Check Out Simspons Creator Matt Groening’s 1989 Apple Student Guide [Hilarious Gallery]



Back before The Simpsons and Futurama were even glimmers in his eye, Matt Groening did some contract work for Apple Computers. The result was this 1989 Apple Student’s Guide called Who Needs A Computer Anyway?, which features many of Groening’s Life in Hell characters. Check it out!

What’s funny to me about this guide is actually how little any of these supposed computer archetypes actually resembles the kind of hip, fashionable user we currently think of as a Mac owner…. although I suppose the Technoid (on page 2 of our gallery) looks a bit like Steve Jobs.

Tell us which of the Groening stereotypes below are you?

  • Stephen Brain

    The Simpsons began in 1987.

  • Christopher Santos

    Actually it wasn’t, in 1987 they started airing the shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, the tv series only started in December 17, 1989.

  • CharliK

    Stephen didn’t say the Simpson’s stand alone show. He just said the Simpsons. Which you just said were started, in shorts form, in 1987. 

    Thus making John’s comment ‘before the Simpson’s’ wrong. 

    Hell given that it takes almost a year to actually produce an episode, Matt probably had thought up the series well before he wrote those drawings even if you if ignored the shorts. 

  • Aang

    I was a freshman in college with a just purchased Mac SE/30. The guy at the special Apple promotion at the Union gave me a Life is Hell t-shirt that went with the promotion.

    I wore it every week, right after laundry day.

    Miss the shirt, miss the SE/30….

  • William Noetling

    I just listed one on eBay:

  • Filip Körling

    Had “The Stressed” in my college dorm room, all those years ago… 
    Now get to work!