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Here’s What A Waterproof iPhone 6 With Wireless Charging Could Look Like [Video]


With WWDC less than a month away, we’ve seen a ton of designers come out with their visions for what iOS 7 might look like, but the next iPhone has been ignored.

Concept designers Uygar Kaya and Ran Avni have a new video for the iPhone 6 that gives it a slimmer profile, waterproof coating, wireless charging, a notification LED, and more. It’s one of the sleekest iPhone 6 concepts we’ve seen yet, but would Apple actually add those features? Guess we’ll have to wait till 2014 to find out.

Check out the concept video below:

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Draw This App Teaches You To Draw, Step-By-Step

We all know how to draw the "Marvel way," right? Step 1: some lines; a skeleton for your figure. Step 2: ovals and circles, pencilled in to show the head, limbs and body. Step 3: The amazing, finished, inked-and-colored result. Congratulations: You’re now Jack Kirby.

Peterson Hamilton’s Draw This App aims to help out with step two-and-a-half.

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Those Greasy Finger Swipes On Your iPad Screen Make For Great Abstract Art [Gallery]


Not only is your iPad the greatest time-killer of all-time, but while you’re busy playing games, writing emails, taking pictures, and tweeting, you’re also creating some abstract artwork with each tap and swipe.

Artists Andre Woolery and Victor AbiJaoudi noticed that each iPad app reveals a different pattern of swipes and taps that form a unique piece of artwork. In their collaboration series called Invisible Hieroglyphics, the duo highlight all of the hidden masterpieces you never knew you were making, by tracking the gestures and swipes on the iPad screen and translating them into artwork on acrylic glass you can hang on your wall.

Here’s a look at some of the invisible paintings you create everyday:

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Griffin’s Amazing Crayola Light Marker for iPad Lets Your Kid Paint With Light

Griffin’s Amazing Crayola Light Marker for iPad Lets Your Kid Paint With Light

It won’t let your kid paint with light in the traditional, photographic sense — using a light source to burn magical images into a photograph.

Instead, Griffin’s new Crayola Light Marker turns an iPad into a canvas that’s transformed with light — a form of light painting, and just as magical.

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What The iPhone Will Look Like In The 22nd Century [Image]


Artist Maico Akiba takes everyday gadgets and then imagines them as they would look if dug up from a landfill a hundred years from now. This is what Akiba thinks the iPhone 3G will look like in 2107.

Got to say, I’m skeptical the screen will hold up that well. There’s more art by Akiba at the link below.

13-Inch Wacom Cintiq Will Go Great With Your 13-Inch MacBook Air

Wacom has announced a new baby Cintiq graphics tablet. The new 13-inch model joins the plus-sized 22 and 24-inchers in the lineup, and will let travelling designers and artists work on the go.

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This Crazy Steve Jobs Portrait Was Made By Injecting Paint Into Bubble Wrap [Image]


Bubble wrap is one of the funnest creations man has ever invented. Not only does it keep your valuables safe from the nefarious hands of postal workers, but it’s fun as hell to pop between your fingers.

Bradley Hart is obsessed with bubble wrap too, except rather than destroying it like the rest of us, Hart creates incredible portraits by painstakingly injecting paint into each little bubble. The results are pretty amazing. He created the Steve Jobs portrait you see above, but he’s got a lot of other artwork you can browse through over on his personal website too.

Pogo Connect Is A Pressure Sensitive Pen For Your iOS Artwork [Review]

Pogo Connect: great for iPad art or Harry Potter LARPing

Pogo Connect: great for iPad art or Harry Potter LARPing

With features like Bluetooth 4 connectivity, hundreds of levels of pressure sensitivity, and a built-in undo button, the Pogo Connect Pen (currently about $79 $62 on Amazon) sounds like an amazing drawing and painting tool for your iPad or iPhone.

Question is, how’s it perform in real life? I took it for a test drive to find out.

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Let’s Get Physical: Artist Renders Touch Gestures In Wood And Plastic

Fact: I was once taking some notes about an exhibit in a gallery/museum in Berlin and a guard told me to stop using my cellphone. It was in fact an iPod touch, but whatever – try explaining that to a German security guard when you can’t speak German.

If I’d been in Gabriele Meldaikyte’s art exhibit, though, I could have continued pinching, tapping, swiping (and giving the finger to the guard) without even touching my “phone.” How? Interactivity.

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Photos To Art Turns Instagram Images into Real Art

Photos To Art Turns Instagram Images into Real Art

My self-portrait with a Soho Black frame, and right, virtually superimposed alongside a print at the local Starbucks.

C’mon, who among us hasn’t snapped a photo on Instagram and thought “wow, that’d look great on my wall” — I know I have. So came up with Photos to Art, a slick app that painlessly, almost magically transform your digital snapshot into a piece of art — all you need to provide is some money and a bit of imagination (and they’ll even help you with that last one).

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