Facebook Changes Its Mind On A Native iPad App


  • fuzzboxer

    “Facebook’s desktop site works just fine for me on my iPad.”

    You’re joking right? Not sure what Facebook site you’ve been using, but it’s not a “just fine” experience for me and everyone else I know that has an iPad.

    I, and many of my friends, welcome a Facebook iPad app.

  • Barelyabsolut

    Facebook will die soon. 

  • Phil

    ur shitting me lol

  • Redsabr

    About bloody time!! The regular site works fine on Mobile Safari, EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT THERE IS NO CHAT!!!!! 

  • Yasaswy Nagavolu

    Seriously that is the future.. an analogy to all the roads built in this world.. it’ll be like the transport system to internet..

  • minimalist1969

    Got to agree with fuzzboxer.  Facebook on the iPad is a huge turd.   Text is minuscule, touch targets are too small, buttons designed for mouse-over are maddeningly difficult to activate, and there is absolutely no photo function whatsoever.  

  • aramishero

    If Facebook still not friend with Apple… I believe Apple will create another new Social Network to kill Facebook. with iCloud all in 1 platform…

  • martinberoiz

    you mean like Ping?

  • Derek Stephens

    I totally disagree. FB on iPad thru Safari is trash. I find myself searching for my MBA or iPhone to use FB. I have the Friendly app but it’s very glitchy. The best FB app remains Flipboard

  • Guest

    I like MyPad app (I use the free version with ads… And i dont think ill change it for the official app… Once I love the fact the interface is like a mirror from twitter app, that clean and functional….) and web version really dont work on iPad… U need a stylus for clicking, cant use chat nor upload images and sometimes get annoying so many double-clicks for zooming so you can read the website,,,,