iOS concept brings joy of Windows to iPad


Windows could change work on the iPad.
Windows could change work on the iPad.
Photo: Steve Troughton-Smith

iOS 9 finally brought split-screen views to the iPad, but it’s still not nearly as useful as the windowed multitasking views you get on a Mac. Developer Steve Troughton-Smith has come up with a much better solution with a new proof-of-concept called iOS window management that would bring the joy of working in a windows environment to the iPad.

Apple already has the foundation built thanks to UIKit. It only took Troughton-Smith 500 lines of code to build the concept with the UIWindow subclass, allowing individual app screens to be resized an overlaid on top of each other.

Check out the concept video:

iPhone 7 concept shows thintastic future without headphone jack


And the ugly camera bulge is gone too.
Photo: Eric Huismann

Designer Eric Huismann has an an awesome idea of what the iPhone 7 might be like. It’s one that supports recent rumors. Get ready, because if he concept design ever becomes reality, your next iPhone might be missing one crucial hardware feature: the headphone jack.

Fullscreen iPhone 7 concept runs iOS 10


iPhone 6s is a terrific smartphone, but fans are already bored of it.
Could future iPhones get rid of the bezel?
Photo: Jim Merithew/Cult of Mac

We’re around seven months away from the first glimpse of iOS 10 and almost one year from the launch of the iPhone 7, but since when has that been enough to stop forward-looking Apple fans?

With that in mind, designers at DeepMind (not the AI company Google acquired last year) have put together a nifty concept video showing a next-gen Apple handset, running a future version of iOS, optimized for a bezel-less iPhone.

Check it out below.

If Apple made a flip phone, it’d look something like this


A dual-screen iPhone wouldn't be such a bad idea.
A dual-screen iPhone wouldn't be such a bad idea.
Photo: Martin Hajek

Apple started a smartphone revolution with the introduction of the original iPhone in 2007, but despite the rise of high-powered phones, people in Japan are still clinging to their flip phones.

The closest Apple ever got to making a flip phone was the disastrous Rokr the company developed in partnership with Motorola, so concept designer Martin Hajek decided to reimagine what it would look like if Apple made a flip phone just for the Japanese market. The concept Apple flip phone comes with two screens — one for typing and another for content — as well as an obligatory lanyard and three color options.

Take a closer look:

This Nintendo phone concept would totally convert me to Android


Would you buy this Nintendo phone concept?
Would you buy this Nintendo phone concept?
Photo: Curved

Nintendo has been incredibly slow to embrace mobile gaming, but this Wii M concept design has me wishing the company would get serious and make their own smartphone.

This mockup is so beautiful I think I’d gladly give up my eight-year membership in the iPhone club to have a portable gaming device like this at all times.