For OS X Lion. Join the site and add your own knowledge and experience to help out other Mac users.

If you are an advanced user and familiar with the Unix shell on your Mac open Terminal and enter the following command:

system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType >~/Desktop/MyFileTypes.txt

it will create a text file on your Desktop that will contain information about all the applications installed on your Mac. Open the document called MyFileTypes.txt in your favorite text editor and search for the word “PowerPC” each one of these will require Rosetta support in order to execute. Here’s the sample output for my gpsWrite application:

 gpsWrite 2.0:

      Version: 2.0.2
      Last Modified: 6/11/11 5:20 AM
      Kind: PowerPC
      64-Bit (Intel): No
      Get Info String:
      Location: /Applications/gpsWrite 2.0.2.app


Updated 07/09/11 at 8:33 PM PDT: Commenter lwdesign1 recommends another way to check for PowerPC applications: “One note about a MUCH QUICKER way of sorting out which apps are PowerPC: Launch System Profiler (it’s in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder), then click on Software. It may take a minute or so to check through your apps, then will display a list of them, their version and whether they’re PowerPC, Universal or Intel. This is MUCH faster than laboriously clicking on each app then hitting command-I.”

Other Alternatives

Apple has allegedly loosened the rules regarding virtualization of OS X to include the client version of OS X Lion. The server version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard has had the ability to be virtualized under Fusion or Parallels for some time. It isn’t clear if this ability to virtualize OS X will cover  the client version of Mac OS X Snow Leopard or not. If it does then you would be able to use virtualization on OS X Lion to run Snow Leopard in order to get some more mileage out of your apps that require Rosetta.

Don’t upgrade. If you really need that PowerPC application don’t upgrade to OS X Lion keep Snow Leopard around until you can find an alternative application to use.

Rosetta Time To Let Go

Apple has offered Rosetta and PowerPC support on Intel architecture machines for over five years (PowerPC to Intel architecture changes were announced in 2005 at WWDC) allowing users to keep running PowerPC applications from roughly 2005 to present. It’s definitely time to let that go as far as Apple is concerned and OS X Lion hammers that point home. Now it might be your turn to do the same. Personally I’ll lose a handful of applications on my Mac, but fortunately none of these are overly critical to me. I plan on upgrading all my Macs to OS X Lion and I’m not planning on looking back.

Do you have any PowerPC applications that you cannot live without? Tell us about them by leaving a comment.


  • Kåre Kork

    I will miss Macromedia Freehand. For some reason i always liked it better than Adobe Illustrator. But i guess its time to move on…


  • UtahDiatribe

    Quicken 2007 will be tombstoned. Quicken Essentials for Mac is no substitute.

  • imajoebob

    “…Here’s What To Do About It:” pound sand

    Great headline

  • ZappCatt

    You really should bold the DON’T UPGRADE option. Maybe add a little blurb about Dual Booting for those people that HAVE to have Lion, but insist on an old, unsupported application.

  • matthewmspaceyoutube

    Marble Blast Gold, I’ll miss especially. It’s a great game, but was apparently killed off by the developer ages ago. The successors are the game on a website and Marble Blast Mobile. If anyone knows how to make any application universal, please share that tip so I can convert the application to Intel, or at least Universal.

  • Stephen Cook

    I’m going to wait a couple of weeks for the hubub to die down. Lion sounds like a significant rewrite, and I’ll wager there will be some surprises. In early August I may make the move. 

  • mauigir1

    I use Quicken 2007 as well. I am already considering a second boot drive in my laptop and may have multiple partitions and systems. Snow Leopard broke my ability to scan and print from two of my favorite devices so I’ll likely have at least two and probably three partitions with Leopard, Snow Leopard and Windows. Or I might put Lion on one of the aux partitions and leave the main OS at Snow Leopard. In any case, I have no problem rebooting to use Quicken, rebooting in Windows to manage my credit card merchant account and rebooting to print and/or scan from my old devices. In each case, I do not do these things often and I don’t want to have all of these OSs operating in virtualization. I don’t do any of these things more than once a week.

  • Howie Isaacks

    All of my apps are Intel or universal.  After 5 years (6 if you count the initial Intel announcement), it’s time the developers stop horsing around and get their apps up to date.  One interesting that I’ve ran into with some of my clients is that you can’t install MS Office 2008 without Rosetta.  The Office apps are universal, but the installer is not.  WTF!

  • David Alexander Harrison

    Forgive me for my neophyte level of knowledge of UNIX-based systems, but is there any reason why someone can’t isolate the package(s) that provided the Rosetta function in 10.6 & make it/them installable (or, rather, re-installable) via the terminal in 10.7?

  • dcj001

    Throughout time, the species that have survived the longest have been the ones that have best adapted to their changing environments.

    It’s time to move forward to current and new software, and say goodbye to the old incompatible software.

  • lwdesign1

    I discovered to my dismay that my web design program of choice, Adobe GoLive CS2, is one of the apps that won’t run under Lion. I find Dreamweaver’s interface horrid by comparison, and despite several attempts at learning it, I’ve stuck with GL all these years. There doesn’t seem to be a web development program with as intuitive and elegant an interface as GL, so I guess I’m not going to be moving to Lion for quite some time until I can muster up the confront to learn DW. Rats!

  • lwdesign1

    One note about a MUCH QUICKER way of sorting out which apps are PowerPC: Launch System Profiler (it’s in the Utilities folder in your Applications folder), then click on Software. It may take a minute or so to check through your apps, then will display a list of them, their version and whether they’re PowerPC, Universal or Intel. This is MUCH faster than laboriously clicking on each app then hitting command-I.

  • Christopher Jr Lucas Riley

    I have only the OS X version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2. I think I’ll let go of it; I have the Windows version of Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files and I use it on Wine.

  • crateish

    Meh. Nothing I can’t live without. Going to go minimal on my Lion installation. I have tons of ‘experimental’ apps on my MBP. Goodbye, Rosetta. Hello iOS inspired goodness.

  • DavidWMartin

    Is that a special request? I could write a how to dual boot. :-) 

  • iGikku

    SQLite Database Browser 1.3.app
    seems like there is a 2.0beta1 from 2009!

  • Josh Nay

    this is tough.  I run quicken 2007 for mac for my finances.  i have everything in there and at this point they are not going to make a replacement with the same level of functionality.  I’m stuck

  • Tony Leonello

    who would even use powerPC applications. the application is obviously dead if the developer couldn’t re-write it for intel based macs

  • Hoser Man

    Quicken 2007 is one that is history. I hate the program anyway, so I switched to iBank which is as good but is missing some investing options. The other is Solitaire ’till Dawn which is my go-to killing time application. I will definitely miss that one. 

  • haineux

    Rosetta, unfortunately, is not anything like an application — it has hooks into many parts of the operating system to allow, for example, old apps to access the filesystem. Many, many parts of OS X would have to be changed to support Rosetta.

    The closest thing to what you want is an emulator, that runs an older Mac OS inside an application program. Probably the closest thing at this time is Sheep Shaver. Apparently the website Emaculation.com has instructions on how to run Mac OS X inside Sheep Shaver.

  • wilburg

    I have bo great love of Intuit, but I’m married to Quicken 2006/2007!!  Intuit has the worst imaginable support for the Mac platform.  Their 2007 version, released almost five years ago, it the only personal finance package that supports the needs of folk who manage a investment portfolio (I’m talking recording transactions such as buy, sell, reinvest dividend, etc), and which has reasonably flexible report generation.  Virtually everything else out there is nothing more than a glorified checking account register.

    I’m going to try the VMWare route on one of my Macs.  I know it is possible to virtualize Snow Leopard server, but the folk at VMWare seem to think that the client cannot be virtualized

  • Adrian Anhorn

    I made sure all my day to day applications were at least Universal, if not Intel only, years ago.

    The area that makes the 10.7 upgrade a hard pill to swallow are older games, a few I still play from time to time, like Ghost Recon, Rise of Nations and Diablo II for example.

    For this reason alone, I’ll be holding off on Lion for a few months and see if any decent Rosetta alternatives crop up, I know I can’t be alone in wanting to keep my older Mac games working.

  • Kendall Tawes

    Intuit has the worst support period.

  • Cowicide

    Another option is to make a bootable clone on an external hard drive of your Snow Leopard OS before you upgrade to Lion.  Then if you need to run something in PowerPC Rosetta on occasion, boot into the clone.  Sucks, but that “progress” I suppose.

  • Cowicide

    Another option is to make a bootable clone on an external hard drive of your Snow Leopard OS before you upgrade to Lion.  Then if you need to run something in PowerPC Rosetta on occasion, boot into the clone.  Sucks, but that “progress” I suppose.

  • Cowicide

    Hmmm.. I keep around Photoshop CS4 because it’s still able to run KPT plugins/filters.  I checked PS CS4 and it’s Universal, but I have to “open using Rosetta” for KPT to work.  So I guess with Lion that’ll be it for KPT unless Corel EVER gets around to updating them (which they haven’t done in years). Ugh…..

  • Noella Licandro

    Interesting considering apple just made their beta program http://bit.ly/oGml67 open to the public.

  • masig

    I cannot find anything that quite has all the address database features that Palm Desktop does. Do you have any solutions.

  • Guus ten Brink

    I don’t see any information in my System Profiler about my programms!?

  • FenTiger

    I think Mac The Ripper is due to go, as according to system profiler that’s PowerPC. Any known alternatives…

  • Derek Hellam

    Under software click on “applications”

  • Yani Asmayawati

    I will lose Final Draft 7 (professional script writing software…). But then it’s probably time to move on to other softwares that look like they are designed AFTER Justin Bieber was born. I’m moving to Adobe Story…. maybe.

  • fitzknight

    I have continued to use Macromedia (now Adobe) Freehand for years – it has always suited well. (I know, I know, I should move to Illustrator, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to recreate all the Freehand graphics in it!) I guess with Apple’s continuing scrap with Adobe, the latter won’t be bothered to upgrade Freehand. No Lion for me – I’ll spend the 20 bucks on beer instead! 

  • fredbloggs73

    ipodvolumebooster for my ipod nano 3G, indispensible for european models, use it every day
    Classic game maelstrom will no longer work as well unfortunately

  • prof_peabody

    There is a replacement with the exact same level of functionality.  
    It’s called a “spreadsheet.”

  • R.W. Elti

    The quickest way is to use the command line mentioned in the article

      system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType >~/Desktop/MyFileTypes.txt
    In System Profiler, you still have to arrow your way through hundreds of apps (Find doesn’t seem to work). You have to look through one-by-one which gives me a huge headache.The command line approach creates one plain text file that can be loaded into an editor and searched through easily. 

  • Jeff Kash

    My only problem is ExamView. I use it to make all of my tests for my students. I have contacted the vendor, and they don’t have a version that will work in Lion, and will not until at least February. I have found nothing else that compares to the ease of using ExamView.

  • jongar jabbar

    u don’t HAVE to upgrade you know…
    we are all using snow leopard now and its going to be just as good after
    Lion is released.

  • SL8Rok

    I thought Snow Leopard didn’t support the PowerPC either? If it does I can get a great deal on a PowerPC Macbook for my first Mac. 

  • Perishingflames Marbler

    Hi! Developer of “the game on a website” here. I wouldn’t say the game was killed off by developers per say, they did released several updates leading up to the last version, 1.6u (the Universal binary) in 2006. If you originally bought the game from GarageGames.com, you can login to your Account and download the latest version for free. If the game came bundled with your mac, you’re out of luck because GarageGames did lose all IPs to the Marble Blast series a few months ago (MB Mobile for iPhone, MB Ultra for xbox 360, MB Online at InstantAction.com, and MB Gold for PC).

    There is still one option though–macgamefiles.com still has the “demo” for download which is really just a DRM-wrapped full game. If you need help removing the DRM… let me know.

    Last, don’t dismiss Marble Blast Platinum! We worked a long time on it and it is the true successor of Marble Blast Gold. There’s even a new mod in the works, PlatinumQuest:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  • prof_peabody

    My take on this is much the same.  Most everyone will have already replaced their computer from the days before intel.  If you’ve already replaced the computer, why not get some new apps as well?  

    Computers are not like houses, you don’t just buy one and stay with it for 20 years.  If you aren’t into upgrading your computer and software at least every couple of years, what the hell are you doing with a computer in the first place?  

    You’re certainly not a main stream user so why should the computer companies arrange everything special for you?  The average computer user will have no problem with this kind of obsolescence and has grown to expect it.    

  • prof_peabody

    Nothing personal, but hanging on to Rosetta support for device drivers (scanners, printers), is kind of foolish unless you are very, very, poor.  

    A new printer is usually less than a hundred bucks and I just ordered a really fantastic scanner for $150 (Doxie FTW!).  These things are more disposable than toasters nowadays, which is sad, but it’s just reality.  

  • Kurien Cherian

    Nikon viewer

  • matthewmspaceyoutube

    How do you remove the DRM? Also, I can’t find the truly universal version as when I press command+i it says it’s a powerpc application.

  • LewisObn

    Wow, I’m really bummed to see PageSender Fax not being able to be used on Lion. I use it enough that it’s a real loss.

  • Perishingflames Marbler

    Just the DRM wrapper is PowerPC, the actual game is Universal binary I believe. So all you have to do is open the app, then click to start the trial and it opens the game. With that still open, right-click on the app in Finder and choose ‘show package contents’. Navigate to Contents/Resources/Game and copy MarbleBlast Gold (.app) to another location. That’s the actual game, so you can quit the app and delete the Wrapper and just launch the game you copied out of the DRM to play.

  • zagatosz

    You can access the system profiler form the finder clicking on about this mac and then clicking on more info when the window opens.

  • David Fritzinger

    Yes, I do. I have hundreds of files that were created by CanvasX, that I need to have available. ACDSee no longer supports Canvas on the Mac, which is rather ironic, considering that Canvas was originally a Mac-only application. Additionally, Canvas uses its own file format, which, as far as I know, cannot be read by other graphics application. 

  • MacAdvisor

    I, too, will miss Freehand. I have never been comfortable with Illustrator and have used FreeHand exclusively since Aldus started marketing it 1988 for Altsys. Frankly, I need Freehand much, much more than I do Lion and plan to postpone adopting the OS upgrade as long as possible. 

    I had to put up with much when Apple dropped support for AppleTalk a while back (I still have many printers that use AppleTalk and finding a way to keep them working was not easy) and now another useful part of the OS dies. Apple is not making the OS better in any measurable way, the functionality isn’t increased, it isn’t adding something makes it work better, so all of this seems cosmetic. I much rather keep Rosetta than gain the App Store, but I don’t understand why I can’t have both. Why can’t Rosetta be an additional install?

  • Mark

    Eudora.  Still no decent replacement that is as powerful, flexible and reliable.  The mozilla-foundation official replacement feels too much like Thunderbird, and MailForge (a commercial replacement) has been floundering around now for what seems like years without moving toward anything resembling stability.  I have no idea what I’m going to do with my decade+ -old archive of tens of thousands of messages and linked attachments, which has been more of a filing cabinet than a pure email program. Woe are we.

  • Obi_Juan

    Damn that sucks

  • CLK55

    I have 2 Venus DS-DS3DR external eSATA/USB RAID units configured as 2x1TB RAID1.  They were connected to my MacBook Pro via a Sonnet TEMPO eSATA ExpressCard 34 card.

    The software that controls the RAID at each end, SteelVine/SteelVineManager, is PowerPC-only.  I can run the RAIDs off of USB and eliminate half the problem (but eSATA’s much faster), but I cannot control the RAIDs (e.g. starting a rebuild, etc.) without the daemon running underneath the hood.

    Because of Lion’s impending removal of support for Rosetta, I was left with little choice but to migrate to a Mac Pro with 4x2TB internal drives on an Apple RAID card.  (The migration to which has now left me with a non-working Windows 7/Boot Camp setup on the Mac Pro.  Arrrgh.)

    Once I have everything migrated I can then upgrade to Lion, but then I’ll be left with 2 2x1TB drives that are useless – I can’t use them as Time Machine disks because even attached via USB, I can’t control them and trigger rebuilds/verifies and get e-mail notifications when they’re done, etc.

    Needless to say, I’m not terribly happy about Lion yanking Rosetta.  (And why I get angry when I see people post crap like “Who would even use PowerPC applications?”.  Like I have a choice in this instance?)

  • jnjnjn3

    I need NXClient to be able to work at home and connect in a transparent way to my (linux) computer at work.
    Currently no solution exists that I know of to solve this problem.
    My way out is that I got a Mac mini at work recently (to my total surprise) and I can now connect directly via an ssh tunnel: Mac to Mac so to speak.


  • jnjnjn3

    It can be time consuming and sometimes impossible to find a replacement program for something like NXClient for example. This has noting to do with being ‘up to speed as a computer user’.
    The program was selected because it did everything better than al the alternatives I found. And believe me it isn’t easy to find a truly transparent solution for something like like cross platform screen sharing.
    One of the problems is that you cannot dictate the work environment in most cases, so locked ports address translation and installed screen servers are selected already and cannot be changed easily.
    So upgrading isn’t always an option. 

  • jnjnjn3

    You cannot run Snow Leopard on a PowerPC computer, but you can run PowerPC programs on Snow Leopard (via the Rosetta emulation).


  • Andrea Rosellini

    not to forget that even FontLab won’t run on Lion…

  • ggore

    I have an XM-PCR, one of the XM radios they sold a few years ago that would connect to your computer so you can listen to XM Satellite radio via your computer off-air rather than streaming via the internet.   The record companies made XM stop selling them because you could record the audio stream from the radios. 

    It requires a program on your computer, MacXM or JXM, which are PowerPC-only, have been for several years and have never been upgraded to the Intel platform.     There are, however, several Windows applications that will run these tuners, so I guess I will have to run Win7 in a virtual machine via WMware Fusion in order to use the PCR radio from now on.     Great. 

  • DavidWMartin

    Hello. What about web based remote management tools? If you are concerned about connecting to PCs and Macs LogMeIn can help. I honesty don’t think Linux is very mainstream and more. I cannot name anyone within my circle of friends even talking about it any more — might be time to let go of that. 

  • DavidWMartin

    What about going here http://www.macupdate.com/find/… and checking out your options? I migrated a long time ago from Eudora which I’ve loved for years on a Mac and a PC to Entourage and finally to Apple Mail. Mail has been fine for most of my needs.

  • DavidWMartin

    You can go here possibly for some help getting data out of those apps. http://www.markspace.com/

  • DavidWMartin

    Good point!! Get an external Firewire drive (it’s faster) that you can clone your current Mac onto. You could then boot from that pseudo-Mac and access the apps you need when you need them. No elegant, but that would definitely work out fine.

  • jnjnjn3

    Ha, its not about fashion or the latest trend, its about connecting to the computer at work. And – as I wrote – this is a linux system and I’am not the one to decided that its time to let go of that.
    But happily the situation is resolved because my windows system is replaced by a Mac and I can now connect Mac to Mac from my home.

    But as a side-note, Linux is widely used but mainly as a server solution. If you know a lot about it it can be very versatile effective and low cost.


  • John Doe

    No its called SEE Finance

  • Mike Rathjen

    Yeah I was hoping for a workaround like getting the Snow Leopard Rosetta download, installing some KEXTS, and maybe some copied files or something. Oh well.

  • David Maloney

    Another solution…buy a now dirt cheap older PowerPC mac like a late model G4 powerbook and run your frackin’ PowerPC apps NATIVELY. I appreciate this is not a solution for everyone, but it keeps a perfectly decent computer out of the landfill, and you have a backup if that shiny macbook pro tanks it. I am writing this on a seven year old ibook G4 that still does 97% of everything I need a computer for. I have an intel mini for that other 3% (streaming video mostly), and will not be “upgrading” to Lion, ever.

  • rvines41shazam41

    In Terminal when I use the command you suggested: “system_profiler SPApplicationsDataType >~/Desktop/MyFileTypes.txt.”

    I get the following response from Terminal:
    -bash: system_profiler: command not found

    However, an emty folder named MyFileTypes.txt is created on my desktop.

    What’s going on here??????


  • m_hardwick

    KeySpan AirPort Express remotes. The “service” relies on Rosetta :( No more controlling iTunes over AirPlay from my AirPort Express units.

  • Aldebaran0463

    You don’t have to search the resulting System Profiler => Applications list one by one. All you have to do is click on the column header “Kind” (it’s to the far right of the scrollable window) and it sorts the list for you (just like in iTunes, etc.). You can even drag the header to rearrange the columns to your liking, or expand and contract the width if necessary

  • Steve Johnson

    I am bummed about losing Quicken.  Quicken Essentials is unacceptable for custom reports.
    Same with MoneyDance.  iBank does not support classes.  I am very annoyed with both Apple
    and Intuit.

  • Vikram Mundra

    Adobe products will not work

  • Nadav34

    Fuck all haters!!! I like both PPC apps and Intel apps.. why can’t there just be two? I know that Intel is better, granted, but there is no reason why a 32GB G5 Quad can’t run even the smallest MB’s of intel only apps. This is a bit stupid and the fuckers who don’t agree with me can go fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nadav34

    You can’t preach to the choir, Dave.. Those morons will keep bashing PPC apps and PowerPC machines until you are red in the face! I like both Intel and PPC and I think both serve a unique purpose. Funny, MS still keeps Windows XP and older machines still alive? There is no reason why a 32GB G5 Quad – YES, You can use 4GB DDR2 chips and make the Quad 32GB, can’t run even the smallest of Intel apps. I see a war between two camps.. the remaining PowerPC users and the Intel Camp.. I have seen the Power7 and soon to be Power8 chips by IBM.. They knock the pants off Intel! Besides, Apple might move to ARM and dump INTEL.. which I think would be a good thing.

  • Nadav34

    PowerPC macs can run Linux and this is growing each day.. One benefit of keeping PPC alive is the example of Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo for all their console gaming systems use PowerPC chips.. so hence why PPC will be around for a very long time to come. There is no reason why a Quad or dual core G5 with 32GB of memory can’t run some of the latest and greatest. Granted, G3 and lower end G4 users need to consider upgrading to more powerful PowerPC macs, but still unlike Motorola’s 68k processors which were slower and less advanced than PowerPC, it still makes sense to allow developers the choice if they choose to support PPC in their programs. My G5 Quad is going very strong.. 32GB of memory just put in. I also have a 2010 Mac Pro which I use for my heavy video rendering, but for my everyday crap – I use my G5!


  • Nadav34

    There is no shame in using PowerPC apps.. I mean, c’mon!!! Intel Fanboys can’t be that stupid. Even my 32GB G5 Quad can knock the pants off even some of the 2006 intel macs that came out. For everyday use, I use my G5 Quad which has no problem with HTML5 or even Flash 10.3(Yes, I hacked flash 10.3 to run on PowerPC).

    Riot, you can’t preach to the choir to those who are close minded. I am sure someone will hack Lion to allow Rosetta and even the next OS, unless Apple decides to move to ARM and then Mac OS X will be IOS.

  • Nadav34

    See comment below..

  • Nadav34

    Mac The Ripper is one bad ass program!!! I love it and use it everyday! Most applications for PowerPC were so so good that the developers simply didn’t want to port it over.. this is the case with Mac The Ripper – the most simplest way to crack dvds and blu-ray discs. Nothing better exists.

    Yes, I own a 2010 6-core mac pro for all my Intel needs and my G5 Quad w/ 32GB DDR2 memory.. plus a PowerBook G4 1.67 I use for my everyday use in the field and for my classic OS 9 nostalgia, a Powerbook G4 Pismo.

  • Nadav34

    So, how will one be able to do this with a New mac that ships with Lion only??? ANSWER: Vmware or virtualbox and setting up Snow Leopard or Leopard as a viable alternative to run it within a window on Lion.. but I have a high feeling someone in the hack community for mac will find some way to get rosetta running on Lion.

  • Nadav34

    PowerPC produced some of the baddest and meanest games out there and I even play Diablo II and still enjoy it. World of Warcraft PPC is also one.. Too bad the guys over at Steam don’t see the value in keeping PPC alive, at least for gaming. There is no reason at all for letting this architecture die. I have seen the power of Power7 and soon to be Power8 by IBM.. It gives me a wonderful feeling that PowerPC will make a come back one day, but in the form of ARM. I will laugh my socks off the day Apple dumps Intel for ARM.

  • Nadav34

    Save money and use virtual box which is much easier to set up OS X clients than commercial based ones such as VMWARE Fusion or Parallells.

  • Nadav34

    Save money and use virtual box which is much easier to set up OS X clients than commercial based ones such as VMWARE Fusion or Parallells.

  • Nadav34

    The way Apple is going, Mac OS X might be endangered later on. The day Apple dumps Intel and moves to ARM(They have always wanted to make their own chips), that day will come soon enough. The next several years will be interesting for Apple.

    A 3.4 Ghz A8 processor based Macbook Pro?? You betcha!

  • Nadav34

    Been there, done that.. tried to run sheepshaver on my 2010 6-core under Lion Gold Master and it simply will not run at all.. the developer has to re-write it to support it working under Lion, and I seriously doubt thats gonna happen!

  • Nadav34

    Just use Office 2011..

  • Nadav34

    There will be a workaround.. we simply don’t know how rosetta was taken out. I am sure someone will find a way to make rosetta sing in Lion.. just like someone found a way to circumvent the possibility of taking a 2009 mac pro and making it into a 2010 via a BIOS(EFI) update, saving many thousands of dollars!

  • Nadav34

    much rather keep Rosetta than gain the App Store, but I don’t understand why I can’t have both. Why can’t Rosetta be an additional install?
    Because Steve Jobs and company are greedy son of a bitches and they don’t give a shit or rats ass about your needs. The Apple we all grew up and loved is long gone, replaced by a company that is all about ipad, iphone, etc.. and could care less about supporting older hardware and software. The Mac App store is useless to me as I have all I need right here. Jobs can kiss off!! Maybe the man might fall off the face of the Earth one day.. I hear there is little to no survival for those with Pancreatic cancer.

    His Apple of today is the cancer.

  • wilburg

    Try FairMount.  With FairMount running, insert a DVD and it will mount it within its own “server” architeture.  Then drag the VIDEO_TS folder, at the root of the newly mounted DVD, into an empty folder of your choice, and wait for the copy to complete.  The result is a folder with a DVD architecture just like MacTheRipper would deliver.  I find FairMount does a more reliable job than MacTheRipper.  It seems able to copy more DVDs than MTR.

  • FenTiger

    Thanks for the tip. Much appreciated

  • FenTiger

    I thought they didn’t update it because they ended up in court over it removing copy protection http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M

  • Nadav34

    I didn’t know of a case against MacTheRipper. Still I think its a great and nifty program.

  • Keith Longley

    I just reloaded my system with a clean install of SL and did not install Rosetta and now I find Epson Scan Utility requires Rosetta to run. I have my Epson all in one connected via network. I have contacted Epson and got some lame answer that their Lion Support isn’t up and running yet. I did look today and found they have amended their support page but tell you to install their scan utility package but it’s just the same old one that requires Rosetta to run. So until Epson gets up to speed I cannot use the scan portion of my printer as I have no way to configure it to run via network. I mean how much time do vendors need? Lion has been in the works for over a year now. 

  • Zo Spencer

    Total stupid bummer … why did I buy Epson again. Their whole OS X support/drivers thing has been a scandal. But who is any better?

  • mjp_apple

    I too do not understand why, if Lion is not that different from SL, why Rosetta cannot be surpported.  I suggest as soon as Lion is available in the Mac App store to leave a comment
    to the effect, like me I cannot install simple because I have some PPC only apps that I need to run.

  • jordantwigg

    Epson Scan – running it from within Photoshop means we run Photoshop in rosetta mode. We still need to scan text and some images so I am faced with not upgrading or waiting to see if Epson upgrade the software.

  • Hoby Van Hoose

    Well, looking at my list there are these apps I’d still like to use:

    3D-XploreMath – cool but not useful since I’m not a mathematician
    4D WebSTAR Admin – can’t remote control my old web server without it
    AB Menu – good for quickly getting address book info
    ColorDesigner – unique color scheme tool I use frequently for design
    Disk Inventory X – tree map view of any volume or folder
    DVTimeLapse – time lapse video recorder
    eFax Messenger – the only client for eFax
    Fugu – the best SSH and SCP client ever
    Gcam – easy way to record video direct to disk
    HexEdit – a good hex editor
    HP IO Classic Proxy – does this mean my printer won’t work?
    Icon Composer
    Icon Machine III
    Khronos – a quick, simple, and free time tracker
    PhotoGrid – the best non-library image browser around
    ReadIris 9 – no more OCR
    Scanwise X – scanner driver
    URL Manager Pro – easily move bookmarks between browsers
    wClock – STILL the best menubar clock and calendar I’ve seen

    American McGee’s Alice – all kinds of trippy fun
    Doom 3 – classic..uh, tech demo
    DoomLegacy – port of the veeerrry classic shooter
    Duke Nukem – why the newly released sequel disappoints
    Elite Force II – a great old Star Trek FPS
    Heavy Metal – cheesy but fun 3rd person shooter
    No One Lives Forever 2 – the groovyest 60’s spy shooter
    Oni – the best 3rd person martial arts and shooter of its time
    Red Faction – a game of rebellion and destructible environments set on Mars
    Rune – the most awesome nordic slasher game ever
    Tron 2.0 – based loosely on the original Tron movie, quite fun
    Wolfenstein – classic shooter

    Ones I don’t want to upgrade
    Adobe After Effects 6
    Adobe Premiere 6
    Carrara 3
    Cinema 4D 8
    Filemaker 5-8
    Microsoft Office 2004
    Poser 5
    Sorenson Squeeze 3

    The ones I would miss the most are probably Fugu, wClock, and being unable to play the games.. :/

  • Limisios

    Some people may get lucky and not lose anything important, but I’m losing my scanner and Photoshop 3; and I do not have the money to replace them.

  • Niels Skafte

    Playing Command & Conquer Generals, and Battlefield 1942 in multiplayer between my old PowerMac and my new MacBook Pro :( Even though both are Universal Binaries, they will not sync correctly when playing multiplayer between the two platforms if they aren’t running under Rosetta on my MBP. This truly saddens me :'(

  • Max Caplow

    StarCraft Brood War wont work! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Riot Nrrrd™

    BTW, Fugu 1.2.0 builds easily on Snow Leopard in Xcode 3.1.4/3.2.6 as a Universal Binary:

    [21:45] nightowl:~/src % file fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu
    fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
    fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu (for architecture i386):Mach-O executable i386
    fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu (for architecture ppc7400):Mach-O executable ppc

  • Riot Nrrrd™

    Fugu 1.2.0 builds easily on Snow Leopard in Xcode 3.1.4/3.2.6 as a Universal Binary:

    [21:45] nightowl:~/src % file fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu
    fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures
    fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu (for architecture i386):Mach-O executable i386
    fugu-1.2.0/build/Deployment/Fugu.app/Contents/MacOS/Fugu (for architecture ppc7400):Mach-O executable ppc

  • Riot Nrrrd™

    Let me qualify that.  It builds easily as a Universal or Intel 32-bit binary only.

    Trying to build it as an Intel 64-bit binary (or combined 32-bit/64-bit Fat Binary) yields a few errors due to it using functions that are deprecated and no longer provided for 64-bit platforms, e.g. “FSpMakeFSRef()”.

  • Riot Nrrrd™

    Let me qualify that.  It builds easily as a Universal or Intel 32-bit binary only.

    Trying to build it as an Intel 64-bit binary (or combined 32-bit/64-bit Fat Binary) yields a few errors due to it using functions that are deprecated and no longer provided for 64-bit platforms, e.g. “FSpMakeFSRef()”.

  • Sazarret

    I wish I had read this before purchase the upgrade. Now I had to cancel the downloading or I’ll kiss Freehand good bye. 30 bucks to the trash can cus I just can’t leave Freehand behind, it has been with me for about ten years and I’m too old to learn new tricks. Call me romantic but It’s a great up, really simple to use.

  • Nicholas Breeze Wood

    Dropping Rosetta is a pain in my bum. I publish a magazine and we have been using Appleworks since 1993 (Clarisworks to start with) for all our databases, accounts and invoices… and of course AppleWorks is a PowerPC app.. It will make a huge amount of work for us to a)learn a new app and b) convert years and years of records from AppleWorks to the new app… I’m sticking with Snow Leopard and buying a can of Lion repellent!

  • Nicholas Breeze Wood

    Dropping Rosetta is a pain in my bum. I publish a magazine and we have been using Appleworks since 1993 (Clarisworks to start with) for all our databases, accounts and invoices… and of course AppleWorks is a PowerPC app.. It will make a huge amount of work for us to a)learn a new app and b) convert years and years of records from AppleWorks to the new app.
    We use Appleworks because it is superb at doing what it does and is the only Power PC app we use but it is essential to the smooth running of our business. 

    If it aint bust dont fix it! The attitude of always make new is too much across the board of our whole culture – it will be one of the main reasons humans die out as a species .. I use state of the art technology in both my magazine and my recording studio business – but there should also be the ability to use old stuff too.

  • Mark Freeman

    Unfortunately I did not know about the Rosetta issue and upgraded to Lion as soon as I saw it was available,  Unfortunately I lost the use of two very important applications that will cost hundreds of dollars to replace. I lost Photoshop CS and more importantly Microsoft office. Is there a way I can roll back to Snow Leopard?

  • rchoppin

    this forces me to buy MS Office software; essentially, Lion is money in the bank for MS

  • Jeff A

    Hi. Same issue as above but the version on Macgamefiles opens up to a white screen…frozen. Have to force quit it and nothing will work…any suggestions? Once I get it working, I can use OS X Lion :D

  • Annie Efronson

    I use 4-D –a custom data base to run my business..now dead in the water..what to do?

  • Peter MacLeod

    You could always use something like Wineskin which is basically a WINE wrapper which converts a Windows app to a Mac app. No need for any virtualization and once wrapper is made its so easy to copy the app to other machines or backup.

  • Peter MacLeod

    I think your a little mixed up there, Photoshop CS4 is Adobe not Corel, Paintshop is Corel but from what I read they never made a Mac version. Adobe is very lazy when it come to updating their apps instead they just complain that Apple broke them instead.

  • Peter MacLeod

    Lion is not for everyone. If your were happy with Snow leopard then why change? Is there really anything in Lion you really needed or did you just want something to complain about?

  • Peter MacLeod

    I can verify that Icon Composer, Doom 3, Duke Nukem, Elite Force II and Wolfenstein work fine in Lion.

  • Peter MacLeod

    I ran into the same problem with WIndows 7 on my Mac Pro with internal Raid. The problem lies with Apples HFS reader for windows, it is not able to read from raid drives. If you do not install bootcamp drivers in Windows 7 and install the Video and Audio drivers manually instead, everything works great.

  • Peter MacLeod

    I agree, if people really need Power PC support then why don’t they stay with Snow Leopard? Its only been a day after launch and so many people complaining already lol.
    I understand why so many people are upset but honestly they should hav researched Lion before buying it. If their apps are so important why did they not make sure they would work with Lion before upgrading? Seems very foolish to me. Sorry don’t mean to sound like a jerk, just my 2 cents is all.

  • Peter MacLeod

    i use RipIt which has done me wonders and is fully Lion compatible.

  • Peter MacLeod

    I can’t wait :D

    Finally all those Hackintoshes will become extinct lol.

  • Peter MacLeod

    Thats a little harsh don’t you think?

  • Collin Sullivan

    I’ve had AppleWorks 6 on all Macintosh computers since the ’90s. I feel like a part of me has died now. I’m so sad I’ve lost my beloved AppleWorks. :'(

  • Richard Nieves

    EffectsLab Pro

  • Ozkar García

    oh dear oh dear… i just made a tombstone out of my pretty aoe II…

  • Danny Holt

    Roughly six years after Apple released OS X, it dropped support for apps that ran under OS 9. So dropping support for PowerPC apps about six years after Apple switched to Intel isn’t exactly unprecedented. But for now, at least, the decision to drop Rosetta support means no more OS updates for me. I think dropping Rosetta support is a big deal. Sure, most major apps will run under Lion. But many excellent little apps that have worked perfectly well despite not having been updated for years will never run under Lion. And call me a luddite, but I believe that updates aren’t always improvements. I actually prefer the older, PowerPC-only versions of at least a few of my apps, even though Intel-compatible updates are now available. For others, updating to an Intel-compatible version may not mean a step backward in quality but does mean an additional payment for an app that worked perfectly well until Lion came along. Another problem with dropping Rosetta support is that it means people will never be able to open documents that are in legacy formats, such as AppleWorks. On balance, I was happy with Snow Leopard and don’t find much to envy in Lion. One thing that Apple did do right was promptly refund the $32.65 I spent on Lion, which I’ve since uninstalled.

  • Jeffrey L. Smith

    FYI: In OS Lion System Profiler was renamed to System Information. It’s still in the Utilities folder inside of your Applications Folder and has the same icon (calipers around a black integrated circuit).

  • staplehead

    Unless you are very, very, rich and can afford to replace expensive, quality hardware that does not have updated drivers, it would be foolish to ditch them.  Some have no current peer.  Not to mention, for some vertical markets which have subscription software, it is legally foolish to ditch access to some records because they are not convertable into something more current.

  • leonardwee

    My wife can’t live without X-Ball 2.6.

  • ericklepors

    It comes back to the time when MAC computers were coming loaded with appleworks, quicken and some other stuff. With time Apple stopped shipping the machine pre-loaded in order to keep a selling price as low as possible. This should have been a hint.
    I kept Using appleworks until last week when I upgraded to Lion. I have also be using page, number and filemaker, there distinctive software. I also kept using quicken until last week, not knowing that powerpc application were not going to be supported any longer. big mistake for me as I was not ready for that kind of lost, damages.
    Needless to say that I am not a happy camper

  • callohan

    in australia everyone uses microsoft office. we are a backward country in that respect. but to communicate with schools. government departments we need office and the apple lion upgrade has stolen that from me without warning.  Lion os should only be allowed with uninstall . 

  • Corlette Wessels

    Nixon Capture NX use PowerPC and I use it to edit all my photos and so does 1000s of Apple users out there

  • srreed

    We are a pharmacy using Mac PC’s for all of our business including faxes for prescriptions. Efax is no longer supported on Lion. Imagine our surprise after ‘upgrading’ to Lion and finding out we can no longer access a database of two thousand faxes received via efax. Will have to go back to Snow Leopard on all our computers. What a pain!

  • Aaron Schilling

    I just want to play Command and Conquer

  • Mickael Coriat

    for Fugu, here is an universal binary version that works on Lion:

  • Mudshark Bytes

    Here’s an obscure one.

    I do a LOT of audio work and have an obscure rack mount hardware item called a Roland Varios. Roland stopped supporting the Varios about five years ago and so, of course, hasn’t updated their software, V-Producer, in all that time.

    So if I upgrade to Lion, I lost ability to use my $300 rack mount hardware.  What a crock!

    Glad I found out about this BEFORE I upgraded!

  • tunez

    I am not “very, very, poor” and I resent your comment. I suppose you just go out and buy anything you want don’t you? Did you ever consider that the reason we now have printers and other peripheral devices that are “more disposable than toasters nowadays” is because of people like you.

    I would gladly spend more for a printer, an LCD, LED, MiniDisk (HA!), or other devices that lasted longer. I think many people would. Any takers?

  • tunez

    Boy the more I read your comments the more I laugh. How old are you anyway? There are people still running PPC machines for their Pro Tools system to run on why? Because it costs 50 grand to replace them. This is not consumer petty cash friend. Computers are tools not clothing you slip on and off and toss when you think they don’t look “new”. But like all tools you can buy some systems to have around to have additional tools. (Those are usually cheap PCs that run some crappy consumer home version of Windows instead of Window Professional).

    Do you go into your garage and throw out your hammer every year?

    If a young family owns a computer to run Quicken so they can manage their checkbook I can easily see them keeping that computer for 20 years. (IF THE PRINTER WOULD LAST THAT LONG, BUT IT WOULDN’T BECAUSE YOU KEEP BUYING THE CHEAP GARBAGE THEY MAKE EVERY YEAR AND THEY SEE YOU COMING.)

    You say to dcj001 “You’re certainly not a main stream user so why should the computer companies arrange everything special for you?”… I guess you missed the class in college where they taught the students about planned obsolescence in order to MAKE MORE MONEY? I hate to burst your bubble but you sir/madam are no “main stream user” you are a CONSUMER. Manufacturers who sell consumer goods just LOVE you.

  • JordanDevereaux

    How about being a grad student who doesn’t want to shell out $600 (that’s with the student discount) for a piece of essential software?

  • Mudshark Bytes

    So, I’m supposed to throw away my rack mount audio hardware that works great because not only has the manufacturer ceased making or supporting the hardware, but the new OS Lion doesn’t support the software needed to control it?  No thanks.


    Rom organizer…..the only app for mac that would work like mame to emulate old rome; and now I am forced to reboot in windows and use the regular mame.

    Nobody cares too much of an app that is not even updated anymore, but this is pretty disappointing; what kind of damage would leaving the support for rosetta ?

  • Jordan Oxborrow

    I’ll miss Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3 :(

  • youtube_acount123

    i just want to program my lego NXT! and I’m not poor and I’m not an idiot. i just can’t be bothered contacting lego just because apple decided to say bye-bye to rosseta, and i can’t stay with snow leopard because i didn’t know about this whole rosseta thing until i upgraded and my software got tombstoned! >:(

  • p_matsui

    Freehand. I never adapted to Illustrator (although I force myself to use it from time to time) and most of my files are in FH format, so I rely quite a lot on it. Since Adobe oficially killed FH in 2007, there’s no options here. Pretty sad.

  • rcarma1605

    My wife is a school teacher. She has been using her White, G4 based original iMac for a number of year, but it is just too slow to do things like show slide shows with smooth transitions. So, as a good husband, I thought I would do her a big favor and buy her a new Mac. Being a little tight on money, I decided to get her a new miniMac that included Lion. But to my surprise, one of her favorite routines, ReadySetGo! wouldn’t run. I called a friend and he told me the Lion no longer supports “PowerPC” code. OK. I guess Apple has the right to move ahead, but the folks at ReadySetGo! will not commit to a Lion compatible version of their routine. So I thought, “Oh, well. I’ll just put Snow Leopard on the new hardware and she’ll be fine. Wrong! I put the DVD in the USB drive I added to the mini and the software tells me I can’t use the loading program and that I need to download something called “Install MAC OS X 23.1.1”. I’ve searched the Apple site, but no luck.

    So here’s my question. Is there anyway to put Snow Leopard on a new i5 based miniMac? If so, please post the path to this resolution. One the Apple site, they warn that putting old operating systems on new hardware could cause all sorts of problems. Am I doomed? Is there a way out of this hole?

    Please help.

  • coastal iPhone

    I use Quicken for mac 2006 with Quicken Bill Pay. My multiple files extend back to 1994. If I had to choose Lion or Quicken the choice is Quicken, it’s vital to me and my business. I stay with 10.6.7 for snappy web pages.  Every thing I need on my computer works well with 10.6.7. I’m afraid that Apple is forcing complexity.

  • coastal iPhone

    I use Quicken for mac 2006 with Quicken Bill Pay. My multiple files extend back to 1994. If I had to choose Lion or Quicken the choice is Quicken, it’s vital to me and my business. I stay with 10.6.7 for snappy web pages.  Every thing I need on my computer works well with 10.6.7. I’m afraid that Apple is forcing complexity.

  • Grant Bloedow

    As others have stated, there are vertical markets where software is developed and can’t be updated easily. At my place of work, our company database is custom written by a 3rd party based on the database app 4D. While the latest version of 4D is ok, rewriting the app by our developer costs A LOT of money and will incur additional licensing fees by 4D. 

    Others will use a unique app with NO CURRENT EQUIVALENT. There are a lot of apps that may not have future competitors and is no longer updated. For document compatibility it becomes a huge issue. As others have suggested for archived files and backups they become useless if you can’t open the files in the latest versions of software or the software no longer runs.

    Some suggestions, like keeping an older machine running would work in special cases or a single-user setup. For my work, each desktop would require a second desktop running the older OS (or virtualization), OR we could switch to windows and be done with it, since the application continues to run as an old version on the latest windows. That’s a costly option too and incurs licensing, maintenance and hardware updates.

  • Grant Bloedow

    I cloned the Snow Leopard system from a core2duo Mac and botted it as an external drive on the new i5 MacMini. It has been working just fine. I’m surprised the clean install from the DVD would NOT work. Are you sure your Snow Leopard DVD is a retail copy rather than one bundled with a previous system. In the past the version you received as retail

  • Grant Bloedow

    Any wholesale OS update of any major revision should probably roll it out only after testing it for some time with regular work duties/needs. Sorry to hear about your frustration, indeed.

  • Grant Bloedow

    http://www.hamrick.com/abo.htm… The link to VueScan is absolutely the best scanning software with support for TONS of legacy scanners and hardware. Its feature set and ability to batch process is a plus. I suggest looking at it as an option for using your scanner. Photoshop 3 is old enough, if you can purchase the Elements version US$99 for much less than the suite or single Photoshop license (unless you need CMYK support it likely will suffice for your needs). Check first though, I’m not positive Adobe Elements is currently a universal or Intel native app.

  • Justin Jackson

    Age of Empires II

  • Donpancho556

    What is the big deal? well in Australia many schools and universities run microsoft office applications and if you have a mac you have word for mac excel powerpoint etc my kids use it to present their work if the app do not work? , at my work we have microsoft office I can’t create documents to export to the pc , apple should put a big warning in the application store in regards of the pc power app , all they do is show you how good it is until you installed and you find that app do not work

  • chuck67322

    I still play Age of Empires II frequently, so I think I’m gonna wait…

  • Jeanine Beaudry

    those are the exact 2 apps I’m mad about losing.

  • Esten Breimo

    i cant play simcity 4.

  • sl06

    Like many, I strongly depend on Canvas X and i have not found viable alternative after a lll these years.  By chance my wife still have is reliable PowerPC mac, for now.   Except she is talking about upgrading…. 
    So my option will shortly be to :1 downgrade to Snow Leopard2 install fusion , visual box or else + windows 7  + new Canvas for PC  (will be expensive)3.  Wait for a geek to transpose Rosetta on Lion (best option but no date guarantee)4.  ….

  • Chris B

    Shame? Why should Apple make it necessary that I be shamed when wanting to run $2500 worth of legacy software? Fuck Apple, no more hardware. Snow Leopard is my last OS and the iPhone 3G that you ruined is my last Apple phone.

  • jeffrey ruppert

    where is my starcraft I hate the newer versions but the original was good now i can’t play it I also hate the removal of the scroll bar arrows they can take a gesture form me that is nicer than the one they are giveing their long time users. 

  • clementine

    ghost master… a very underrated game

  • clementine

    ghost master… a very underrated game

  • Lemonbrook

    Age of Empires II :(

  • Jim

    Vectorworks professional CAD. It’ll cost almost a grand to upgrade.
    I have an old G5, guess I’ll ressurect it and go back to using it for CAD drawings till I can afford the upgrade!

  • solsang

    my danish-english bidirectional dictionary is broken, that was a most useful tool and there is nothing to replace it, really sad about this:(

  • Ianrking

    danish rosetta stone won’t work either.  i  contacted the company and theres nothing they will do

  • Reggae13

    I’ve just lost my favorite game, Command and Conquer Zero Hour.  Switching back to Snow Leopard.

  • Jack R

    Finale Allegro 2007. I’m a composer, and this software is VITAL for me. There really aren’t any other notation softwares that work nearly as well, and upgrading to the most recent version of the program will cost nearly $200. I basically have to buy the program again, on a music student’s budget. I don’t see the benefit for Apple to make me spend more money on a product that isn’t even theirs.

  • Williemorrison

    David Hi 
                i am a keen amateur photographer and in my kit i use a Nikon 5 neg scanner and also a Cannon 8400f document scanner both of which i use often. Unknowingle i have just upgraded to Lion and now find i cannot use my scanners,no advanced warning for me ,can i cage the Lion get rid and go back to Snow Leopard? 
                                                      yours Willie 

  • Jjdodj

    i lost a lot of simple programs used in day-to-day scientific research. no one has been developing these because the old ones worked fine. Apple made sure they no longer work on Lion. Seems like something Microsoft would do. 

  • Ssgsharon

    I used to transfer files between my pc and mac by media sharing cable, but since lion does not support power pc, I just can’t open the application any more

  • Joshua Nel

    I’m considering going back to Snow Leopard just for that.

  • Vena

    Terrible! My main work application which I use most on the Mac is a Power PC application which has all my work files and now it does not work!!! what a horrible thing to do to faithful Mac users…

  • Paul Eliasberg

    Am I glad I checked this out before upgrading. I’m not upgrading now. I use Frontier (http://frontierkernel.org/) for all of my website work and have been using this software for fifteen years. I love it and am not planning to use anything else. What now…

  • Marcus1212

    I think it is outrageous; not everyone is a computer expert; I use my Mac almost only for my work as a writer using a program that runs with Power PC. I just upgraded to Lion and found that my work is lost. I cannot go back to leopard and recover my work and therefore I am really upset and find no solution !!!

  • Saqib Hasan

    try downloading vmware’s fusion or parallels – install leopard or snow leopard on that and you can easily continue using your old stuff or at least port it over. And the best thing is that you can run this concurrently i.e. be on your lion and dip into snow leopard as and when needed.

  • Rich

    Had I known that installing Lion would disable some of my programs I would’ve never installed it. Granite my Macbook is from 2006 but now My office 2004 & my adobe suite, which happen to be the two programs I us the most. I don’t have hundreds of dollars to replace these programs, I hope they come up with some sort of patch to fix this!! I am a loyal MAC user but I’m not happy over this one! 

  • Noone

    Microsoft is the most backward compatible system on the planet. Why do you think they have always had so many issues. They have always tried to please all the people all the time. I have used Mac for over 20 years so this move is no big surprise to me at all!!!!

  • Noone

    Apple does not care if your stuff breaks. They historically do things like this, removing serial, removing firewire, killing hold hardware is old hat for apple

  • Noone

    This is what happens when companies blindly update to new software. Oh Apple makes it, then it must be good lol…..you get what you deserved. 

  • Noone

    I agree Lion should easily uninstall but it does not. However the good people at Microsoft have updated office to work in Lion. They actually released the update within days of Lions release.

  • Noone

    FYI, for you powerpc G5 owners, You don’t get anymore Flash updates either

  • callohan


  • Ricardo

    In my case it was my usb-internet-stick! If I knew it would slow-down my computer this much + not allow me internet connection, I wouldn’t have updated to Lion :-(

  • Latze

    I can’t play Warcraft anymore!!!! :( All those hours of Green TD, gone!!! D:

  • anon

    Wait a minute…Roland abandoned the Varios FIVE years ago, and now you complain that Apple no longer supports the old technology? Apple has provided system support for your device for five years longer than the manufacturer. I think that’s pretty good service.

  • anon

    This Lion-compatible update might be for Office 2011, which Microsoft upgraded six months ago. If one is using Office 2004, there might no longer be an update that is Lion-compatible.

  • anon

    Six years ago, I made a quantum leap from OS 8.1 to OS X 10.4 when I bought a new PowerBook G4. When Leopard came out a couple of years later, I used Acrobat Distiller to save my old Word 5.1 files so I could at least read them without being able to launch Word (Classic OS only). (I happened to have Acrobat Distiller because it shipped with PageMaker.) It is MUCH easier now to save files as PDFs, as that capability is built into Mac OS X. There are also now applications that enable one to edit those PDF files if necessary, but if one only needs to have them as archives, it is possible. Time consuming, perhaps, but possible. Mac OS X allows any printable file to be saved as PDF instead.

    I believe that, in the past six year, I have had to access three or four of those old files to use them again.

  • Tooka110

    i can’t use toonel in lion.what can i do plz?

  • Chris

    4th Dimension 2004 Applications
    We developed several larger database applications with “4th Dimension 2004” for inhouse use. We used commercially available plug ins which were not ported to the Intel Version of 4th Dimension. Reengineering and porting the applications to the Intel Version is too timeconsuming in view of the fact, that a new application is planned but will be running in a few years only.

  • Sameer

    I just need My  alien skin-eye-candy-4000 to work in Photoshop cs3.  the program is perfect but this doesn’t work rosetta helped me with that is it a get around?



  • Fghfghfghfgh

    I work for an e-commerce business, we have over 10,000 items in stock and we use FileMaker Pro for our db. Thanks to LYIN (lion), we can kiss either our db or OSX lion goodbye because it is a POWERPC app. Thanks for clearing this up though

  • MarcusBS

    Ahh, but there is a campaign going to resurrect Freehand – are you aware of http://www.freefreehand.org?

    There is hope of an Intel-based version in the future…

    I am refusing to upgrade to OS X Lion until I can be sure that my trusted Freehand MX will run on it!

  • Jim K

    Have you done this?  Because I was told you need the server version of snow leopard to make that work.  I thought of that too but the local mac shop tried it for me before I bought fusion or parallels.  And it didn’t work  because I don’t have the server version.  However if it worked for you let me know how you did.  The local mac shop suggested to install leopard or snow leopard on an eternal hard drive and run it from there when needed.

  • A Friend

    I had the same problem a while ago but I figured out that using Preview, you can scan all the documents and pictures you desire. It doesn’t require you to install any drivers. I don’t know if it will work with these types of scanners as I’ve never used them. but it’s worth a shot.  Try, File -> Import from Scanner and see if your device is listed.

    Good luck!

  • A Friend

    Everything changes and things move on. if there was no change, I would still have a computer the size of my room. i wouldn’t even be able to play pong on that thing! Apple cares, but they know when its time to move. It’s no surprise to me that this has happened because they announced it in 2005.

  • A Friend

    I’ve been reading a lot of complains about MS Office and such. No one as to buy any upgrade if they don’t want to. Open Office, while different, has many of the same features. Just a suggestion to mull over.

  • fotoguy

    FM Pro 11 is a universal binary, should work with either PPC or intel processors on the Mac side. Maybe you just need to upgrade your version of FM Pro.

  • fotoguy

    I am always amazed at people who jump off bridges with regularity! Never, never go to a new system without having a cloned backup of your current working system. That way you can switch back easily if you don’t like the new one. Why the urge to have the latest of anything when  50% of the time you end up being a canary in a coal mine. I have a friend who does this every time then moans for months about how this and that no longer work correctly. Most people would be better off watching from a distance until Apple and the developers get their act together and make things compatible. It takes time for all these programs to be updated or abandoned. I usually tell clients to suppress the urge and stay with the same old system until the new version is somewhere around OSX 10.7.3 or .4 and do some reading about app compatibility/solutions before you jump. So many just blindly push the button expecting their world to shimmer more brightly without glitches. It has never been that way.

  • Oxyonenv

    I can live with most of the Power PC tombstones on my Mac. But what I need right away is to be able to view videos that have the tombstone issue. Is there a way to convert them from Power PC to Lion?

  • Stranger7x

    My printer drivers are only available as PowerPC, and Xerox no longer supports the printer.  I won’t be replacing this fully functional 100 Lb. color laser anytime soon.  My new Mac came with Lion installed, but I guess I need to downgrade to Snow Leopard somehow.  I’m not sure if Apple will let me do that without wiping the drive?  My only other option would be to print via parallels, which is rather tedious if I want to print Mac files.  I’d have to print everything to PDF in Lion and then go to paper via another OS.  Seems rather ridiculous that Lion wouldn’t even allow Rosetta, support or not.

  • DTurtle17

    My new MacBook came with Lion (so obviously I have no Snow Leopard to revert back to, and I didn’t make an uninformed choice to upgrade.)  I grilled the sales guy about my printers and other devices and he assured me everything would run fine, some of which do now after a lot of hassle and some that don’t.  A little warning from the sales staff would be nice, though I wouldn’t expect that to happen.
    I have a  graduate level accounting course that requires an online app who’s Mac version is available as PowerPC. I’m not sure how fast the textbook manufacturers are running to do upgrades to their add-on software.  Looks like I’ll be in the computer lab full of good old Dells to get through this course.  Sigh.

  • Willy_bradley


  • Angry_Swede

    I bought Baldurs Gate 2, prob one of the best rpg games ever made and converted to be playable on a Mac. now I cant play the game, neither can I use Rosetta nor play Curse of Monkey Island if I would like to. Is the only way to solve this problem to install Parallels Desktop? or is Apple going to be smart and help people out here…To say we shall all look at the future is bullshit. There is not enough good developed programs to compensate for all the programs and games I loose by having Lion. 

  • Free458939

    I can’t get on to the company database (goldmine) that I use for work.  So the idea that all I need to work is a computer and a phone is screwed.  Now I need a PC and a phone.  Thanks apple!

  • Free458939

    I wanted something that would be an improvement on an investment I made in my   personal and businesses future. 

  • Ginalyn61

    I’m dying here because I can’t install my adobe creative suite (I guess it’s power pc) on my new Macbook Pro.  Thank God I still have my old Macbook, but having two laptops isn’t easy or convenient.  Any suggestions?

  • Miami User

    I am just not upgrading anything until my 3 G5’s are dead.

  • Bophed

    Oh yeah?   just try to install a video game from windoes 98 days and see how well that goes over on a Vista / win7 computer. Backwards compatible my bahonkey!  I have been playing Everquest since 1999 and have been playing on the Mac server for 4 years now. SOE no longer has MAC developers. My options is………….Not to purchase Lion. I will boycott it just like I boycotted VISTA !

  • Webteahb

    I just bought a LaCie external hard drive. Their set up Assistant uses PowerPC. It claimed to be “plug n play” on the box, but the hard drive is unusable until I can run the PowerPC assistant on Lion. Bummer.

  • Michiel

    Hmmm, I have used Canvas as my main drawing tool since 1988. Deneba stopped supporting apple a couple of years ago, so now I have to leave at least one Mac on 10.6.
    This a not so “customer friendly” action. One of the good aspects of an new OS is the backward compatibility, and I do not understand the advantage of not having it.

  • Patrick Loiseleur

    what about unsupported hardware ? For instance my scanner only comes with powerpc softwre

  • Croe47

    I use Epson scan and cannot udse this anymore as it is a power PC app. I like to downgrade to Leopoard. Any one knows how to do that?

  • Engelhardt

    I love easychem. I have not yet found any comparable application to draw in chemistry leaving Carbon Atoms in. (that is essential for teaching in Germany. The one in the Mac store make strange circles around atoms.
    MathPad too is an amazing application for powerPC

  • Engelhardt

    I love easychem. I have not yet found any comparable application to draw in chemistry leaving Carbon Atoms in. (that is essential for teaching in Germany. The one in the Mac store make strange circles around atoms.
    MathPad too is an amazing application for powerPC

  • Katrin Kouchner

    yes, i do!!! my hp scan jet 4600 doesn’t work anymore…

  • Rich

    the same thing happened w/ my cannon but I contacted canon and they told me to delete  the file in your library and the download the driver again

  • dave

    i miss my n64 + gba emulators…

  • MartinNYID

    Apple is out for Apple. There’s no reason why, other than maximized profits, they constantly hard-sell things and drop them later. Watch: soon there’ll be a nifty appstore download to fix the problem for another damn 100 bucks.

  • FormenServas

    I still play Homeworld 2, so I need Rosetta.

  • Ian L

    Do you have the original snow leopoard or the update disk?

  • D Brown_23

    How come my Epson scan still works O.o?

  • D Brown_23

    I Just Bought a LaCie Hardrive and I need to set it up to get ready to use but the setup assistant uses PowerPC, so what do i do i can’t bypass it :(

  • Croe47

    Yes I have the disc which came with my apple pro.

  • Croe47

    what did you do to get this result? new drivers are not available with apple update?

  • Vinolin101


  • Vinolin101

    so anyway is there any solution to this problem of powerpc because apple is up to shit

  • ChristopherVonbrincken

    I moved in 1995 from Atari using the Atari emulator MagicMac(68k). The Atari OS was faster and had Multitasking, which System 8 had not. Especially in Germany was the ATARI ST and TT used as working machine. A unique Layoutsoftware by the name of Calamus SL was the uber-application on the Atari ST/TT. Calamus is able to export and import PDF and to manipulate PDF Data easily.
    MagicMac became transfered to OSX on PPC and is still working fine with Snow-Leopard but requires Rosetta.
    I have a Atari Calamus / Mac Photoshop Workflow which is quite neat.
    The problem is now that Calamus needs MagicMacX which is based on the PPC code or one has to use the attached PC emulator with which Calamus runs perfect under Windows XP/Vista/7.
    Because of this I would rather move to Windows 7 than upgrading to OSX Lion.
    Some game I love to play occasionly are Diablo II, Age of Empires II and Starcraft.
    My favourite OS in termes of beauty and speed is Ubuntu, but there is not enough software to go with – Photoshop for a start.
    The other option would be to buy a used Quad PPC Mac Pro for next to nothing to use my Mac Software while converting my Hardware to Windows 7.

  • Junkjunklive

    If your laptop was made before the release of lion, I got apple to send me a copy of snow leopard but it will work because apparently apple updated older computers with lion before they sold them

  • James Auricchio

    Efax Messenger is a Power PC app that I would love to have kept after my switch to OS Lion.

  • Majeri

    I installed Lion and need Quicken 2007 any solution in obtaining my data.?

  • Stuart

    cyclone: converts between different text encodings

  • Steve

    Logic Studio …

  • Kslaksd

    No more Quake 3 arena…

  • Rtimber

    I just purchased a brand new Mac Mini with all the bells and whistles. When it came in the mail I wanted to play a few rounds of one of my all time favorite computer games Diablo 2. I have basically been without an actual desktop computer for nearly 2 years. My ancient Dell could basically do nothing but house and transfer my iTunes music to my iPod and iPad and was really looking forward to playing my extremely outdated dungeon crawler. I downloaded the original game and Lords of Destruction from Blizzard (thankfully free since I still had my old CD keys) got everything set-up and WHAM! I can’t do anything with them but stare at the icon. Though it is not a crucial program and only for entertainment value I must admit I am pretty bummed.

  • anon

    Yeah, but what about all the classic games? NWN, BG, Diablo? Personally not happy to lose these games, not wanting to purchase Parallels.

  • Everythingtechwise

    Cant get the digital copy of my Blue Ray DVD’s :(

  • Clara

    Not a vital application, but I’m still very disappointed.. Sims 2 :(

  • Wetnose

    Mechwarrior 2 PowerPC on my iMac. Yeah, I wish.

  • Alexoquizz

    dvd studio pro, d-vision

  • Bjagunn

    Sibelius 4 music notation software is out

  • Guest

    Thank you apple for killing my mom’s Quicken 2007 Home and Business making it so she has no way to access her financial stuff, while also requiring me to have lion to use the latest XCode when there’s no reason for it. 

    Hey Intuit, Get off your lazy asses and port your codebase, I know it’s hard, I know it’s expensive, I know it takes forever and you probably saved millions in the short term but you’ve had 5 years to do it so that it would be as painless as possible, instead you were too cheap and lazy to do it. I’ll be getting my mom’s information and porting it to a different program from a different company who actually cares about their customers. I’ll be sure to withhold business from them until they start caring for customers. 

  • Tarryn

    Corel Draw 11 and Freehand 11 don’t work either!! I’m no longer vaguely impressed with Apple

  • The Disappointed

    I work for a school district with 6000 macs.  Most of the curriculum software we use is still PPC.  The companies that write the software still sell the old software titles and almost every educational software company is guilty of not upgrading their products.  School districts are not able to upgrade hundreds of software titles.  It isn’t that school districts choose this, but when you are looking for specialty phonics programs or math programs to meet special needs, there are only so many vendors and software companies to choose from.  We would like to continue running Snow Leopard for compatibility but when we have to replace hardware we will be forced to Lion.  

    Consumers have been affected two fold by Apple.  They will have to upgrade or replace the applications they adore on their home machines as well as finance their local schools when they are forced to upgrade their software titles.  Poor choice by Apple.  I agree with someone’s statement about allowing for a Rosetta install.  I believe most people would pay money for something like that.  Overall it would be cheaper.  

  • Hanz

    particle illusion 3.03 not working, I think apple will face the same destiny as Rosetta

  • Hanz

    Had the same issue had to connect to second mac with snow leopard to setup.

  • Bballisbest

    I can’t run Logic Pro 7! Just bought a macbook pro and can’t afford to buy logic 9. :( 

  • Pikachu

    Bubble Trouble X and Eric’s Solitaire won’t work anymore…

  • AL74

    I can’t play starcraft anymore :'(

  • Malcolmphillips

    final cut studio 2

  • Sander-b B

    i can´t play “Rise of Nations” for mac anymore :'(

  • Eh

    The solution here is to download the Windows version and install it either on a virtual machine w/ Windows (or other system with Windows compatibility, e.g. GNU/Linux) or through a Mac OS X Wine implementation, e.g. Wineskin. I personally use Wineskin, and it’s great for running a variety of games, including all of Blizzard’s titles.

  • John Green

    Quicken 2007, which I use, will not run with Lion, because Lion doesn’t
    support something called Rosetta. Fortunately, I haven’t upgraded to
    Lion yet. I need to decide whether to spend $49.99 for a Quicken
    product that will work with Lion in addition to the $29.99 for the Lion
    OS and also go through the hassle of converting older Quicken files to a
    different format.  (Source for my info: http://quicken.intuit.com/supp

  • Shi Kye

    nooo. halo for mac!

  • kindwizzard

    Corel Draw :(

  • Bill

    Bubble Trouble X is available as a universal app. Or are you saying the universal app is not compatible?

  • Sandlovesit

    Adobe CS2, dropped $500 on it in 2005, use it all the time.

  • John

    I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2

  • Crslassen

    I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2I got screwed with my copy of Final Cut Studio 2

  • Crslassen

    I got the same everything will work just great BS from them too. Not at all what crooks

  • Emily

    I had hoped to be able to run Bygones genealogy freeware on Lion but it won’t work

  • Marquis Garwood

    Saunders NCLEX-RN Examination CD uses PowerPC. Thanks Mac for making nursing school that much more of a pain.

  • Rharriss

    I am still running an old version of Acrobat because the new Reader and Apple’s Preview can’t print PDFs properly on either of my two HP printers. I will hate to lose it and a few others.

  • Jordyboy1786

    none of my virtual machines will work anymore, bootcamp doesnt working. basically, if its windows, it dont work anymore? anything going to be realeased that will work?

  • INoLikeUpgrade

    Smackbook and Shadowbook :c  those were so fun :c

  • Dave

    I have been making extensive use of MathPad 2.6.5. It is a great little program that has never glitched. But, now, with Lion, it becomes useless. Upgrade by developer, I hope?

  • superdave

    They did release a universal binary for Halo btw

  • hugo johnson

    age of mythology. :(

  • Panacea25

    I am a Special Education teacher and I use a program called Boardmaker that allows me to create picture symbols for my students on the Autism Spectrum.  I upgraded to Lion and am now unable to use this very important program. :-(

  • Teegah

    Freehand …

  • Paul S

    Well, he is dead now so you got your wish. I dont care how much I don’t like a product, a material thing, I would never wish someone to die because of it. You are a disgusting example of a human being. 

  • Mac Apostate

    I’m currently using Leopard on a PowerPC, so naturally all of my software is PowerPC-based. I’m not sure how much of it is upgradeable at all, but getting new Intel-native versions will be a lot more than the cost of any new computer. I’m glad Lion was released before I gave up the PowerPC, since now I realise that, given Apple’s poor software support, it may be worthwhile abandoning the Mac platform. Because I’ll have to buy all of my software again anyway, there’s no particular pressure to keep me using Macs so I’m free to buy the Windows versions of all of my software and switch to PCs with my next computer.

  • Rammisala

    hey hii one mnth bck i brought new mac book pro…..but i having sum problm’s like mac getting heat and powerpc error so plz help me wt shud i do ?

  • Dan Jackman

    What absolute BS. Games like WarCraft 3 and Boom and my Photoshop CS1 won’t run anymore? There is nothing Lion introduces that can really be considered a ridiculous, must have, upgrade. The fact that they killed Rosetta on purpose is really a travesty. Oh, and telling me that I can delete my PPC programs is not a sufficient “Heres what to do about it”. Thats more like you slapping me in the face and telling me to get with the times.

  • Rbrites

    Please!!!! SMAC – Sid’s Alpha Centauri… can’t live without it…

  • Eefnot

    Quicken 2007 (the last full version of Quicken for Mac) will no longer run if you upgrade (Downgrade) to Lion.  Symantec has stuck their head in the sand and is telling clients to “upgrade” to Quicken Essentials.  Go to Amazon’s website and look at the review profile for Essentials.  Over 500 reviews, most of them one star.  Sure, you can run Windows on Parallels but that’s a pain.  Why would it be so hard to update Rosetta to run on Lion?

  • Davidhakan

    A solution for Apps that won’t get upgrades. My biggest problems are Appleworks (no conversion to Pages for drawing docs) and Freehand X. (I have to open/save as .fh9/then open in AI.) 

    Solution: I will make a bootable volume in 10.6 on a drive and reboot to this if I need to work in older PowerPC applications. I wish Apple offered to sell Rosetta separately. It has the code. DH

  • AbsentbebniM

    WOW… I can’t believe all the comments…

    Simply put, how many companies support a product for 5 years AFTER it has been discontinued? Your average company just stops altogether. Both the software companies AND the consumers were given ample time to work things out.

    I have been a machead for some time now. I’ve got PowerPC coursing through my veins, and only recently acquired an intel mac. Was the transition hard? Hell yeah! More than half of the software I had was no longer usable. But, after checking the production dates, I let reality settle in. Appleworks was replaced in 2005 by iWork… and even then it was supported till 2007. Adobe CS2 was replaced by CS3 in 2007. Final Cut Studio 2 was replaced in 2009. It’s damn near 2012 people! Listen to yourselves. I bet more than 50% of the commenters here whined something awful when Apple didn’t announce the iPhone 5… and yet they want to hold onto software that predates the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    My biggest pet peeve in reading through these comments is this perceived notion that you have to upgrade to Lion. Apple is not holding a gun to your head. There are plenty of solid PowerPCs still in use… many of which can be upgraded for cheap and run Leopard very well. I know this for a fact because I rebuild them all the time. I read in numerous comments about schools having old software… yeah? ok? And how often does a notoriously under budgeted school district upgrade to the absolute newest OS? I’d be surprised if I walked into my old high school right now and found anything higher than Leopard. Hell, I graduated in 2001… stopped back in to visit a teacher in 2005 and she still had a lime green G3 iMac running Jaguar.

    And with that, my comment is over. Now to go to a Windows 7/8 forum to whine about my inability to run DOS software properly and the lack of hardware support for my palm pilot’s serial cable…

  • Kpierson

    oh no!  (SLP here).  Which Boardmaker version?  I was thinking about getting a Boardmaker copy of my own for home, but if Lion won’t support it. .  .argh.  The only thing I lost at home so far appears to be Microsoft Office 2004. . . .

  • jlewis

    Apparently the drivers for my HP Scanjet 4670 requires Rosetta. And since there is no Windows 7 support for that scanner either it has become a rather nice picture frame. Unfortunately sometimes I really need to scan things.

  • JoeSmo

    Warcraft 3 :(

  • monzerella

    trying to study for a REALLY important psychology exam with Psyktrek, but won’t work now.

    Thanks Apple.

  • -alx

    Lost RPN Calculator 1.96 by J. M. Baker.  Possibly the best calculator the mac has ever had.

  • Dschmoker

    My MS Office suite isn’t working. There goes $150 down the drain

  • MissMyPPC

    You’re an asshole.

  • MissMyPPC

    Menumeter – meters won’t appear on the menubar
    Titanium Toast 6
    Homeworld2… and I haven’t even gone through all of my games yet. Oh, and it makes Dosbox crash if you enable fullscreen mode.

    Apple for the Fail.

  • ywolf
  • justin

    tons of photoshop plugins

  • Tspigner

    My Grade book of a Power PC. I now lose all my grades, including this semester! What can I do. This is serious!

  • Tspigner

    My grade book was supported by Power PC. I have lost my grades for years, including this semester at the mid-point!

  • Cabell Delong

    I understand that it sucks to lose applications like that, but if you have, it means that you didn’t do enough research before you upgraded. Blindly installing upgrades is always a bad idea, and if you have programs that are important to you, checking their compatibility before you upgrade is important. The only copy of office that should stop working in Lion is 2004, which is a pretty old version (support for it will end in a few months). 2008 and 2011 will work fine, though since the 2008 installer is PPC, you won’t be able to install it. If you already have installed it though, it’s a universal binary so it should work fine.

  • Anonymous


  • Jnh


  • Joseph Patrick Krempetz

    DIABLO 2

  • erikbrattlof

    DIABLO 2 that i just bought…..

  • thestashattacked

    The logic software I use for my quantitative reasoning class. Well, looks like it’s getting installed in the emulator.

  • swisskent

    Yes… Quicken 2007 for Mac.  I cannot move my MacBook Pro forward to Lion until I can upgrade this application, and Quicken Essentials is no substitute – neither is iBank 4.  I am considering moving Quicken to my old PowerBook G4 until there is a viable alternative.

    Also, I understand that I will not be able to migrate from MobileMe to iCloud until I upgrade my MacBook Pro to Lion.  Essentially, Intuit is holding everything up for me by not upgrading their software properly over the years. What is wrong with that company anyway?

  • Lmblancarte

    form z 4.2 is vital for my work

  • Jarowe

    I didn’t know about this when I upgraded to Lion from SnowLeopard… now I’m really p*****ed off! I have lost my version of Photoshop CS, Internet Explorer, a business card app, Epson Scan, and Microsoft Auto update… all of these have the white diagonal line through. I know it’s my own fault for not reading the small print before upgrading but… who would have thought that this would be part of an upgrade…!!! I would have stuck with Snow Leopard had I have known… it’s going to cost me a fortune to replace these lost apps and I am not happy… !

  • Dutch guy

    Your keyboard is clearly defective…

  • Nographics

    Unfortunately, I upgraded the Mac OS X Lion operating system for my iMac without knowing that some applications will not run on it… Now, I can not use the FreeHand program with which I work a lot … I am thinking that might be better to reinstall again the SnowLeopard… How should I do it without losing all the information I have on my iMac? There is another alternative without removing the Lion operating system? Can you help me? Thanks!

  • Guest

    I think the point is that customers may have thousands of dollars invested in PowerPC apps and don’t want Apple to make a political decision to exclude Rosetta that doesn’t have the customer’s best interests in mind. In education in particular, we have many apps in this category and no Rosetta means we can’t use them. We don’t have the money to buy all new versions of software when we’ve bought the computers. 

  • ennevision

    I just got myself an adapter cable to connect firewire to MacBook Pro in order to hook up my Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 machine, only to find out that the latest Nikon software does not work on Mac Power books since the company does not provide any support for recent OS. It is annoying that the current Apple OS is not compatible with legacy software

  • ennevision

    Nikon problem bypassed by getting a copy of vuescan http://www.hamrick.com/

  • Dfa

    Diablo 2!!!!!!

  • Thomas Tørrissen

    i wanna run power-pc apps on lion, although i know it won’t happen, i’d still luv it if apple released an update allowing us to do so!

  • PG

    I still use Eudora 6.1 for a variety of reasons -one of them lots of filelists and ease of use. Will probably have to give that up. What irritates me most, however, are the people who say “5 years, time to move on”. A memory which goes blank every five years is no memory at all, it’s actually a sickness. I have files which are over 15 years old which I still pull out occasionally -I started on VM/SP machines in the 1980s, if anybody here is old enough to remember that, moved to Mac in 1992, and had no portability issue until the PPC/Intel break. This could be sidestepped with Sheepshaver, and was (maybe) justified by hardware issues. The dropping of Rosetta has no such justification, and would require a wholly unnecessary PPC emulator, which may or may not be developed.

    Bottom line: in two days of battling with Lion, Apple succeeded in pushing me out of Microsoft and into OpenOffice to keep my VBA programs running without paying an arm and a leg for Excel 2011 (I was still using Excel 2004 for VBA reasons); Apple succeded in teaching me how to install a partition to get snow leopard up and running, and from there it’s only a short step to Linux; and the Apple goons who haunt these forums claiming that it’s all the customers’ fault because they don’t upgrade enough, and/or upgrade carelessly anyway because they don’t spend hours researching what will work and what will not, have completed the task of convincing me that Linux is the future, and that I have no need to go on paying the absurdly high prices required by Apple to get Unix-based security.

    Oh, one last thing; since I run a relatively large research facility, in the next five years or so Apple will have lost approximately 20 to 30 customers, and several hundred if I am heard University-wide, which I may well be. Also, when all the geeks will have Linux running on PCs instead of Macs, the apple logo may not quite feel as cutting-edge as it used too…

    Good luck with your iPhone toys, Apple. The OpenSource people will take it from here.


  • PG

    Hi again,

    was so miffed, forgot the original question, sorry… Besides Eudora, here is a list of lost apps. I did not research all of them, but the ones I comment I did research. The others I can do without -but why should I?

    – Avidemux (hard to replace when fiddling with a video)
    – Chmox
    – CopyPath (cut little app -a pity)
    – Discribe
    – Editix Free 2010 (yes, 2010) (needed for xml)
    – emlx to mbox Converter
    – Final Vinyl
    – FLVMauncher
    – Kompozer
    – Office 2004 (a sore blow because of VBA)
    – Office 2008
    – mjo Graph
    – NetDraw
    – Pajek/Wine (not sure it’s lost. Am having no ends of trouble reinstalling XCode and sundries…)
    – Pic2Icon (pretty useful to keep a desktop attractive. Gone for good, I suppose)
    – PifPaf
    – SilverKeeper
    – TinkerTool (VERY useful to get at all the files the Apple goons don’t want supposedly stupid user to modify or even see… Losing that, alone, would push me into Linux)

    And then there all the other upgrades which are possible indeed but will eat up way too many hours of my time, from LaTeX libraries to MPlayer to XCode/Wine, already mentioned…

    Of course, as one Apple goon disdainfully spat out on some poor soul in some forum I was on, it’s the developers’ fault not to follow Apple. Which struck me as a bit disingenuous in a world in which developers and OS makers are supposed to work hand in hand, and always have…


  • PG

    Ooops… Forgot my “very old” HP Laserjet printer. No way the drivers will ever work!
    However, since replacing it would cost me the equivalent of a top-of-the line PC with all the bells and whistles, guess I will resell that dumb 4000$ MacBook Pro and cut my losses right away!


    PS: sorry for the blow by blow account, but Cult of Mac was asking for info, and I would rather leave a complete record behind… last post I promise

  • Estanion

    argh, I installed it, without doing my homework.  The Apple Store “forgets” to tell you this vital piece of information.  Guess their heads are in their iClouds.  
    Anyway, I upgraded to Lion and lost access to my Adobe creative suite that I don’t have the replacements disks from which to download.  Darn.  

  • iMlindberg

    WoW3 :((((

  • Ggeorge1

    If Monks had Macs. This is a classic Hypercard stack that opens with Rosetta. I use it as a reference tool in my writing. Any suggestions, short of buying an old mac?

  • Steve

    logic 7 to open old files

  • Juan Jacinto

    Nuendo 3. The latest version (Nuendo 5) costs £1,326.
    If Apple gives me that program for free, I’ll keep the Lion.
    Otherwise, I still need my old powerPc based Nuendo 3.

  • Juan Jacinto

    Please Steve Jobs, come back.

  • Doriorr

    UGH!  I just upgraded my iMac to Lion and now several of their school programs won’t work.  Not just won’t work, but I’ve lost the records that the programs keep on the work each child has done.  We home school and the computer was purchased primarily for their use and these programs.   I feel like there is a huge waste going on in my home now.  Time, Money, Patience!  

  • LanceSmith

    “Apple has offered Rosetta and PowerPC support on Intel architecture machines for over five years (PowerPC to Intel architecture changes were announced in 2005 at WWDC) allowing users to keep running PowerPC applications from roughly 2005 to present. It’s definitely time to let that go as far as Apple is concerned and OS X Lion hammers that point home. Now it might be your turn to do the same.”

    This is one of the most asinine statements I’ve read in some time. It is spoken as someone with little/no experience with computers outside of his very specific domain. Out here in the real world, software can sometimes be expensive or even impossible to replace (I cite publishing and scientific apps as two prime examples). Looks like I will be going the dual-boot route or possibly the virtualization route (I already need to virtualize for linux, so this would be fine).

  • Josefnoka

    Same problem here, my math textbook is on here and it is now useless. I hope they find a solution!

  • TheStoneComputers

    I see no reason to keep lion, its slow and unstable plus more than half of the already little game library is gone… Apple I know a big part of your user base is used to tossing there stuff every other week and buying new stuff but for me my 2009 macbook is gonna be my only machine till it goes dead so guess ill be going back to Snow leopard… or maybe just wiping my HD and installing windows 7 as the main since I end up using that OS more and more anyway. Keep it up Apple you will find yourselves right back where Jobs saved you from so many years ago and hes not here anymore to bail you out so RIP Apple 2013

  • Airbaboons

    I can’t play my Halo, Sims 2, or my beloved Sims Complete Collection!!!! I’M GONNA DIE AND TURN INTO A ZOMBIE AND EAT APPLE!

  • TheStoneComputers

    Sounds like you need a Windows break… Microsoft Windows stopping people from becoming Zombies and eating other people cuz there games just became coasters since 1983…

  • Luis Alvoeiro


  • Chafrador


  • Radiomoscow

    photoshop 7 the last good app from adobe

  • Radiomoscow

    lucky you had a good back up regime

  • Fidel

    Fuck it, I’m downgrading. Big disappointment.

  • Rommel

    This article didn’t offer any solutions for ‘what to do about it’.

  • TheStoneComputers

    No solutions here cuz there are none save down grading or dual booting for now that’s it…. I’ll be downgrading my next day off

  • TheStoneComputers

    OK maybe i lied…. can someone try this and get back to us??

    i dont have time right now to do this but it might work… sounds like it will in therory… Ill try it tomorrow before I downgrade..

  • TheStoneComputers

    My last comment said it needed to be looked at by a mod to be approved cuz I had a web link on it so it may or may not be aproved… SOOOO Ill just cut and paste it. 

     “”””to make this work you need a copy of Snow Leopard on DVD or DMG. Open up the DVD drive and stick in Snow Leopard. Once Snow Leopard disk Mounts Click on Optional Installs > Click Continue > Click Continue > Click Continue > Click Agree > Check Rosetta(You can also choose to install iLife and w/e Applications you need)Click Continue and Install. Now you will have Rosetta installed and running on your system and be able to run PowerPC Apps again!!!”””””

    Does this work?? Let me know…

  • Flowers

    If you actually read the comments here many of them are complaining that specific applications from schools or specialized businesses aren’t working. It’s difficult enough to  get many companies and institutions to lift a finger to enable Mac compatibility in the first place, good luck getting anyone to pay to have a legacy scientific app from 2001 rewritten with today’s tight budgets. 
    I bet if some application that was critical to whatever it is that you do (if you actually do anything) stopped working, you’d be on the opposite side of this argument. Have some empathy, dude. 

  • TheStoneComputers

    Yes I agree Flowers 100% Microsoft made sure no businesses were gonna be left out with there XP mode and Apple needs to do the same thing… As of right now Im downgrading since nothing seems to work and Ill be posting that at the top… And this guy is a dick I mean window 7 will run dos just don’t know how well it will run but when you click on it it just don’t say “sorry you cant even try to run it so suck a fat one o customer of mine!” stupid this is my first mac and I am so close to just installing windows 7 as the full OS I use it more than OSX anyway LOLz

  • TheStoneComputers

    Ok tonight I format and install Snow leopard then I hope all these classic programs I have will run… LOL they have DoSBoX for windows why not make an OS9 app for mac… Just sayin

  • Milad

    I loose my Longman Dictionary Contemporary of English in my mac lion.
    It’s such a real great problem that u can’t use your preferable software not new version, the version that u like it.

  • Ghdavis

    Yes, I need my scanner to work on Lion. It is an Epson and worked really well with Snow Leopard. What to do?

  • gunnibeggi

    I, like a lot of computer users, don’t like to be put up against the wall to buy upgrades for software. Office 2004 has all I need and I resent being forced to upgrade it, along with a lot of other software, just because I bought a new Mac. I have been a Mac user since 1995 and this is the first time I have been really p-d off. It is like if you move into a new place, you have to throw all your furniture away. I did not “blindly install upgrades”, I bought a new Mac and this OS just came with it. People should be able to use their old Mac based apps when they buy a new Mac, not be forced to spend hundreds of $ on new software. 

  • gunnibeggi

    I, like a lot of computer users, don’t like to be put up against the wall to buy upgrades for software. Among other programs, Office 2004 has all I need and I resent being forced to upgrade it, just because I bought a new Mac. I have been a Mac user since 1995 and this is the first time I have been really p-d off. It is like if you move into a new place, you have to throw all your furniture away. I did not “blindly install upgrades”, I bought a new Mac and this OS just came with it. People should be able to use their old Mac based apps when they buy a new Mac, not be forced to spend hundreds of $ on new software.I urge Apple to upgrade Lion to accommodate for Rosetta based and if, in the future, they intend to do something like this, tell people about it. I know you did not, cause not even the salesperson  said anything, though I told him I was upgrading from an older Mac.Apple. This is how you loose customers!

  • Sherilaugh

    Considering I bought this Macbook for school… it would be nice if any of my school discs would run in it.  They are all powerpc.  I can’t just upgrade to another edition or I won’t be able to do my assignments.  Kinda regretting buying the new Macbook because my old one ran the discs.  It’s not like they’re old discs either, they are new editions from last September.  Way to make your product useless for the crowd of people most likely to need a new laptop Apple…

  • Annoyed Writer

    I run Dramatica Pro v 4 – a software program for writers.  Now it’s useless.  I’m a writer, not a computer geek, and I don’t read computer chats, nor do I pay much attention to the unending stream of material coming from Apple or any other supplier.  I buy software, I expect it to work.  Is that so difficult?

  • Franko

    need my Microsoft office! NOT COOL APPLE!! I love my numbers, keynote and PAGES but that slight difference is a must for some school work! Not cool… Should be a warning before 30$ purchase and 5hours+ of getting lion to work!!! FAIL

  • Attilao

    Wizoo Darbuka and Latigo.

  • Eddie

    Franko, Microsoft Office 2011 works without PowerPC so thats that. I have it on my Mac OS X Lion. To the main point. WARCRAFT III: FROZEN THRONE. NOT WORKING BOOHOO. No more DotA allstars. Please, dotA, create one for Reign of Chaos. nvm. Is there another PowerPC substitute?

  • Physical

    Boohoo~It’s so cruel!All my friends r making warcraft maps while I try to get this thing 
    “Un-messed”up.grr……but I can’t buy warcraft anyway.

  • Applesucks

    Thanks for allowing me to add this to my plethora of reasons for staying with WINDOWS! all apple wants is the last cent in your pocket and is not happy until it has it. Jobs might be gone but apple still doesnt give a rats-ass about its customers…

  • Barry Goldman

    Hi, I’m a die-hard Canvas user (a graphics/drawing/photo-editing/GIS app). Originally written for Macs by Deneba, then taken over by ACD, and moved to the PC (Windows) platform. Now Mac is no longer supported by them after the Power-PC version. Have the windows version of Canvas and now must run that in Parallels (or Fusion on another MAc) – which just adds to the complexity of life.  So much for trying to simplify life!

  • Adrlopz

    The Sims! :(

  • Zweikind

    i have a psych trek disk that came out 6 months ago and it won’t work because its power pc. I’m pissed, i need it for school. I love u apple but what the crap!

  • buzzy555

    right): i just bought it i was so happy to play it hen this happens)::

  • Big Rabbit

    dreamweaver 8!!!! new versions of dreamweaver suck!

  • MetaSant

    I live in New Delhi, India. Trying to learn editing and build a career in film-making. Have had Final Cut Studio 2 for past three years. It’s my bread and butter. Till my Mac conked-off and thankfully was replaced. But the next jolt is nothing less – FCP won’t work. And…i can’t live without it. I have read that one should get Leopard installable and then install Rosetta on my Lion, which should enable FCP to get going. Else…I don’t have money to buy Adobe. FCP X, as it is doesn’t suit me, since I work on tape and will for a few years.

    Crazy to find something that you used and paid for to a good extent going out of play. Very easy to say – let go…move on to next level. Those with not deep pockets don’t find it that easy :-(

  • Judas

    Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. This is my very first mac, and if the jobs I was looking at didn’t call for Mac experience, I wouldn’t have even bought it. And now there are officially a *ton* of apps that will no longer work on Apple that *will* work on Windows. ReBirth from Propellerhead Software being one of them.

    Apple, unless you want your market share of the home computer market to get even *smaller*, restore Rosetta support.

  • Stickybeak

    EZxslt – which I use to generate xls documents to which I can directly export from filemaker.  This is a real bummer.  The developer doesn’t seem too interested in upgrading so now I am stuck…….

  • Brelsa

    “Patent Downloader”—ouch…I really need that!!!

  • Akmac

    Filemaker pro 6. Bought the macbook air quadcore i7(and accessories) to upgrade from macbook pro 15, Leopard 10.5.8. Guy at the genius bar getting ready to transfer my files says “Oops, so sorry, your Powerpc apps like these filemaker pro 6 databases are no longer compatible and won’t run on Lion” Ugh, you AREN’T kidding ,are you. Please refund my $2000 bucks right now!
    Guess I’m stuck with buying used mb pros running the old OS’s when mine dies.. Bummer. 

  • WOW


  • Ashley1975

    I completely agree. Your comparison to moving into a new place and not throwing away your furniture is dead on.  I just shelled out a small fortune for a new Macbook Pro, after my good old Powerbook died. I told them that I was running Final Cut Pro Studio 2, Microsoft Office (ALL of my invoices are done in Excel, not to mention countless other spreadsheets I use to organize my business), and Final Draft.

    I’ve been a professional broadcast editor for twelve years. When I started, AVID was the dominant software, but then Apple launched aggressive marketing efforts and successfully imposed Final Cut Pro on the pro market. The software is very expensive with FCP Studio ranging around $1200 (cheaper ones on ebay, but that’s always sketchy). But then Apple just dumped it unceremoniously, to introduce a software, FCP X, aimed squarely at consumers, not pro users. Why is that bad for pros? There is a huge laundry list, but the biggest one is that FCP X is utterly incompatible with Final Cut Pro. You can’t even open old projects from FCP in FCP X! I know all the techie reasons about the new architecture and all that… don’t really care though, as a customer whose *entire* industry has been affected by Apple’s cavalier attitude towards how their decisions affect people who actually use  Final Cut Pro in the workplace.

    I realize that that’s another issue altogether, however, after the whole Final Cut Pro/ FCP X fiasco, Apple is on my last nerve as a consumer. I don’t have the money to upgrade all my softwares– it would easily be $1300 or more. Not to mention the issues with Lion and FCP. I am going to have to find an older macbook and use that for my editing station. Delightful, seeing as how I just shelled out a pile of money for a newer, faster, Macbook.

    This lack of support for older applications feels like either arrogance or extortion. I don’t blame the salespeople at the store where I bought it either– they probably didn’t know. Apple, fix the Rosetta issue. Make a patch, an update, something! Otherwise, like gunnibeggi, you’ll lose me as a customer too.

  • Ashley1975

    >Of course, as one Apple goon disdainfully spat out on some poor soul in
    some forum I was on, it’s the developers’ fault not to follow Apple.
    Which struck me as a bit disingenuous in a world in which developers and
    OS makers are supposed to work hand in hand, and always have…

    Ugh, really?? How about Apple actually *tells* the rest of the world what they’re up to instead of expecting consumers to eat the costs of their secrecy? Was there some public announcement of the looming incompatibility with Lion? I sure didn’t see it.

  • Val Hawley

    I have a PrimeFilm 1800u Slide & Film Scanner.  This is not the newest scanner but is (or was) perfectly adequate for my needs.  Now with the upgrade to Lion I cannot use it thro Mac.  I am having to use it thro VMWare (even though I dislike Windows Apps)  Very disappointed that Apple have decided to lose PowerPC.

  • Luine Damasceno

    Galera, a forma mais fácil de resolver grande parte dos problemas é instalando o Rosetta…


    é só selecionar a opção ROSETTA e clicar em INSTAL! 

    Boa sorte a todos.

    (Instal this “Optional Installs.mpkg” just ROSETTA, and good luck with a all games and Power PC application…. 

  • linuxman26

    I have a PowerPC G4 Mac mini that I can’t live without.

  • Elijah Bouma-sims

    many video game ports for mac (wow duke nukem ect.) run off are PPC apps making mac more of a barren wasteland for games thanks apple

  • David Warner

    If you have corporate apps that you cannot live without and you have older machines that are breaking, then you are really screwed. There was a solution with VMWare that lasted about 2 minutes – they let you run 10.6.X client within version 4.1. However, yesterday, they released 4.1.1 and took that away saying that you can only run 10.7.x client versions within the virtual machine… So Apple, send me $100k to upgrade that legacy software and 10.7 will work for us. NOT!

  • Rachel Higham

    My entire adobe suite is now useless thanks to Mac and that is far more important in my opinion that whether I have mac or PC. I’m not happy with with Apple at all right now…

  • Jocelyn Nicole Irons

    I just bought the Sims 2 for mac and it installed and runs fine. Then I decided to purchase an expansion pack, night life, and it will not install :( I guess I will have to stick to the original game…

  • Lou loser

    Extract the rosatta pkg from the snow leopard installer

  • Cameron Bartlett

    Halo Combat Evolved

  • bbilly204

    our 2007 17 in mac book pro suddenly died so there is no way to extract our quicken files that we use to manage our house hold finances. The morons at the genius bar failed to tell me that when I remove the hard drive from my 2007 machine I can’t use them on our new unit It was devine providence that jobs left the face of the earth for fostering this debacle upon us what crap

  • Fabio Fabioulous Murtas

    NOT TRUE!!! i’m playing wow on LION, may be u wanted to say Warcraft saga (warcraft 1, 2, 3, and frozen throne)

  • Lyndon Buckley

    RapidSVN :(

  • Luke Hebert

    please tell me how

  • 2mconsultants

    apple works is great but no longer supported

  • Alissa Mower Clough

    This is a sentimental favorite, now in its last iteration: If Monks Had Macs.

    It holds several ebooks, a journal program, and the tale of the White Rose in Germany.
    Former versions had a fantasy tavern, a pinball machine, and a classic college-town jukebox.

  • not_happy_REALLY

    Well.. I am screwed. Unfortunately I was unaware of the issues. I have Dreamweaver 8 and was not planning on upgrading, it suits my needs just fine. I built a couple of basic websites for some small non profits, and now, well, I already said it… I’m screwed. I should never have upgraded, it will now cause me some major headaches that I wasn’t anticipating… and of course I now have to spend more money…. and who can really afford to that these days.  Oh, and I forgot, I have an old version of Adobe, too, CS2… again I don’t really need to upgrade those programs, but I used them all the time.  To put it simply again… this really sucks.

  • ajfp

    Like you, I’ve used MAC a long time (since 1996) — until now, every upgrade since then has been backwards engineered to allow old apps to be used (even CLARISWORKS was convertible to APPLEWORKS, which converted the old files) — now items such as AppleWorks are unusable as they have now way to be converted (Nothing in the iWork package will translate them) — for once, Apple has left it’s loyal customers in a lurch — this is the first time that I have had to run multiple hardware to maintain older files (and that’s not perfect, as I have to copy old text to new apps.  In many cases, Apple suggests storing old files as PDF, not a satisfactory remedy in most cases.  I recently lost my MacAir to theft — I have 2 backup computers (MacBook Pro & MacMini — I had to pay top dollar to find a replacement that didn’t need Lion (I was told that the new models will not accept a downgrade to Snow Leopard

  • russn23

    I am stuck on Snow Leopard (it’s not so horrible) but the one app I can’t do without in Lion is Adobe GoLive CS2 (Version 8).  Since Adobe killed GoLive and replaced it with Dreamweaver (which I really don’t like), I have no choice but to stick with SL (10.6.8).  So if anyone knows of a program that works similar to the way GoLive does, let me know! Thanks in advance!

  • russn23

    I am stuck on Snow Leopard (it’s not so horrible) but the one app I can’t do without in Lion is Adobe GoLive CS2 (Version 8).  Since Adobe killed GoLive and replaced it with Dreamweaver (which I really don’t like), I have no choice but to stick with SL (10.6.8).  So if anyone knows of a program that works similar to the way GoLive does, let me know! Thanks in advance!

  • John Cohen

    Max Payne! Nooo!

  • Jason Baker

    As a middle school teacher in Maine using many different educational software that is undoubtedly old (exam viewers, lesson planning software, simulation CDs from publishers), I have found this to be a problem.  I don’t see why it is such a problem to keep using Rosetta on an operating system, maybe it interferes with other functions, but it is short sited for the main/original supporters of the Mac (education).  Our state has worked with apple to supply laptops to all 7th and 8th grade students, and has expanded that out to 6th and 9th grade and sometimes high school grades in many districts.  The current year seems to be supported on student laptops but the new one I bought this year, with lion is not.  Can there be a download that solves this problem?


  • GokhanCukurova

    I have your solution right here guys! Connect your drive, 
    Follow these steps:Go to Disk UtilityClick on the External Hard Drive name, 
    click on Patition
    Under Patition Layout you will see ‘current’ Click on that and choose 
    1 Partition
    Look at the bottom of the white box, you will see Options. Click on it, 
    choose GUID
    THEN RENAME YOUR DRIVE where it says Untitled1 
    make sure Mac OS Extended (Journaled) is selected.
    Click Apply, you are good to go!

  • Bob Cross

    Amateur Radio application for signing logs files offered by the Arrl “American Radio Relay League”. Tqsl.app, tqslcert.app. Can’t sign your logs, then you can’t upload them.

  • Vern Gall

    I love playing Rise of Nations so I guess my MacPro DP 3.0GHz will not see Lion.  They never did support 64-bit EFI on this one (however Windows 7 seems to work just fine in 64-bit mode.

  • Kurtis Millette

    Homeworld 2 for mac D: It no longer works and i’m sad.

  • Martin Cash

    Warcraft 3!!

  • Guest

    I just got a macbook pro with OS X Lion and I just bought rosetta stone.  Are there no additional downloads I can get to run rosetta stone on the mac?  Sounds like not.

  • Jackson Sumrall

    i saved up for warcraft 3 and now it won’t work, and to thank just 2 months ago i was begging my parents for a mac, if you ask me they are just losing business. ):<

  • Susan Jensen

    I’m am definitely looking back and wishing I had never upgraded to Lion.  Nothing but problems with my computer, especially with the iCloud , which insinuates itself into everything, and if you try to get out of it, it likes to take things away from you, like your calendar and address book.  Also I’m sending out double emails now!    Lost Rosetta Stone– could they have given a warning of some sort?   

    thanks for the article, though

  • Lazza

    You could try Inkscape, it’s not so bad as a vector editor and it’s open source. :)

  • Leif Halvorsen

    I’m sad about Homeworld 2 as well.

  • Luke Williams

    I can no longer run Photoshop CS4, Sim City 3000 or Virtual Boy Advance which I used to emulate Pokémon games for when I was bored in lectures. Looks like I’m gonna have to start actually studying economics now :(

  • Lazza

    Gimp is a universal binary. Maybe you can give it a try. :)

  • Kerem Parlakgumus

    so i am using 10.7.2, in this way, do the programs work (i mean the programs which were working with rosetta)?

  • Kerem Parlakgumus

    ups, i think iam getting, sleepy, but i did not understand, how will it help me, what does it provide me if i fallow your steps? will it help to run the application which are not running on mac os x 10.7.2

  • Jeff L

    you’re an asshole.

  • Ted7

    CS4 Photoshop, Indesign & Illustrator all work fine for me running OS 10.7.2.
    (iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5)

  • Ted7

    I just use Image Capture. It seems to work as well as EPSON Scan worked in Leopard. Does all the same things.

  • Leonid Kilasoniya

    i1 Match 3.6.3 doesn’t work! I can’t calibrate my display with i1 Display LT!

  • shloime

    you still run a lot of windoze ’98 software?

  • shloime

    why did it STOP working?  did you buy a new computer, or upgrade your os?

    or did you buy dramatica FOR lion?

  • shloime

    it’s been 5 years since apple switched to intel, and  the developer tools allow the developer to compile their software for “universal binary” – so why blame apple for a sloppy developer decision?

  • shloime

    apple doesn’t but other people do.

    google is your friend…

    just sayin’.

  • shloime

    the trouble with all of this, is that apple already has a working solution, but is killing it for marketing reasons.

    never mind the 10-year-old games and obscure specialty applications – rosetta is a workable and working solution that makes (almost) all powerpc apps work. even the ones from developers who have gone bankrupt or died.  it is already engineered, built, and tested on snow leopard.  updating it to lion (and beyond) wouldn’t have been a huge deal.

    to includ it as an optional install on lion would have cost apple little or nothing, while keeping a lot of their customers happy.

    not a particularly clever decision.

  • John queuepublick

    Behavior I would expect from Microsoft.  Upgrading is too much money – especially if you are retired.  I know many Apple users who are furious.  Lion may have some niceties but are they worth all that pain ($$$$) 

  • erikhnilsson

    I have one Mac Power PC G4 since 2004 running in OS 10.3.9 and one iBook G4 since 2006 running in OS 10.4. Both systems still run perfectly, though I have replaced the CD/DVD unit on the Mac Power PC once. But since gradually there were more and more internet sites I could not use due to “old web browser”, which could not be updated due to “old system version”, which could not be updated since that required Intel processor, I decided to buy a new PowerBook Pro with the latest Apple Software. Wow. I was a proud owner of my new computer when I got it last autumn, but for various reasons I haven’t started to use it for real until now. And what a disappointment! Besides the fact that OS 10.7 seems to prefer controlling me instead of the other way around, I can’t run my Photoshop 7.0, my InDesign 2.0, or Illustrator 10 plus some other applications that my small company relies on. Yeah, sure, some of you will laugh when you hear about me still using these old versions, but they are still far more powerful than I need for my work. NOT updating my software nor my hardware for the last 7-8 years has certainly been a money saver for me, but, of course, that’s not the way Apple or Microsoft want us users to behave. We should of course update, throw away, update, throw away, etc. Apple must have made a deal with software manufacturers about excluding rosetta, which forces users of old software versions to by the new ones.
      I guess I have to give this new Powerbook Pro to my 8-year old as the toy it is, for running movies and games. Or just use it for administration and internet needs. Updating all my software will be too expensive so I guess I will have to run my old computers to the bitter end and then retire to a cave in a remote place far from apps and modern, cool stuff.

  • Lazza

    You can always dual boot your PowerPC or Intel Macs with Ubuntu and run recent versions of Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus. There are some minor differences from the Adobe Suite, but if you say “they are still far more powerful than I need for my work” then they will be perfectly fine. :)
    You can run Firefox (at least at) version 5 and Midori (a webkit based browser) to surf. See here for more information: http://ubuntuforums.org/showth

  • Lazza

    You can dual boot Ubuntu on Intel and PPC Macs and get recent versions of Gimp, Inkscape and Scribus. There are some minor differences with the Adobe Suite, but I believe they will serve your needs quite well.
    Also, you will find a recent version of Firefox and Midori (a webkit browser) so you can surf the web easily. Adobe has not ported the Flash Player to PPC, but you can use tools like UnPlug to watch Youtube and Vimeo videos.
    See here for more information: http://ubuntuforums.org/showth

  • Wolfos

    Age of Empires 2 :( Tried a few other methods but none work. WINE is crap, VirtualBox/Win98 didn’t work. Mailed MacSoft (now Destineer Games) about it, I suggest everyone else does the same. I never chose to upgrade to Lion, my hard drive went corrupt and my Snow Leo disc didn’t boot.

  • Lazza

    You will find Avidemux and Kompozer when you dual boot Linux or install it in a Virtual Machine. And you will have a lot of other software, some of which can replace problematic ones. :)

  • Kenne Goldman

    Trying to run the Battle.net application for Diablo 3, unfortunately this is no longer possible. :(

  • Ashley1975

    I couldn’t agree more. You hit the nail right on the head with that observation. And with that decision to value greed over customer loyalty, Apple just hit the final nail in the coffin of my 16-year relationship  with them.

  • Ashley1975

    Yes, please!!

  • erikhnilsson


    I finally got my old applications running again, but it requires a second computer and an installation DVD for SL. If you bought a new Mac with SL preinstalled as I did, follow these steps:

    1. In Lion, divide the HDD in two partitions. Rename the new “disks” and call them for example “HD Lion” (where the preinstalled files are) and “HD SL” (where you want to install SL).
    2. Turn of your Lion computer (Computer 1). Reboot it while pressing the “T” key – your computer is now a target drive.
    3. Connect the Lion computer with a firewire cable to a computer that runs in SL (Computer 2). Verify that the two HD’s of your Computer 1 pop up. Load the installation DVD for SL in Computer 2 and follow the intructions. When the installation guide asks where you want to install SL, select “HD SL” of your target computer (Computer 1).
    4. When installation is finished, you ABSOLUTELY need to connect Computer 2 to the internet and go to software updates and upgrade to SL 10.6.8, otherwise it won’t work.
    5. Disconnect the computers and restart your new mac (Computer 1) while pressing the “alt” key – you will now be asked from which hard disk drive you want to boot. If you want to run old applications, you choose “HD SL” and your system will reboot in SL. If you want to run your system in Lion, you choose “HD Lion”.

    This worked for me, hope it will work for you too. The disadvantage is that your original HD will be split in two “halves”, but for me it is a minor problem since I store most of my stuff on external HDD’s and really don’t need that much internal storing capacity.

    Good luck!

    PS. For safety, you might wish to make a carbon copy of the HD of your new mac before you proceed – I never did, since I didn’t have any documents of my own stored yet and I really didn’t give a damn about Lion…

  • Lazza

    “How to run old apps on your Lion computer -> install Snow Leopard”. What a big deal. :P

  • Elizabeth Mavor

    Photoshop :(

  • Pengy Wright Junior

    Freehand 10 – so I haven’t upgraded to Lion from Snow Leopard. And Freehand 10 is more than enough my graphic design ever needs. More to the point I now won’t be switching the two other PC’s in my office to Macs – so Apple lost the sale of 2 new desktops, and I can never replace this existing system. Bad marketing!

  • Lazza

    What do you think about Inkscape?

  • Lazza

    You can always try Gimp. :)

  • Aaron Sours

    Ditto to a dozen of the ones above.  Quicken essentials bites.  One that hasn’t been mentioned is Sticky Brain which I used extensively and now like a number of old powerPC apps the compatible current version is pay only.  I estimated it would cost me almost 1400 extra dollars to update my powerPC apps (if they can be) and my information isn’t always preserved, not to mention the pain of using the “better” versions which are always inevitably dumber in a number of ways.  I am absolutely not OK with it and not willing to pay more for something that was free or that I had already paid for and was working just fine.  Doesn’t anyone know a way actually fix the problem?  It’s all software.  There had to be a way to make my mac get over itself and support Rosetta.

  • drvine

    I had already upgraded when I found out my Photoshop files are now tumbstones on my mac. I will miss the adobe package. What do you use instead of the Adobe Creative Suit Package?

    Thank you for all this wonderful info!

  • drvine

    becareful what you wish for has never been truer!

  • Lazza

     I suggest you open your PSDs in Gimp. Apart from the layer effects, you should be able to open and convert everything. :)

  • Armando Maestre

    Hi! Can I downgrade my Lion to Leopard again?

  • Colton Trigg

    I miss the N game. It was the greatest game ever.

    Oh well, now to runescape.

  • Mary Laiuppa


    I’ve still got Fishpad 2.0.1 running and I use it regularly. For a free app (well maybe I sent in $15?) it  is still the best ever.

    I’d love to find a substitute that will work in Lion as I need my iCal too and without the iCloud (which I do not like or trust) I’ll lose syncing my calendars on June 30.

    So how do I keep both iCal and Fishpad? I don’t know. Right now I’m considering copying and pasting everything in Fishpad and looking for another program that will do the same thing but work in Lion.

  • Mary Laiuppa

    Big problem!

    Yes, I still use Appleworks. I use it for the database component. I’ve been using that database for work files since it came out and there is nothing that will import those files or convert them. I just can’t rebuild all of that stuff. I don’t retire for another 4 years and I need them. I looked into it when iWorks came out and there is nothing I can do aside from rebuilding all of them with a new program and I’m just not doing that. I love the compatibility between the database, spreadsheet and doc program. I’m spoiled.

    Hell will freeze over before Apple adds a database to iWorks. It’s got everything Appleworks had that I use except the database. I can convert all of my docs to iWorks but not the database.

    I’m also really concerned about my graphics files. How do I know all of my graphics will still work in Lion.

    The iCloud is looking less and less appealing. I may just have to go back to carrying files back and forth with an external harddrive and USB drives if iDisk is gone.

    I am so not happy.

  • Mary Laiuppa


    I won’t be able to access some of the older files.

    What about when it says Universal but under 64 bit Intel it’s says No? Does that mean even though it’s Universal it still won’t work under Lion? That’s Microsoft Office. Not even that old. I will be pissed if I have to buy a new one again.

  • thinkingman

    Apple and I have a thirty year history. This will not make me abandon Apple, it would take something much worse than this (like allowing an iPad factory worker to die of aluminum dust inhalation, supposedly, or allowing others to commit suicide and/or be killed in the name of product development overseas?)—but still, agreed—not a particularly brilliant decision. Perhaps Rosetta should be open sourced and then released for public update to Lion compatible code. I use software that I wrote many years ago to this day, and this compatibility bump has definitely cost me some productivity, along with Lion’s other flaws. The situation seems to be improving, but for the most part, I believe that the imminent passing of Jobs when Lion was in beta, which ended up happening much later than they thought, had something to do with this decision being made.

  • Gem Barrett

    I’ve just found that I can’t play the Retrospec remake of Head Over Heels because it’s a Power-PC applications. As I’ve spent most of my 25yo life trying to complete this awesome game (spent my childhood playing it on an Amstrad), I have to say I’m absolutely bloody gutted. Guess HoH will forever be my “one that got away” :(

  • Mary Laiuppa

     I love my Canon i850 and am extremely resistant to replace it. I have not found one printer that pleases me more than my i850.

    Scanners I don’t care about. But I want to keep my i850.

    And my Roxio digital converter.

  • Mary Laiuppa

     Um. No.

    I’m still nursing along a duel Classic/ OSX tower.

    I use an older PPC laptop for work and my newer OSX.6 Snow Leopard at home. I need my Calendars synced and access to iDisk. The older laptop won’t upgrade to Lion and I can’t afford to replace it with a new laptop, nor buy Filemaker and convert my Appleworks Databases.

    Some of us just can’t afford that cheap $29 Lion upgrade.

  • Beau W

    Why did you even write this article? It’s like writing something with the title “So You’ve Contracted AIDS. Here’s What To Do About It” Then in conclusion, after a long winded explanation, saying: “Deal with it.”

  • Lazza

     Did you expect a magic way to “restore” Rosetta in Lion? I think the author of the article is not an alchemist, but you’re always free to not read the post. :)

  • Fravadona

    I just need DNAStrider 1.4, which has only been compiled for PPC arch (MacOS and OS X).
    The updated intel release (1.5) doesn’t do anything useful, and the “equivalent” software (ApE) doesn’t suite for proteins… I guess I’ll have to keep a lot of PPC computers to be able to run DNAStrider for the next 20 years :D

  • dragosh_36

    StarCraft BroodWar…… will just be a nostalgia for me….

  • MrPlops

    I can’t live without diablo II.

  • makdm

    The main reason I’m upgrading all our Macs to Lion is because MobileMe is ending and if you want to keep your info (i.e. calendars, bookmarks, etc) synced between computers you have to switch to iCloud, which only works on Lion– and not Snow Leopard. The upgrade to Lion is cheap and easy (despite the long download and install wait time) but now I’m finding I am forced to upgrade a few older, key apps. Microsoft Office 2004 no longer works in Lion, nor does Filemaker Pro 7. I admit it’s probably time for an upgrade on those versions, but that’s a lot of money to shell out just for 2 apps. I installed Open Office for Mac to use until I decide if MS Office is an absolute must-have, and I’m demoing Bento 4 vs. Filemaker Pro 12 to see which might be the better option for my needs now– $49 vs. $299. The big question is whether I can even import the old database into the cheaper Bento… chances are no.

  • jenbwpg

    I am trying to create a droplet in Photoshop CS5 and keep getting the PowerPC error message and tombstone slash through it. Any ideas?

  • William Brummond

    I’m on here because I can’t install my final cut studio pro 2 anymore. I took it off my old Mac to install it on my new one and come to find out it is powerpc. I know that there are a lot of new versions of final cut but for those that can’t spare that kind of cash again- can anything be done? Hope so…

  • MichaelLAX

    Install Snow Leopard (and Rosetta) into Parallels 7 in Lion. Complete installation guide here:

  • MichaelLAX

    Install Snow Leopard (and Rosetta) into Parallels 7 in Lion. Complete installation guide here:

  • MichaelLAX

    Quicken Deluxe 2002, and MS Word 2004 running in Snow Leopard in Parallels 7 in Lion:

  • Charles Buking Jr.

    Filezilla Client :-( how can I use you now on this effin Lion

  • Tom Atkinson

    Yeah Palm Desktop. and basically anything tied to some old hardware.

  • grandchildren3

    I naively upgraded to Lion from  Leopard and have lost my PowerPc files. I need those files.

    Being the neophyte I am after reading many forums on different sites it is my understanding that I am just out of luck. Is there anyway to work around the loss of Rosetta (whatever that is)?
    I am very upset with Apple for making my life miserable. I may even have to return to the PC.
  • LoveForLife

    I use Canvas X for my business and con not do without. Canvas stopped being advanced for mac by its maker http://www.acdsee.com . They do a Canvas 12 PC version but that is no good to me – I tried: fonts issues etc etc. my latest i5 mac mini does not allow Snow Lepard (only Lion can be installed), so I will get rid of that new mac mac and get an older one to keep my Canvas X running. Not interested in over-complicated and expensive CS5 – thanks. There are many apple mac Canvas enthusiasts out there crying right now, and I am sad nobody is listening….

  • jazzymom29

    I was a little rattled by the loss of Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. ugh. The upgrade to 10.7.4 also kept old versions of apps I didn’t understand, like Dashboard, Dictionary, etc., so now when I use LaunchPad there are two icons..the one on the left being the older one which is now incompatible.  good grief. don’t the programmers test this stuff first? I have been using a Dell desktop for years because of old, but necessary software programs for music composition and recording. Went with the iPhone since the get-go. Finally got a macbook pro and for the first time my contacts, appointments, and other sensitive data are finally backed up. Don’t mind these little quirks because not only am I starting from scratch but iCloud makes up for the loss of Microsoft in spades. The syncing is incredibly seamless, and the new scrolling is badass to the bone. I will miss you Dell. 

  • Eis357

    Diablo II :(

  • Samia Reen

    I think that when Apple created Lion, they allowed the DVD-Rom applications to still work, because my Rosetta Stone and Sims 2 still work, but they were installed before Lion came out. I recently tried installing them on my new MacBook Pro, but it doesn’t work because the installer is PowerPC. :-( I’m trying everything to get their installers to work…

  • BritishMac

    I’m sad to lose my If Monks Had Macs. A legend in the world of early Mac software

  • SeptimusFry

    Just got here, a bit late I suppose. I found that Le Grand Robert & Collins stopped working with a message about PowerPC apps… but I had had 3 yrs usefulness, so decided to treat myself to the latest version. Cut to the chase: the new version has same message and the publishers had been assured by the developers that it would not onlyl work on Lion but Mountain Lion as well. I hope they give me a free copy (when they have had it redeveloped) for letting them know that a market hole-in-the-road was ahead. In the meantime, thank goodness I still have my laptop PC with Wonders 7.

  • JuliaK

    Is there any way to get your Appleworks files restored after you made the mistake of downloading Lion?

  • JuliaK

    I called Apple tech support re: restoring Appleworks files after downloading Mountain Lion and I am able to retrieve some by right clicking and choosing “Open With” which is giving me some options. Pages, of course, is the logical choice, and then do a “Save As” so you will have it. Whew!

  • Angelica Machete Rodriguez

    Genetic softwares like GeneMapper, Sequencher… come on people these are important!!!!!!!

  • JaimesBeam

    For those people who say ‘buy new programs’…

    You don’t have a clue!!! Software programs are not one size fits all!

    There are many great programs that do not have
    suitable replacements. Especially games.
    Not to mention the $$$ cost of upgrading.

    Sure, if you do trivial work on your computer, you may be
    able to get by using any old program, but for people who
    use every feature of their beloved programs, a good replacement
    is hard to find, and sometimes impossible.

    I love Apple, but I’m seriously considering NOT UPGRADING!


  • lilith_stella

    well…i was searching for an intel kind of some games like the sims 2 or civilization… but i don’t think they exist…!

  • Jennifer Showalter

    Quicken and Nikon4 scan will be hard to do without. But the one to beat all is Appleworks database. I can not find any software comparable for under $500

  • Tomas Vich Cologan

    i realy need Cinema 4D, Can you help me?

  • chromomat

    tl;dr – HERES WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT i don’t know. maybe there’s an intel verion of the app. If not, you’re screwed. Oh, maybe you could, like run a virtualization of Snow Leopard. Yeah. But I didn’t try it, even though I wrote this article. – David W. Martin

  • NeilBaner

    My School Science Textbook! Groaaaaaan… now I have to use the online (read:horrible) version.

  • jomarie33

    I just bought Medal of Honor Allied Assault Warchest for my mac online. I was told it would work but now I’m getting the following error – PowerPC applications are no longer supported. I’ve been reading up on different things and I am hoping there’s a simple way of making it work on my Mac OS X – I’m assuming mountain lion version. I’m new to the mac family. please help. thanks! :)

  • Knut

    I was one of those stupid guys not aware of this before reading your article, after the Christmas upgrade to Lion. So, here I am, ready to work inside Movie Magic Scheduling, but the “tombstone” is killing my workflow. Any suggestions?

  • dangitsbethany

    Ok, if your Adobe applications are not working on Lion, that means your Adobe version is older than God considering CS3 works on Mountain Lion. And if you’re still holding onto a machine that is over 5 years old – that’s not an Apple issue. Think about how fast a dog ages in comparison to a human; and a computer ages even faster. You wouldn’t still be using a 6 year old Windows machine and expect it to be the latest and greatest, so why would you assume that about a Mac. Also, “Akmac” a quad core MacBook Air does not exist; therefore, it especially did not exist over a year ago. Also, the current version of Filemaker Pro, is 12. So in regards to your issue with FileMaker 6, see the above comments about CS3.

  • dangitsbethany

    @2mconsultants you do realize that AppleWorks is a 28 year old piece of software that has been unsupported for 9 years?????

  • mikegeordie

    Feeling nostalgic, I bought the first version of Splinter Cell and the original Ghost Recon. I’d played them when I first got my Mac back in 2006. Imagine my trauma when I found then no longer will even install. My solution? Do what I was going to do anyway, upgrade my now wheezing Mac to the new release model. But instead of selling my existing Mac, I’m going to keep it, reinstall it’s original software (Leopard) and while away some happy hours : )

  • rostasi

    I LOVE and use CoverStar 1.0.9 a LOT! It’s a CD and DVD artwork generator that uses filters and effects to make each cover unique. Uses personal images and .svgs in folders. There’s a random element for unique generation of front, rear and disc images. Imports from iTunes playlists. I’m still in 10.6.8 until this company revives…or someone else (re)creates the app.

  • Mac_Guyver

    Palm Desktop is a PPC product that was abandoned by a company that then went pfft… all in less than five years! But my life is in that database. Right now CompanionLink DejaOffice, the only reasonable migration path from my Palm Treo phone to an Android phone that allows sync to my Mac, still leaves the Palm Desktop as the Mac-side GUI to the synced data. Of course I can export to CSV files…

  • Mac_Guyver

    CompanionLink + DejaOffice has the feature that it will sync with the Android contacts on the phone. That means call and txt logs have the contact name in them. Then it can sync with Palm Desktop…on a PC but not a Mac (I think, see next paragraph). They can sync to other contact managers, but they don’t include one of their own (except for notes, txts and call log, I think).

    (It looks like CompanionLink requires 10.7, but Palm Desktop (a PPC app) only works up to 10.6, so I’ve asked CompanionLink support how that’s supposed to work.)

    B-Folders has applications that run on both the phone and your PC or Mac. But, the contacts aren’t synced with the native contacts on the android, as far as I can tell. They do have “phone” and “txt” buttons on each phone number, but I don’t think their contacts affect the call and txt logs as the native contacts do.

    I don’t want to sync through the Google cloud even tho Android likes that.

    Here’s a post about exporting Palm data and tweaking it to be compatible with other PIM software. http://nerdfever.com/?p=311 I’ve tried exporting a Palm contact with a note to vcf and then importing to Address Book; not a hard test but it worked (after replacing each “=0D=0A” with “\n”).

    I’ve had reasonable results with Missing Sync for the Palm on Mac OS X 10.6.8. Missing Sync for Android will sync with the Android contacts, calendar, call log and txt log on the phone side, and with Apple iCal and Address Book on the Mac Side. It works with Mac OS back to 10.5.6 (on Intel only). I haven’t used iCal and Address Book on my Mac, but I’m thinking of converting my Palm stuff to those Apple apps, then syncing them with the phone using Missing Sync.

  • Batty

    I was happy with snow leopard, but after buying a time capsule I had to upgrade to mountain lion for it to operate.. Imagine my dismay when I go to open my tax program (the reason I wanted the time capsule) to find the error message. My tax program is Erecord, it is no longer supported and when I follow the steps above to find out the “kind” it says Alias. Any ideas?

  • Gakusha

    I work for a non-profit educational organization. We turn out a publication on archaeological matters and decipherment of ancient inscriptions. Much of our research material was turned out on my Power Mac, then moved to my IMacPro. Now Apple has made it impossible to work in their new environment. That does not make sense to me. One terrible thing: our membership database was carried on Excel (which has disappeared. I have been with Apple since 1977 and Mac since it started. I have 40 years of research in this computer. I will try to move it a PC (also used in the editing process or try and put some life into my old tottery Power Mac, but this is a real smash in the face for an old Mac enthusiast. I love my IMac Pro. I’m running 7.5—if it is the culprit would it help to sag back into 6? Would I get back the programs stolen from me? That affects documents we’ve owned for years? Did Apple even consider this problem they are causing?

  • dwkinney

    Palm Pilot is extremely important to me. None of the alternatives are as good. I never would have wasted my money if I had been aware power pc would no longer be supported.

  • snow white

    MATLAB :(

  • Bob Guo

    diablo 2 is no more

  • LeonardoM

    I mean, is any programmer designing an app through which all ppc apps can run on an intel? Come on, they do wrappers for pc games to run on mac, why can’t someone be so kind to create what would be an amazing things??

  • Digital-Finger

    I use a £2000+ medical program that only runs on PPC macs and will also cost a lot to upgrade (when it finally comes – still waiting) but I also miss Riven and Myst etc which I never got to the end of but did enjoy more than anyother game out there. Can’t find anything like it now for Intel Mac (i.e. anywhere near as good)