Bungie’s Halo Prequelizing Marathon Series Coming Soon To iPad



Remember Marathon? If you’re a long-time Mac user, sure you do: back in the early 90s, Bungie’s sci-fi FPS series was the one shining light illuminating the Steveless Dark Ages of Macintosh gaming. Even if you’re only a recent convert to Mac, though, you’re probably familiar in a roundabout way with Marathon: it takes place in the same universe and is the direct prequel to Bungie’s bestsellingHalo series for the Xbox 360.

Either way, we’ve got great news for any Apple gamer. Marathon’s coming back… this time for the iPad.

Although there’s already an incredible port of the Marathon series for Macs and PCs (with the whole Marathon trilogy available for free downloads as well), Marathon for iPad would be the first time Bungie’s fantastic series came to the App Store.

According to Bungie.net, the iOS port is a one-man project by indie iOS dev Daniel Blezek, who began porting the series to iOS back in 2010. A whole new interface has been grafted onto the game to make sure it plays nicely on iPad.

Best of al? Marathon for iPad will be free. That should include the entire trilogy of games. Can’t beat that price.

Marathon for iPad should be hitting the App Store soon, possibly as early as this week. We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, anyone out there have fond memories of playing Marathon on their classic Macs? Tell us about the deathmatches that once were in the comments.

  • Chris Brunner

    iOS already has the other mobile gaming companies scared. Nobody does games for free, well except for iOS!


  • Kate MacBean

    I love how Microsoft/XBOX get credit for Halo. Bungie released it for the Mac, then Microsoft bought it and stopped Mac production. For all the crap people talk on the Mac about gaming, it’s easy to do when Microsoft purchases and then stops production on otherwise successful Mac games. 

  • Jerry

    They’re Everywhere! (The cry of the colonists in the original Mac game).  Just for nostalgia alone, this is great news.  I remember playing Marathon on my LC575. 

  • gareth edwards

    coool! I remember playing this at Uni in my third year about a hundred years ago.

  • Mike

    Very excited! I did want to point out however that the Marathon series isn’t actually a prequel of Halo, and they don’t exist in the same universe. Marathon certainly inspired Halo, but Halo wasn’t a sequel.

  • Dilbert A

    Bungie was going to release it for the Mac, but they were purchased. the needed a primer title for the original Xbox. It was a good buy.

  • Hampus

    Hmm last time I check it wasn’t a prequel or in the same universe as Halo…
    There are several similarities.

  • Kate MacBean

    I didn’t say it wasn’t smart of Microsoft. You can still buy Halo 1 for the Mac. I have it and I beat it. Microsoft is just a bunch of tards for stopping production on a good Mac game. 

  • MacGoo

    Hopefully this is an authorized port, or Apple may not allow it through the approval process… *edit* Oops. Source was bungie.net. Guess it IS authorized, and I can resume being stoked. That is all.

  • Dilbert A

    OK, I hear ya.