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Apple Might Be Preparing To Kill Off The White MacBook



Will the venerable white MacBook become a victim come Apple’s Mac OS X ‘Lion’ upgrade? Experts are calling ‘unusual’ constrained availability of the $999 MacBook in both the U.S., Europe and online, and with the $999 MacBook Air Apple’s new entry-level bread winner, some wonder if Apple will kill off the plastic MacBook line once and for all.

Although the MacBook’s departure is not certain, the entry-level hardware landscape is getting a bit crowded. Less than a year ago, Apple introduced the new MacBook Air with an entry-level of $999 price tag, included GeForce 320 graphics and Intel’s 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo processor. With even more capable Sandy Bridge MacBook Airs just around the corner may be the white MacBook’s successor.

The MacBook Air seems perfect for Apple’s push into Lion and iCloud. Along with being nearly custom-tailored for iCloud services, the MacBook Air now has entry-level pricing, but horsepower not found with the aging MacBook. For instance, an updated MacBook Air is expected to support the faster Thunderbolt technology, and Intel’s Sandy Bridge processors. Both technologies were also introduced with new iMacs and Mac Pros.

When introduced the MacBook Air is likely to arrive with an $899 price tag, as well as new technologies, further putting in question the reason for the white MacBook’s viability.

We are not likely to know the future of the white MacBook until after July 17, when Apple is expected to release Lion. The Cupertino, Calif. company is waiting for the software release before announcing any hardware refreshes.

What do you think? Has the plastic MacBook had its day in the sun? Is the MacBook Air the future? Let us know if you think the old girl has some life in her yet in the comments.