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iPad Inspires George Bush’s Surprisingly Weird Art



All the down time must get painfully boring after serving as the most powerful man in the world for eight years, which is how former George W. Bush somehow tumbled into painting.

Bush just picked up a brush two years ago, but the former president’s portraits have been all over the news the past few days and it’s all the iPad’s fault.

In an interview on the Today show, Bush says the iPad and the drawing app Penultimate are responsible for getting him into painting, after his artistic powers were unleashed by drawing stick figures and sending love notes to his wife and daughters.

From horrible dog sketches and stick figures, #43 has now progressed to doing oil on canvas portraits of some of the most powerful figures he worked alongside during his presidency, 24 of which debuted at the presidential library in Dallas, Texas this week.

You can listen to George and Barbara dive into his original iPad art obsession around the 4min mark below:

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