Famous iPhone Jailbreaker GeoHot Has Been Hired By Facebook For Top Secret Project



iPhone and PS3 hacker extraordinaire George Hotz, also known as GeoHot, has gone establishment, but the Limera1n hacker wasn’t scooped up by Apple or Sony: instead, the famously anti-establishment jailbreaker is now employed at Facebook. Say what?

Details are slim on the ground, but Hotz apparently started working at Facebook on May 9th, but has only now been confirmed by Facebook. They are being super secretive about what Hotz is actually working on.

A lot of people think he’ll be put to work on mobile development at Facebook, but that doesn’t make much sense to me: he’s a hacker, not a traditional programmer. To me, this implies that Facebook is working on actual smartphone hardware and operating system software that they want to make damn sure can’t be hacked by any punk kid who comes around, and what better way to guarantee that your OS is secure than by hiring the best smartphone hacker around to try to punch holes in your system?