New Weather-Resistant iPhone Bicycle Case from Bracketron



We haven’t seen too many manufacturers come out with a weather-resistant iPhone bicycle mount (what, no iPhone users ride bicycles in Seattle? C’mon, people). Luckily, Bracketron just announced their All-Weather Soft Case Bike Mount. In this case, the name literally says it all.

The A-WSCBM attaches to your bike’s handlebars via a quick-release mount, is height adjustable and has a ball-swivel for fine-tuning the iPhone’s position. Your iPhone then zips up snug into the detachable case. If you want one, they’re available now for $40 direct from Bracketron, or from REI in July.


  • Scott Edwards

    I have just ridden 5000k’s with sealed zipper luggage on my motorbike and at best its shower to medium shower proof its not heavy rain or storm proof, so buyer be warned keep a zip lock bag in your pocket incase it starts to bucket down.

  • “fanbois”

    No thoughts on the case but having the bar-ends turned up like that is just WRONG. Ugh.

    I guess that makes me a bike snob.

  • Chris Brunner

    I’d love to find one of these things that works with my rubber iPhone cover! It seems like the aftermarket products make all docks etc. incompatible.


  • Alexander Slovtsov

    Neat case, but actually iPhone cannot run with GPS and display enabled more than several hours. When you’re on a bike you need at least 10 hours, at least for me ;)


    You must not be generating much pedal energy ’cause it sounds like with 10 hours of spinning your wheels you should have plenty to power that puny device without any problems.