This Jailbreak Hack Allows Up To Three Apps To Run Side-By-Side On An iPad



One of Windows 8’s key tablet features is the ability to run two apps on the same screen side-by-side. It’s a feature that iOS 5 has yet to adopt, but that hasn’t stopped one jailbreak dev from swiping the idea and creating a hack that can allow two or more iPhone apps to run side-by-side on any iPad. Sick.

Jailbreak dev Aaron Ash says that while the hack is more of a proof-of-concept then anything else right now, and not ready for public release, the tweak has promise if some bugs with the audio and accelerometer can be ironed out.

Even so, though, Aaron’s managed to live the dream and play two games of Angry Birds at the same time. He describes performances as good and usable, but obviously this depends a lot on the apps being run.

Right now, Aaron’s tweak maxes out at three apps, with four crashing the app. It has a lot of work to go yet, with Aaron forecasting a release within months.

Even so, this looks promising, but until Apple bakes side-by-side apps right into iOS’s DNA, I’m afraid hacks like this will be more for show than real productivity.

[via MacStories]

  • Tom McGrath

    Here’s my idea on split screen. It could work for things where you need to look at the internet, and look at a word processor, or something like that. I imagine then it would split the iPad in two, having slightly smaller sized apps running alongside each other. You could then double tap the home button, hold a currently running or app from the multitasking dock down until it wiggles, and then drag apps from the dock to the main screen – or vice versa – replacing the app that you drag it to. Hope you understand that, but as I am neither a graphic designer or a jailbreaker, I can’t really show you how it would work otherwise.
    I don’t imagine it would work as well with three apps, as that barely works well with a PC, but I suppose you could get three iPhone-intended apps to fit on the screen there. Although, playing Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds RIO all at the same time could be interesting, to say the least.