Amaziograph: Draw Spirographic Kaleidoscopic Patterns Right On Your iPad



Amaziograph really is amazio-ing. Do you remember the Spirograph, the plastic, cog-based drawing tool that lets you come up with all kinds of psychedelic geometric designs using paper and pens? Or the kaleidoscope, the favorite freakout kids toy of bong-smokers the world over?

Well, imagine that you could somehow combine the two into a smoke-free, drug-free (and more importantly, paper-free) app for the iPad. That app would be Amaziograph, a $1 drawing tool developed by 15-year-old Bulgarian high-schooler Hristo Staykov.

The app works just like a painting app, only each line you draw is mirrored in a user-configurable number of axes. You can use it for a straight mirror image, make a kaleidoscope or even tile your images to make your own old-style wallpaper.

It’s a fun and impressive app, even before we consider that the author is still in school. I’m planning on using it to make some brain-melting home-screen backgrounds for my iPhone.

Source: Amaziograph
Thanks: Hristo!