Learn how to code apps for iOS 15 with this $24.99 software development bundle


iOS coding
Take advantage of iOS 15 and learn to develop your own apps

iOS 15 is a big deal — and it’s coming soon, with lots of exciting new features. From FaceTime movie sharing to a new Focus feature that allows you to concentrate without distraction, iOS 15 will make our lives simpler.

But the arrival of iOS 15 isn’t just good news for Apple users: It’s also a great opportunity for app developers. The pandemic boom that started in 2020 looks unlikely to go bust anytime soon.

Protect your AirTags with these high-end keychain holders


This AirTag keychain holder is sleek, protective and portable.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You’ve got your AirTags. Now you just need a way to attach them to the gear you never want to lose again. This affordable AirTag keychain holder lets you connect one of Apple’s tracking tags to your keys, backpack, purse or whatever else you need to keep tabs on.

No cloud, no problem: How to auto-store your photos and videos


backup stick
This backup stick protects and stores your photos and videos from virtually all devices.
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We all go through a similar thought process when our phones, laptops or iPads break, get lost or are stolen. Somewhere between trying to remedy the situation and coming to terms with the loss comes the sharp realization that all your content is gone. Saying goodbye to your photos is never fun, but you can prevent this nightmare from happening by taking precautions now.

What’s better than using cloud storage? Keeping your photo and video content in the palm of your hand. While the cloud can be convenient, the Photo Backup Stick automatically backs up pictures and videos — without having to rely on an internet connection. It can eliminate the need to pay for monthly cloud-storage fees.

Meet all your smartwatch needs with this incredible, low-priced watch


This fitness-oriented smartwatch packs 15-high tech functions.
Photo: Ineedmeone

These days, a high-end timepiece is more a fashion statement than anything else. The fact that a traditional watch only tells time doesn’t seem as impressive when stacked up against smartwatches, which can monitor health, set reminders and connect you to the world with calls and messages.

There are plenty of Apple Watch alternatives that look like but cost less than Cupertino’s killer wearable. If you want an affordable device dedicated to health monitoring, look no further than this 1.3-inch color screen smartwatch from Ineedmeone. For a limited time, this functional, fashionable take on the smartwatch costs only $36.95.

Enter our $5,000 gaming giveaway for your shot at the ultimate gamer bundle


gaming giveaway
Your donation to a great cause gives you a chance to win $5,000 worth of gaming goodness.
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Still waiting for a PlayStation 5 or an Xbox Series X? You’re not alone. Console restocks are still making headlines, with Best Buy reportedly selling out of new PS5 stock in just 11 minutes.

If you’re one of the millions worldwide waiting for the latest gaming console, there may be a way to skip the line and land the gaming setup of your dreams. For a limited time, you can enter the Big Summer of Gaming Giveaway and win more than $5,000 in the best gaming gear on the market.

Get dad all the books he loves with over $300 off a 2-year Blinkist subscription


Blinklist reading
A single sub offers 15-minute summaries of more than 4,500 bestselling books.
Photo: Blinkist

While brunches and flowers accompany Mother’s Day every year, the common trope around Father’s Day is that thoughtful gifts for dad seem impossible to find. Socks, ties, watches and golf-related items are classic gift ideas for good reason. But if your pops is a bit of a bookworm, then you may want to check out this exclusive deal on a subscription to Blinkist. This Father’s Day, you can get a two-year subscription to Blinkist Premium for $99.99 (regularly $383).

Control music, texts and more with this awesome smartwatch, on sale for $60


This amazing smartwatch is a solid Apple Watch alternative.
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We’re big fans of the Apple Watch, but great smartwatches don’t have to cost a small fortune. Case in point: The C-Max Chrono-Max Smartwatch, which is on sale today for just $59.99. That’s a 72% discount off the regular price of $219.

Boasting a dozen different features, all displayed on a lush, full-color, 1.69-inch touchscreen display, the C-Max Chrono-Max means you’ll never miss a call, chat or text again, as you’ll receive an alert right to your watch for each through useful push notifications.

Protect your brand-new AirTags with these cases, now on sale for $15


AirTags cases
This case protects your AirTag from any and all damage.
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The beauty of Apple AirTags is that the tracking tags attach to your valuables and allow you to find them with your iPhone, from anywhere. But that also means your AirTags are constantly on the move — and vulnerable to damage.

That’s why anyone who invested in an AirTag needs a solid case to keep it protected. One of the best is this Apple AirTag Protector Case, which is on sale right now for just $14.95. That’s a 50% discount off the regular price of $29.

Run Windows apps on your Mac with this $25 app bundle featuring Parallels Pro


Parallels Pro
Parallels Pro headlines this award-winning Mac app bundle.
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The All-Star Mac Bundle Featuring Parallels Pro is the ultimate curated app collection. In addition to Parallels Pro, which lets you run Windows apps on your Mac, the bundle boasts five award-winning apps that will boost your productivity, secure your data and more.

These apps are trusted by millions of users worldwide to be among the best of the best in their fields. Typically retailing for $876, this bundle of five great Mac apps is on sale now for just $25 with coupon code ALLSTARMAC.