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Create voiceovers in more than 600 voices and 140 languages


Enjoy unlimited voiceover potential with $70 savings on this service that works with 160 languages.
Act now to get this lifetime AI voiceover subscription for just $49.97.
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Whether creating a marketing campaign or a video project, voiceovers can make a powerful impact.  With this artificial intelligence-powered voiceover tool, you can create effective voiceovers in 600 different voices and 160 languages.

And during our Fall Deal Days sale, you can get a long-term solution to any voiceover needs at a surprisingly low cost. This lifetime subscription to Micmonster AI Voiceovers is available for only $49.97 (regularly $119) with no coupon required.

Scanning app lets you digitize any document with your iPhone or iPad


Scan any doc from your iOS device with this $30 tool for a limited time.
Turn your iPhone into a document scanner for just $30 during this sales event.
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If you don’t work in an office equipped with a physical scanner, it can be frustrating to digitize your documents. But if you’re like us, you like to use your iPhone for just about everything — and this iOS scanning app is right up your alley.

iScanner turns your iPhone or iPad into a professional-level scanner you can use whenever you wish. And a lifetime subscription is on sale for just $29.97 (regularly $59) through October 15.

Integrate ChatGPT into your WordPress site for maximum efficiency


Integrate ChatGPT into your WordPress Site for Just $40 for a limited time.
A limited-time price of less than $40 gets you a ChatGPT plug-in for your WordPress site ... for life!
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Add ChatGPT to your website and you can quickly create new content, answer users’ questions and much more. You can harness the power of artificial intelligence instantly with this deeply discounted ChatGPT plug-in for WordPress. It will turbocharge your productivity, efficiency and creativity by making web publishing easier for you and more fulfilling for your visitors.

For a limited time, you can get the ChatGPT WordPress plug-in from Mind2Matter for the exclusive price of just $39.97 (regularly $299).

Block annoying internet ads and trackers for life


Pay $16.97 for a lifetime of top-rated ad-blocking on 3 devices.
Take more than $40 off a lifetime of protection from online ads.
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A significant chunk of the internet runs on advertising revenue, so it’s no surprise that you see a lot of it. But let’s face it: Many sites are simply choked with banner ads, pop-ups and intrusive videos that drag down your speed and the overall experience.

It’s getting to the point that many of us don’t even remember what an ad-free internet page looked like. However, AdGuard is one tool you can use to bring back the good old days. And it’s priced down to $16.97 for a very limited time.

Grab a keychain Apple Watch charger for just $19


Pick up this versatile and Apple Watch wireless charger keychain for $30 off.
Take $30 off the normal price of this tiny wireless Apple Watch charger.
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If you’re a daily wearer of the Apple Watch, you know how awesome it is to carry so much connectivity and intel on your wrist. You’re also well aware of the frustrations that can arise from a battery that’s entering the danger zone. But this keychain Apple Watch charger can turn that around.

For a limited time, you can purchase this Apple Watch battery booster for just $18.99 (regularly $49) with no coupon necessary. That’s more than 60% off a product that will keep your smartwatch powered up no matter where the journey takes you.

Join the remote work revolution with this specialized job finder


FlexJobs: Use this $29.99 job finder to join the remote work revolution.
Put your skills to work at home after you find your remote dream job.
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Flexibility, gas savings and an unbeatable dress code — these are just a few of the benefits of working from home. So it’s no surprise that more and more Americans are trading the cubicle for the couch.

In fact, it’s a good bet that you can find some sort of remote work these days no matter what your skill set. And FlexJobs is here to help. It’s a focused job search site dedicated to remote work or hybrid jobs.

Play 620 old-school games with this $24.99 retro console


Ready player 1? Get this retro console with 620 games for $24.99.
This portable console comes packed with hundreds of vintage video games you'll know by name.
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No matter how realistic your VR goggles get, nothing can replace the thrill of gaming’s golden age. Titles like Contra and the first-generation Mario games will always feel like comfort food, and now old-school fans can get their fill thanks to this retro-inspired game console.

It’s a working homage to one of the greatest game consoles of all time. And it comes preloaded with all your favorites for just $24.99 — less than the price of a single modern game.

Gain lifetime access to an AI image generator with unlimited potential for just $40


Save $320 on lifetime access to this AI image generator with unlimited potential.
No matter what kind of art you need, Pixilio can create it for you.
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Want to use artificial intelligence to create professional-looking images? You don’t need to be an expert to get unique, high-quality results with Pixilio, an easy-to-use image AI generator.

For a limited time, you can save on lifetime access to Pixilio — the ultimate AI image generator. Normally priced at $360, this package is currently available for purchase at only $39.99, with no coupon required.

Prep for a high-paying tech job with these affordable courses


Take your pick of cybersecurity skills with this $119.99 training bundle.
Train for your cybersecurity or IT career with this massive bundle of courses.
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If you’re stressed about the job market, here’s the good news. You don’t necessarily need a college degree, especially if you’re looking for work in the technology sector. For some high-paying tech jobs, know-how and the right certifications prove vital, and the Ultimate Lifetime Bundle can provide anyone with a pathway to both.

The bundle includes access to not just one training resource, but three. And you can tap into them anywhere, on your own time. It’s the perfect way for tech newcomers to learn the ropes or for journeyman workers to expand their resumes. Included in this $119.99 (regularly $480) are lifetime subscriptions to StackSkills, Stone River eLearning and Infosec4TC.

Master ChatGPT with this $30 course


This ChatGPT course bundle is only $29.99 (reg. $52).
Learn all about ChatGPT with this bundle.
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Even if you haven’t used ChatGPT yet, you will soon find out why OpenAI’s artificial intelligence tool continues to make waves around the world. The AI chatbot can perform various tasks, including writing (everything from news posts to poetry), coding iOS apps from scratch and more.

However, without a little guidance, it can prove overwhelming trying to make the most of this wildly capable tool. Want in on the AI action ?The Complete ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence OpenAI Training Bundle offers a range of courses on ChatGPT, and it’s on sale for just $29.99 (regularly $52).