Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Chopping It Up [Vintage Photo]



One look at this vintage pic of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates from the early days of each man’s career says a whole lot about the ultimate trajectories of both their businesses and their customers, dont’cha think?

The original provenance of the photo is unknown, though it clearly predates the historic conversation the two tech titans had at the All Things D conference in 2007.

From the looks of it, we’ll hazard a guess here it’s from a visit Gates made to Jobs’ California home back when the battle between Microsoft and Apple was more of a fair fight. What do you think?

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  • Sheila Autrey Etheridge

    and clearly before the black turtleneck

  • K3V1Nbot

    Thats a good pic actually :)

  • Tom McGrath

    Job’s house looks quite cool, he’s got a good chair as well. :)

  • Dreamgrifter Films

    Like Spider Man, his suit turned from red to black and crept upwards.  Meh, I got nothin.

  • Junk3124

    Jobs wasn’t bad looking when he was young….Gates…lol, he probably had a rough time in highschool.

  • Bigtoh

    Photo: July 21, 1991, (George Lange/Getty Images) for Fortune Magazine, interior Steve’s old Jackling mansion. If Gates hadn’t passed on NeXT, would Marc Andreessen written Mosaic, started Netscape?

  • martinberoiz

    a couple of Eames lounge chairs? I love those chairs =)

  • Alexander530

    They looked like they just broke up or something.

  • dale2000

    The original promo photo for “I’m a Mac, and I’m a PC.”

  • Romain Moisescot

    This is a picture from the “10 years of the PC” issue of Wired taken in July 1991 at Steve’s Woodside mansion.

  • Thomas

    There are some magnificent pictures of the Jackling Mansion by Jonathan Haeber, taken before it was recently torn down, here:

  • Jordan Clay

    They have chairs just like these, and probably from the same era in the VW dealership around here. I love ’em and I always set in them when i’m around that place

  • Arne

    Gates is actally sitting on feet stool of the famous Eames lounge chair.

  • pixelbud

    Gates is sitting in the Ottoman of the chair :)

  • firesign

    The angle makes Gates look like a giant and Jobs very small. I wonder if that was intentional? ;)

  • Rann Xeroxx

    Those are Herman Miller Eames chair and ottoman.  My company :) We also make the Aeron chair.

  • Rann Xeroxx

    Those are Herman Miller Eames chair and ottoman.  My company :) We also make the Aeron chair.