Make the most of your videos on any device


This powerhouse video-processing tool makes clips look their best on any device or platform.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Uploading videos to social media or transferring them between devices, it’s easy to wonder what went wrong. Strange compression, weird resolution issues, and other problems can make even high-quality videos suddenly look like junk.

You can avoid those kinds of totally annoying hassles with a heavily discounted lifetime subscription to this video-processing app for Mac.

Easily manage your iOS music and data without iTunes


Easily transfer music, videos, and other files between iOS devices with drag and drop, and without iTunes.
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Our mobile devices were supposed to make life easier. But as time goes on, it gets harder to keep all our tunes, videos and other data where we want it. Part of the challenge is using iTunes — luckily, this tool offers an intuitive alternative.

Improve your grammar and writing with machine learning


Gain access to a suite of web-based tools for improving your writing quality, for emails, reports, and anywhere else words are involved.
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Becoming a better writer requires feedback. But not everyone has room in their life for writing workshops and deep dives into literature. If you want to improve your writing quickly and easily, you need this web-based tool that uses machine learning to polish your prose.

Get a VPN, an ad blocker and more in one packed app


Get VPN, malware, ad blocking and other essential digital security tools in one intuitive app.
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As more of our life moves online, security and privacy become more valuable. That’s why we’re big fans of virtual private networks, malware blockers and any other tools that make online life more secure. Luckily, you can get all that and more from one app.

Cut cable and keep all your favorite shows


Stream more than 100 channels straight to any device, from sports to TV, movies and beyond.

In this day and age, it’s amazing that anybody still uses cable. Streaming services can bring all the same shows and more to any device — and at a competitive price. If you’re looking to boost your home entertainment situation, this half-price deal from fuboTV is a must-see.

Forget 2020: Binge on a massive library of history documentaries and podcasts


history hit
Travel back in time and explore significant world events with a growing library of history documentaries, interviews, podcasts, films, and more.
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Had a little too much of the news lately? As 2020 winds down (at last!), there’s no better time to immerse yourself in historical events.

Living, as we do, in the age of binge-watching, you can stream history straight to your favorite viewing or listening devices. And this inexpensive subscription service makes sure you’re never lacking for something new and intriguing to explore.

Deck out your iPhone with great deals you didn’t find on Prime Day


iPhone Accessories pt 2
Score great deals on phone chargers, MagSafe cables, and other iPhone accessories.
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Prime Day (or at least the first day of this misnamed two-day shopping event) has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find great deals on iPhone accessories. Cult of Mac Deals rounded up of some of the best to ease your post-Prime Day shopping withdrawal — and we’re still offering an extra 20% off almost everything in our store.

You can use coupon code “OCTSALE20” at checkout to get the extra savings on almost all of these must-have iPhone accessories. But the savings madness can’t go on forever. In fact, the extra 20% discount ends today.

Take an extra 20% off these 4 great iPhone accessories for Prime Day


Save big on some of the best iPhone accessories out there with our Prime Day sale.
Save big on some of the best iPhone accessories out there.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Every year, Amazon’s Prime Day opens the floodgates on digital deals. Prime Day might be the ultimate shopping holiday, but Amazon doesn’t really need your money. Here at Cult of Mac Deals, we’re offering other ways to save, with massive discounts — and four full days of savings!

For example, we discounted each of these iPhone accessories by half or more. And continuing through October 14, you can save an extra 20% off nearly everything in our store by entering coupon code “OCTSALE20” at checkout.

Power up your favorite devices on the go with a Moovy Bag


Moovy Bag
This sturdy backpack includes a complete smart charging system, multi-pronged cable, RFID protection, and more.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

Backpacks are great for getting from point A to point B, but they’re basically the same simple cloth bags they’ve been for decades. Today, backpacks are where we carry all our digital gear, so it makes sense that they evolve to meet the digital age.