Quickly learn SwiftUI to build beautiful apps for Apple devices


SwiftUI Apps for Apple Platforms
Score two great courses that'll teach you the inner workings of Apple's go-to programming language.
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Building apps for mobile or desktop devices might seem like magic — heck, Apple even described its SwiftUI coding language as “magic.”

But anyone can do it, if they have some basic knowledge about languages like SwiftUI. This pair of courses offers an accessible but comprehensive entry point, so you can start working with Apple’s powerful tool for building apps.

Boost your resume with these online courses in our surprise Cyber Tuesday sale


Cyber Tuesday, Resume-Boosting Courses: Make yourself more marketable with these online courses, all at big savings.
Take your nerd factor up a notch with these online courses, all at big savings.
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If you’re looking to learn a new skill before the year ends — and earn a fat promotion (or even a make a big career change) by 2021 — look no further than these four top online courses. Whether you want to learn to code or master Adobe, these four online courses are sure to give your resume the boost it needs to help you meet your goals.

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Cyber Monday deals are still here


Desklab Portable Monitor: These hardware and software deals will set you up for success.
These hardware and software deals will set you up for success.
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There are a few quintessential things you need for any work-from-home setup — but sales and marketing professionals know there are a few special items required for that line of work.

Other than keen negotiation skills and the ability to communicate effectively, these hardware and software buys are just what you need to drive revenue and close the deal. Plus, for a limited time, you can enjoy these items on sale for an extended Cyber Monday.

Save an extra 40% on these skill-building apps for Cyber Monday


Best Skill-Building Apps: Learn something new and useful with these handy apps.
Learn something new and useful with these handy apps.
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If you’re like us, you’re probably already looking forward to next year and how it could be better — in more ways than one. If you’re interested in learning a new language or earning a new certification to beef up your resume, look no further than this roundup of skill-building apps and software.

With Cyber Monday pricing, you can get them for an extra 40% off with code CMSAVE40 for a limited time.

This massive 12-app Mac bundle with Parallels is on sale for Cyber Monday


Cyber Monday 12 Mac-App Bundle
If you use a Mac, you should check out the amazing apps in the Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle. It's a steal!
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While your MacBook on its own is capable of quite a lot, there’s nothing like customizing your own workflow with your favorite productivity and creativity apps. True Mac devotees know that finding an app that seamlessly works the way you want it to is a rarity.

Instead of hunting for apps one by one, check out The Official Cyber Monday Mac Bundle featuring Parallels Pro & Luminar 4. Act now, and you’ll get a dozen top Mac apps at an astonishingly low price.

Cyber Monday early access! Build your perfect work-from-home space with great prices.


Early Access Cyber Monday Prices

Believe it or not, having the proper work from home setup can dramatically affect your productivity. These laptop accessories are just the thing you need to stop watching YouTube videos and start writing your yearly report in your improved workspace. Even better, you get early access to Cyber Monday pricing — these are an extra 20% off the listed price with coupon code CMSAVE20.

Save with Cyber Monday deals on tools for cloud storage and online security


Degoo Mega CoM
Save more than 90% on massive cloud storage deals and powerful VPNs, great gifts for anyone with a digital dimension to their life.
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Storage and security are among the most important resources in our digital lives. So we rounded up four great deals on massive cloud storage accounts and VPN protection, to make sure you stay safe, anonymous and never run out of space. Even better, they’re available at truly massive discounts. To save an additional 40% on apps and software, apply the code CMSAVE40 at checkout.

Some of the best productivity apps out there still have Black Friday price drops


Omvana Meditation App

Sure, you might have the remote work set-up of your dreams — but what about nurturing your inner creative? Whether you have been longing to develop your first script, want to learn animation, or just want to develop healthier mental habits, these four app and software deals will help you achieve those goals. For a limited time, they’re available for an extended Black Friday sale — just use code BFSAVE40 at checkout to earn an extra 40% off the sale price. But act quickly — these deals expire the night of the 28th.

Take advantage of Black Friday deals and instantly add an extra screen or two to your laptop


Mobile Pixels TRIO
Instantly add a screen (or two!) to your laptop, perfect for custom workflows, presentations and more.
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For many people, productivity at the computer depends on more than one screen. Just because you’re using your laptop shouldn’t mean sacrificing your workflow, so this add-on makes it easy to add valuable screen real estate to your mobile machine.

Relive the golden days of gaming with these classic devices


Retro TV Game Console
Play over 600 classic-style 8-bit games with this TV-compatible console.
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Video games have sure come a long way in the last 30 years. But if you experienced the early days of Nintendo, the golden age of gaming looks like NES and Game Boy. These deals retro gaming gear are a must-see for anyone with love for the classic era of gaming.