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Light your room with this LED lamp and help kids in need


Donate to education and improve your lighting with this LED lamp.
This two-headed LED lamp gives you the perfect light for any situation.
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Why settle for one lamp when you can grab one that does two things at once? This LED lamp lights up your room in a big way, but also gives you a smaller, more focused lamp for reading, crafting etc.

This vibrant LED floor lamp broad spectrum light and a focused reading lamp, and it’s on sale for $34.99 (regularly $52) for a limited time. Even better, 50 cents of your purchase will help a school or charity as part of our Back to Education event. You’ll receive an email to vote on organizations that provide kids’ school lunches, fill school-funding gaps and more!

Improve your swing with $60 off this at-home golf simulator


Leave those ugly golf swings in the past by picking up this at-home practice tool.
This affordable solution will place you on a path toward improved golf scores.
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The end of summer is the perfect season to reinvest learn a new skill or get better at an old one. So, if you’ve decided it’s time to focus on golf, consider a home golf simulator like the SwingLogic SLX MicroSim.

Regular practice with the affordable system can shave points off your golf score and add consistency to your game. During our Back to Education sale, you can equip yourself to learn golf like never before by picking up this package for only $189 (regularly $249).

Preserve paper documents with this iOS scanner app and donate to kids in need


iScanner adds a machine-learning powered scanner to your iPhone.
Ditch paper for good with iScanner, the AI-powered scanner app for iPhone.
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If modern life has taught us anything, it’s that the more backups you have, the better off you are, especially if you’re going to school or learning new skills. The iScanner app for iOS makes it easy to back up anything on paper as a digital file, making it easy to edit and share.

Why pay $179 for AirPods when these Flux 7 Earbuds cost just $26?


These wireless earbuds pair perfectly to any device and cost just $25.99.
These wireless earbuds are a great and affordable AirPods alternative.
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, you likely already know that the iPhone no longer comes with a headphone jack. And Apple certainly doesn’t ship its smartphones with a free set of AirPods — the third-generation wireless earbuds retail for $179.

Want a more affordable option? Then you might consider these Flux 7 TWS Earbuds, which are on sale now for a wallet-friendly sum of just $25.99 (regularly $99).

Turn your iOS device into a scientific tool with this $56 digital microscope


This Wi-Fi microscope helps kids get a better education.
Use this digital microscope to get an up-close look at the tiny world with your iPhone, iPad or Mac.
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iPhones and iPads offer plenty of valuable features, but with the right accessories, you can turn them into bonafide educational tools. For example, this Wi-Fi microscope adds a new dimension to your iOS devices and Macs, turning them into a fun way to explore the world in miniature for $55.95 (regularly $69).

Save hundreds on Prism Drive cloud storage plans while helping a great cause


Someone holding an iPhone over a MacBook.
Lifetime subscriptions to Prism Drive secure cloud storage are on sale during our Back to Education event.
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As far as remote file storage goes, iCloud is pretty great. It connects seamlessly to your Apple devices, is reliable and reasonably cheap. But it’s not perfect. For example, if you’re a college student or learning a new skill, you might need more storage space to house all your project files.

For situations like that, Prism Drive makes for an excellent and inexpensive Plan B. And right now, lifetime subscriptions are on sale during our Back to Education event.

Prioritize self-care with this top-rated mindfulness app


A woman meditating at the end of a boat dock at sunrise or sunset.
Save big on a lifetime subscription to this top-rated mindfulness app.
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No one wants to admit it, but our iPhones can sometimes be black holes. Mobile games and social media can sap our attention and damper our productivity. On the flip side, your smartphone can help bring you to a better headspace and alleviate your stress and anxiety, thanks to all the mindfulness apps you can try.

One example is the app. For a limited time, you can purchase a lifetime Plus Plan for $69.99 (regularly $399), courtesy of our Back to Education campaign, which ends August 24.

Improve your (and your partner’s) sleep quality with this anti-snoring device


An anti-snoring mouthpiece on a table.
This anti-snoring gadget can help you sleep better at night.
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Your Apple Watch can tell a lot about you — including how well you sleep at night. It offers insight into your sleeping habits, like how many REM cycles you go through each night, your average time in bed and your heart rate when you’re snoozing. You can even set sleep reminders.

But you know what it can’t tell you? Whether you’re snoring (although maybe your partner can answer that question better). If you wake to see your partner irritated in the morning, you may want to curb your snoring with VitalSleep, an anti-snoring device that’s on sale for $64.95 (regularly $99).

Support kids in need when you pick up this 8-in-1 mini flashlight


A hand holding a mini flashlight with built-in bottle opener and carabiner
This mini flashlight has an 800-lumen LED, as well as a built-in stand, bottle opener and carabiner.
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This can be a challenging time of the year for children, as school resumes and several necessities are required. Unfortunately, not all households can handle those costs, which include class supplies and daily meals. For a limited time, you can help kids in need through the power of a purchase. During our Back to Education event, when you pick up the Maglight Mini, an eight-in-one utility flashlight, for only $17.99 (reg. $29), a donation will be made to a deserving recipient.

Learn American Sign Language for $40 without ever stepping into a classroom


A man and a woman talk using American Sign Language
Enjoy the many benefits of learning American Sign Language with this bundle.
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American Sign Language is the most-used form of communication for deaf people in the United States, but you don’t have to be hard-of-hearing to find value from it. So whether you want to communicate with the deaf community, become a first responder, do social work or simply pick up a new language, the Complete American Sign Language Master Class Bundle might come in handy. It’s on sale for a limited time for $49.99 (regularly $349).