Apple’s Supply Chain Prepares for iPhone 5 Launch This September… Along With iPad 3?


Foxconn Factory

Companies within Apple’s supply chain are currently preparing materials for the production of the iPhone 5, which they believe is likely to launch this September… but it may not be launching alone. Instead, it will be accompanied by the iPad 3.

According to a report from DigiTimes today, sources claim that Apple only plans to launch one new model of the iPhone later this year — as opposed to the rumored two — but will also be launching the iPad 3 around the same time.

The third-generation iPad was reportedly added to the production schedule “just recently,” and is set to enter production in small volumes in August, along with the iPhone 5. Production of both devices is then expected to increase through September and October.

According to the report, the list of “upstream component makers” who are preparing these devices, includes:

…Foxconn Electronics (Hon Hai Precision Industry), which is in charge of assembling the devices; Simplo Technologies and Dynapack International Technology, in charge of manufacturing batteries; TPK Holding and Wintek, in charge of touch panel modules; Catcher, in charge of chassis; and Largan Precision, in charge of webcams, are all expected to benefit from the orders.

iPhone shipments in the third quarter are expected to reach 24-25 million units, according to supply estimates, with 6-7 million of those being the iPhone 5. With the production of the iPad 3 expected to begin in August, supply estimates for Apple’s tablet are expected to reach 15 million units during the same quarter.

While we have previously heard rumors that Apple would release two iPads during 2011DigiTimes themselves reported just this time last month that Apple has begun the certification process for the third-generation device, but we shouldn’t expect the device to launch until at least 2012.

  • Todd_T

    I don’t know if anybody ever feel the same way that I do now, that I feel so tired of hearing the news of releasing of the new generation apple gadgets.  It’s not like I don’t like it. I love apple stuff.  But it’s just too much, too often, and too soon!!!

    Now I just feel like I should hold off my plan to buy a MacBook, iPad2, Ipod, etc., because the new ones are always coming out.. 

    Never ending cycle..

  • aramishero

    iPad 3 won’t launch… this is stupid rumor after all… iPhone 5, and iPod touch, iPod Nano will refresh…

  • Doug Bursnall

    iPad3 – not happening,

  • 300AShareMakesMeSmile

    I agree with you.  It is totally stupid to write about endless speculation of what Apple is going to release.  It’s not as though anyone is going to get a prize for being right or lose their job if they are wrong.  I’m an Apple shareholder and whenever they’re ready to release something, that’s up to them.  I’m not hanging on to every rumor like it actually matters.  Apple will eventually release newer products at some future point in time.  All companies do, so what’s the big deal?

  • David Bowman
  • Tim Pease

    That about sums it up :)

  • Mike Rathjen

    “Apple to start selling iPad4 some day. It’s better than the iPad3.”

  • Tom McGrath

    I’ve just ordered  the iPad 2, I highly doubt they’ll launch a new iPad as well. What about the iPods? Have we forgotten that they are launched in September?

  • E V

    Could you please stop using photos, such the picture you used for this blog post, depicting Asian people laboring away in sweat factories? Its disheartening, disrespectful and borderline inhumane. In doing so, the message you send is that people can / should be treated as slaves in labor camps (and you imply Western / Caucasian superiority). Please be more respectful to your fellow human.

  • Agree (with Alumnus)

    Please remember that in the USA, the whole patriotic thing is overblown. The Republicans tell us to buy ‘made in the USA’ and most people do. This in turn is supposed to generate jobs for Americans but it does not. The jailbird Jack Abramoff arranged so that goods made under sweatshop conditions on the Northern Mariana islands – a protectorate of the USA – were legally allowed to carry stickers that said “Made in the USA”. The companies were made huge amounts of profit, by paying sweat shop laborers ridiculously small amounts and making them work like slaves – and also got huge tax breaks by promoting Made in the USA… The picture is NOT an implication of Caucasian superiority, rather it paints the conditions under which a majority of the consumables we use and buy are made. Rather, the picture should be taken to show the profiteering and greed by the huge – mostly tax exempt – multinationals who are screwing the Asian worker, the local environment, and the American consumer…