Apple Watch concept is a wrist-mounted life remote


Berr's design is one of the best Apple Watch concepts we've seen.
Berr's design is one of the best Apple Watch concepts we've seen.
Photo: Adrian Berr

When it comes to Apple Watch concepts, they tend to be conservatively similar to the current Apple iteration of its wrist computer.

Adrian Berr has come up with a new concept for an Apple Watch that actually takes the concept further: it looks like an Apple Watch, just evolved.

Instead of trying to replicate all the function of an iPhone, this concept is more like a wrist-mounted remote control for your life.

Detroit-based design student Berr came up with this idea — which channels a digital-style location icon in shape — after some extensive research into use cases for a wristwatch computer for a high-school project.

This Apple Watch concept offers both on- and off-wrist capabilities as it takes into account the various ways we might want to use such a diminutive computing device. The resulting prototype is 5 mm thin and about the size of a half-dollar with a little notification light on the outside rim to let you know you’ve been pinged. The plan is for a built-in 2 megapixel camera, a retina display, and a dual-core A7 chip to power through anything.

Berr also wants to see Touch ID enabled functionality, as well as the ability to charge with either a mag-safe Macbook charging cable or regular USB. It’s designed to interact with Nest thermometer and Hue lights with a simple swipe around the outside edge of the display, too.

Ultimately, this is just a concept, but it’s just gorgeous enough and packed with useful features that we’d be hard pressed to not advocate for Apple to check out Berr’s work when looking at the next real Apple Watch.

Source: Adrian Berr/Behance
Via: Yanko Design