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This thing can charge your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, MacBook and Apple Watch all at once.
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As technology progresses, it seems that we all need more and more smart devices to power through our day productively: a smartwatch for better workouts, a laptop for better work production, wireless earbuds for better listening, and a smartphone for better communication. While all of these high-powered devices work hard to improve our lives, our reliance on them tends to drain their batteries — and sometimes, everything goes critical all at once.

Develop your photography skills in this elite Hollywood master class


These courses reveal the secrets of two of Hollywood's most sought-after photographers.
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There is a talented individual behind the lens of every iconic movie poster and stunning magazine portrait. And surprisingly often, one of those individuals is either Michael Muller or Patrick Hoelck.

These longtime friends and photography colleagues are responsible for some of the most striking and globally recognized images, from Wolverine film posters to Rihanna album covers. Now, Muller and Hoelck are sharing the secrets of Hollywood-level professional photography in a 20-hour master class that’s now available for $99.

Preserve your favorite moments with this instant mini photo printer


This portable photo printer gives you instant photos on the go.
Photo: HP

Nearly 80 years ago, a 3-year-old girl wanted to see a photo of her family vacation right after it was taken. But she couldn’t, because instant cameras weren’t invented yet.

That moment sparked the idea for the instant camera, invented by Edward Land and inspired by his daughter, Jennifer Land. Debuting in 1943, instant film cameras have long been a photographic staple for anyone who loves memorabilia and keepsake moments.

A portable mini photo printer

The digital age all but did away with many of the nostalgic wonders of the past. But the HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer is here to bring back this blast from the past with modern technology. This instant mini photo printer churns out beautiful, crystal-clear color prints from your electronic devices instantly through the Sprocket App. And it’s available now for just $79.99.

Stream a huge variety of fitness classes with this discounted app


fitness app
This top-rated fitness app offers unlimited access to a library of classes on cycling, yoga, boot camp and more.
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While your health probably sits somewhere at the top of the list of your priorities, it can prove difficult to find the motivation to get out of the house and go to the gym or whatever fitness class you wanted to take that day.

Apple Fitness+ is an option, but this one-year subscription to Studio Sweat onDemand is the perfect pick for anyone who has difficulty leaving the house to break a sweat — or who even just gets bored easily at the gym. And it’s available now for just $99.

Name your price for this comprehensive Adobe Creative Cloud training


Learn everything about Adobe Creative Cloud -- and pay only what you want!
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Whether you already have an established career as a designer or want to start dabbling as one to flex your skills as a creative, most employers agree: Being proficient in Adobe is a base requirement. Specifically, knowing how to leverage Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop is a must, whether you’re developing graphics for a website, building out a logo for a business or custom-printing your own work to sell.

Start a photography side hustle with this affordable course bundle


Now is the perfect time to start making money with photography.
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In recent years, millions of Americans have been perfecting “the art of the side hustle,” or an additional job that usually allows one to accumulate cash through a specialized skill. Side hustles may even be more common than you think. According to a 2019 Bankrate survey, 43% of full-time employees say they have a job outside of their primary work.

Whether it’s motivated by money or creativity, everyone has an opportunity to excel at their own side hustle. And if you’ve got an eye behind the camera, then photography is an easy choice as a fun and lucrative gig.

Grab text from any image with TextSniper, on sale for just $3.99


This time-saving Mac app extracts text from images, videos and more in mere seconds.
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If only “Cut, Copy, Paste” commands worked everywhere on your computer. If you want to grab text from images and PDFs, you may have to resort to transcribing the text yourself unless you use TextSniper. This invaluable tool allows you to lift text from any image with the click of a button. And right now, the Mac app is available for just $3.99.

This $60 bundle offers expert cloud training and a premium VPN


cloud training
You'll learn how to work with some of IT's most important services (and stay safe online, too).
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As the internet continues to adapt to the ways we utilize it over time, it’s wise to understand how it works on a fundamental level. Most organizations already shifted away from on-premises IT systems, incorporating cloud solutions into their daily operations. In fact, Gartner forecasts that cloud services will grow three times more than overall IT services through 2022.

These AI-powered earbuds deliver optimized sound for 100 hours


wireless earbuds
Noise cancellation when you need it. Premium audio at all times.
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We get it: You probably use your earbuds for everything from zoning in on a deadline to powering through the last few minutes of your morning run.

Unfortunately, immersive sound (where you can barely hear your surroundings) might seem good in theory. But just wait until your co-worker tries to flag you down in the office or you narrowly avoid a car during your morning walk.