New Chrome Feature Prevents Those Didn’t-Mean-To-Quit Blues



We’ve all done it. Half-way through a marathon browsing session, with 15 tabs open in this window and another 24 open in the window behind, and you tap Command+Q when you intended to just close one tab with Command+W.

Pow! Your browser quits and you have to wait for it to restart and re-load all those tabs again. So. Annoying.

The latest version of Google Chrome has a new feature to prevent this. If you type the Command+Q command, it flashes up a little alert.

Refreshingly, it doesn’t say “Are you sure you want to quit?” Instead, it just says that if you really want to quit, you need to hold down on Command+Q for a few seconds. This is great, because if quitting the application was your intention to start with, you don’t need to let go and try again. But if you want to keep browsing, all you have to do to prevent the quit is take your fingers off the keyboard.

To activate this new feature, go to the Chrome menu and select “Warn before quitting”.