Bendy concept imagines a flexible iPhone 8


Would a foldable iPhone be useful?
Would a foldable iPhone be useful?
Photo: ConceptsiPhone

The iPhone 8 is expected to be Apple’s most beautiful device ever, but a new concept imagines what it would be like if it was also the most indestructible smartphone.

A flexible screen like the one seen in the video below would come with some big benefits, like the ability to wrap the iPhone around your wrist. Or it could be used as a curved screen for VR viewing.

Check out the neat demo:

The real iPhone 8 is expected to make its debut this fall. Early rumors suggest it will have a nearly bezel-free curved OLED display. Alleged leaked parts from China appear to confirm the new device will feature glass panels in both the front and back.

Other new iPhone 8 features may include wireless charging, a vertical dual-lens camera array, Touch ID embedded into the display, 3D cameras and much more.