Gorgeous concept video adds Touch Bar to iPhone 8


iphone 8 concept with touch bar
Would Touch Bar make sense on the iPhone?
Photo: ConceptsiPhone/YouTube

The next iPhone likely won’t be out for at least another seven months, but that hasn’t stopped one Apple fan from dreaming up a gorgeous ad for the upcoming device.

Apple is expected to make the bezels thinner than ever on the 2017 iPhone which is rumored to feature a number of new upgrades. The Concept iPhone YouTube channel created a fake ad that shows how Apple might utilize the extra space by turning the home button section into a Touch Bar.

Check it out:

In the concept video, the speaker has moved to the very top to the device. It looks like the front camera either magically shoots through the display or has been removed so you can’t shoot selfies.

It’s an interesting idea, but I’m not sure how home button would work either if it’s a part of the display.

What will be new in iPhone 8?

Previous rumors have claimed that the next iPhone will have a glass in the front and the back with a stainless steel band sandwiched in between. One report has claimed the dual-lens camera will be reconfigured so that the telephoto lens sits below the wide angle lens instead of beside it.

Other new iPhone features may include wireless charging, improved camera sensors, a faster A11 processor, improved waterproofing and more. Apple usually unveils its iPhone lineup in September, so there’s still plenty of time for all of the rumors to be wrong.

  • acslater017

    Nice render but not a well thought out design at all. Why would you both keep the physical home button and make it into part of the touch screen? The Home button arbitrarily becomes “crop” in Photos? Developers have to design their UIs to accommodate a physical circle at the bottom of every screen?

    The whole point of the Touch Bar on a MBP is that you’re resting your hands parallel to the work surface and it augments the physical keyboard with a flexible input. A touch screen augmented with another touch area beneath it – and a button dead center – is just inane. Mindless merging of things.

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  • Ajustes

    Eu acho interessante a ideia de ter uma tela completa, na frente do aparelho, e ainda manter o Touch ID apenas com uma saliência no vidro. Legal!

  • CemKarahan

    The home button is placed too low, wouldn’t be comfortable to use. I really don’t beleive that Apple would go with such a placement.