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Stage An Opera On Your iPhone With This Fun Game [Review]

Show must go on

Not many opera companies have ventured on to the App Store, but London’s Royal Opera House has and the result is something unexpected: not a listings app, not a tickets app, not anything you’d normally associate with opera. It’s a game. And it’s great.

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Opera Update Promises Faster Browsing on iOS

Opera icon

Opera has finally released Opera Mini 6 for iOS for iOS, with a bunch of very welcome new features.

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Opera 11 Beta Brings Native Click To Flash, Incredible New Tab Stacking Features

Safari, Chrome and Firefox might be the most talked about browsers on OS X, but Opera’s still chugging along and pushing the envelope where it can in the ultra-competitive browser space, and the first beta for the Opera 11 version manages some tricks that even the big three haven’t managed yet.

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WTF App Of The Week: Beijing Opera Facial Makeup Lite


You’ve always wanted to paint your face up like a singer at the Beijing opera, right?

No? You sure?

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