This Is What AT&T Wants To Charge You Every Month For Your LTE iPhone



Remember that Lulzsec hack the other day that showed that AT&T was already testing iPads on their next generation 4G network?

Well, there’s even more interesting information in the leak than that. Complete details about AT&T’s proposed LTE data plans make it clear that when Apple does release an iPhone or iPad 4G, prohibitive data caps, massive overage charges and automatically throttled bandwidth will be the rule of the day.

Starting at $30 and going all the way to $80 per month, here are AT&T’s proposed LTE data plans:

• For $30 per month, you get 5GB of data, with 7.0Mbps download speeds and 3.0Mbps upload speed. Go over your allotted data, though, and your speeds drop to 3.0Mbps down and 1.0Mbps up. Go over by a gig and your speed further drops to 500kbps down and up. 2GB over? You’re cut off, jack. That seems to be true even if you pay AT&T their overage charge of $0.05 per meg over, which is just extortionate.

• The $60 plan works similarly, except your download speeds are faster. For your $60, you get 10GB of data starting at 9.0Mbps down and 5.0Mbps up. Reach 10.5GB as a data cap, though, and your speeds drop to 3.0Mbps down and 1.0Mbps up. Hit 14GB and AT&T drops you to 500kbps down and up. Overage charges are again $0.05 per meg, but AT&T won’t actually suspend your account at any point.

• The $80 plan is the big boy. For that, you get 20GB of data, with 12.0Mbps download speeds and 7.5Mbps upload speeds. Hit 25GB and those speeds drop to 7.0Mbps down and 3.0Mbps up. Reach 30GB and, again, you see a drop in download speeds to 500kbps down and up. Overage charges are $0.05.

Granted, these are just proposed data plans, but I’m sure these numbers make a lot of people nervous. At first blush, AT&T’s LTE data plans seem to be reasonably priced, and we like the way you actually pay for faster tiers of service as well as more bandwidth, but one thing’s for sure: Ma Bell will expect you to stay within your data cap or else. The overage charge of $0.05 a meg is just shocking.

Looking at this leak, it seems that when Apple does release an iPhone or iPad with 4G LTE, that extra dose of speed means most of us will be watching out data caps even more closely, living in paranoid fear of that one errantly streamed Netflix video turning into a $500 AT&T overage bill.

There’s more information, including AT&T’s “speed boost” pricing and prepaid options, over at iFans.

What do you think? Are these prices you can live with for LTE on your iPhone? Let us know.

  • techgeek01

    Oh lovely.  Faster speeds so I can blow through my data caps quicker.

  • RilesPro

    burn in hell att

  • milanyc

    This is retarded. I’m keeping my $30 Unlimited LTE on Verizon. No caps, no throttling. Oh, and speeds of up to 57mbps:

  • Andrew DK

    Seems like AT&T over the past several years has consistently scaled back their data product for the same price. Less, for the same price. It’s the anti-innovator.

  • Jeff

    Welcome to the cloud. 

  • Joshua Curtiss

    I wouldn’t pay $80 for my landline Internet access. Why would I pay that for a single device. Outrageous pricing and the overage charges are reminiscent of their texting charges which are also beyond ridiculous.

  • Jeff

    That will stop soon too I’m sure. Rumours abound that Verizon will soon limit data, and while you might be grandfathered in for that, I am sure speeds will be throttled. 

  • milanyc

    We shall see.

  • quietstorms

    This is the effect of Google selling out net neutrality. The only way I’ll pay for the higher plans is to get rid of the cellular plan which no one needs.

  • imajoebob
  • Hrunga_Zmuda

    They are out of their minds.

  • Archer Sully

    At least on TMO when your cap you just lose speed. You don’t get charged extra.

  • SSD

    “Verizon Wireless plans to kick off pricing changes this summer by eliminating smartphone plans that allow unlimited Web access for a flat fee. It will replace them with tiered pricing that forces heavy data users to pay more for mobile data.”

  • joewaylo

    That’s pretty steep. $51.20 per extra gigabyte (1024 MBs x $0.05 each MB).
    It’s punishable enough that users were locked into 2GB for $25 which will be 5GB for $30.
    It’s even more punishable when you submitted tickets for months demanding service on areas that have faulty 3G. 3 years later and I have yet to even have service on bridges, basements, in a courtyard, and a few other places in metropolitan that I reported faulty coverage.

  • milanyc

    Sure, but that’s for new activations only. Current LTE smartphone users get grandfathered into the contract. Time to sign up before 07/07/11 lol.

  • OEB

    Why not charge $100 bucks a meg for overage?  I mean, if you are gonna rape us AT&T why not just stop beating around the bush and really bust some ass?

  • John Ramirez

    ridiculous prices, I am an apple lover but fuck that.

  • Mike Rathjen

    AT&T needs to bring simplicity back. Digital One Rate was simple, and a great success for them.

    I can only hope one day they do the same for data.

  • James Jenkins

    Uh, yea… I am ready for same money twice the gigs… at twice the speed

  • quietstorms

    Look at the trend though. AT&T implements something first and Verizon is soon to follow. Don’t forget that it was Google & Verizon that teamed up to write the rules that effectively destroyed net neutrality.

  • djrobsd

    no thanks i’ll stick with my grandfathered unlimited 3g plan.. i don’t see any need on my iphone to download at THOSE speeds… The processor in the phone probably won’t be able to keep up.. much in the same way that the 5400 RPM hard drive in my 2011 Macbook pro couldn’t keep up with the 30mbps download speeds from my cable company or the 100mbps speeds i get at work, so I got an SSD :) 

  • milanyc

    “Those speeds” Is up to 12mbps for $80 too fast for your processor? c’mon now.
    Single core phones on Verizon’s LTE network handle 57mbps just fine today.

  • milanyc

    Except it looks like Verizon will implement LTE tiered data on July 7th, but true, I see where you’re going. It would be nice to have more carriers offering similar network performance as Verizon so for once consumers benefit.

  • Kevin Olson

    They can shove there LTE up their @$$, for the time being I am fine with 3G and they will have to pry my unlimited plan out of my cold dead hands.  The one thing that would keep me from upgrading my iPhone is if the force new plans on us.

  • Jdsonice

    Maybe there is no LTE iphone in my future :-)

  • turley Muller

    That document was produced in November 2009 so that pricing info is meaningless. 

    10GB & 20GB plans? currently 99% user consume less than 2GB. 80% less than 200MB. Nobody would use them. 

    This info was before AT&T rolled out tiered plans last summer, and before AT&T decided to extend 3G evolution to HSPA+ (which it calls 4G) before going directly to LTE. In addition, the T-Mobile merger would change many variables. LTE won’t be widely available from AT&T for a long time. The overage fees are old as AT&T changed their data billing policies last year, so I higlhy doubt that AT&T would reinstate a policy from years ago. Currently, AT&T charges $25 for 2GB and $10 for each additional 1GB in overage.  

  • mdcourier

    AT&T will be the death of the iPhone, I’m doing so much on the iPad why bother with an high priced phone…..??  The IPad with a cheapo Nokia might just work fine.

  • imajoebob

    Easy reference guide:

  • Soo Griffin

    Screw u AT&T. Definitely not going to upgrade to a “4G” phone anytime soon. Their tiered data plans they have now are so messed up. $15/mo for 200 mb or $25/mo for 2GB? Wow. How about you do 1 GB/2GB? 200 mb isn’t jack. Just another way for them to automatically get $25/mo from u if you plan on doing any surfing on your phone. This contract end date needs to hurry up and get here.

  • Wes

    “most of us will be watching out data caps even more closely” Another Brownlee article where he doesn’t proof read his stuff. As an English major, this highly annoys me. I loved the article and the prices are absurd! But C’mon John, your typos are an insult to the English language and you really need to read your work.

  • Vanillacide

    As an English major, this annoys me highly.

  • James Groom

    Try living in Australia we pay a load more the you guys do. If I wanted 12GB on my plan id have to pay an extra $60 on top of my $99 cap already.. Consider yourself lucky that you don’t live in Australia and pay what we pay.. Even our internet is more then in the US

  • verdeone

    Did you mean does “not” proofread?  Also, check your comma usage before you jump on someone else.  Two independent clauses joined by a conjunction are separated by a …

  • Ryan Collins

    I’m disgusted at an overage charge in excess of $50 per gigabyte. That’s horrible. I’ll stick with the grandfathered $30 unlimited 3G. It’s fast enough not to need to pay out my ass. 

  • jayoen

    You do realise that the prices mentioned in the article above are for DATA only? So those prices are also added on top of existing call/sms plans.

  • Wayne_Luke

    Shrug. I use my iPad quite extensively and while I have the unlimited 3G plan on it currently, I haven’t gone over 2 GB in a month. My wife has an iPhone with a 2GB plan and rarely hits 500 MB on it. She uses it for everything these days. However both devices automatically switch to WiFi whenever we’re near a hotspot. They seem to be everywhere these days. Even the supermarket provides free WiFi these days.

  • Aaron Tasha Webster

    That works out sometimes but when you work for a company who’s IT department were recruited from communist china you gota rely on cellular data sometimes. Yuck!

  • CharliK

    The 3g plan is $25 for 2gb. So for $5 more I get 3gb more. sounds a lot better to me. And you can use wifi in a lot of places so there might not be any overages to deal with. 

  • Christian Park

    AT&T… I like to be wined and dinned before I’m Fucked!

  • Eddie Sotto

    Wait till the fab iCloud starts pushing all those docs and last 1000 images back and forth to all your devices. You wanna see the data number jump, try syncing all that stuff every time you take a picture. No one is talking about this BTW. iCloud will be a data hog.

  • Jennifer Bailey

    I wonder if the grandfathered unlimited/$30 month people will remain the same as they have been?

  • Ciccio Willy

    In Europe we always had  overage datacharges..
    about 0.50€ per MB!!!!!

    So Usa have better deal!

  • James Groom

    Ah yes that is true.. Suppose Australia aint too bad.. Do most of them still do charging for Sending and Receiving SMS’s? If so that’s really screwed up.

  • jayoen

    Not sure, I live in Australia too! Haha. 

  • ____

    I would like to see them announce their pricing before even considering their merger with tmob.  I would like them to freeze pricing for a set duration if they are given approval.

    Actually, I would like to see them rollout their “4g” and flameout as they did with their epic fail 3g.

  • Brian

    Can we please stop referring to AT&T as Ma Bell??? Verizon is Ma Bell too.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    As the sites resident Brownlee basher it annoys me when someone bashes on Brownlee before I do. Come on people back off and let me do my job.

  • iHate_Is_Back

    Googles assinine move on net neutrality never surprised me. Why do you think I refer to Google as The Great Evil? Don’t be evil mantra my hairy ass.

  • fail

    damn, I was going to switch to ATT from Verizon(they are going to do the same thing in 2 days 7/7) now i don’t know what to do.

  • Daniel Crosby

    It’s nearly a month past the date that Verizon switched to charging out the ass for tiered data plans, and I still have my unlimited data plan. Still 30 bucks

  • David Austin Stephens

    For me it’s moot. I live in a small town in West Texas which doesn’t have even 3G. AT&T in Texas at least (but not in NM) doesn’t bother with even 3G if the SMSA is less than 100K people. If you don’t live in at least a small city, AT&T treats you like a red-headed stepchild and I’m going to bail on AT&T regardless.

    I’ve been in downtown AUSTIN when 3G wasn’t available. No one who has ever had AT&T can help hating them.