Draw This App Teaches You To Draw, Step-By-Step



We all know how to draw the "Marvel way," right? Step 1: some lines; a skeleton for your figure. Step 2: ovals and circles, pencilled in to show the head, limbs and body. Step 3: The amazing, finished, inked-and-colored result. Congratulations: You’re now Jack Kirby.

Peterson Hamilton’s Draw This App aims to help out with step two-and-a-half.

Draw This App is a simple follow-the-leader teaching aid. The app draws something. You copy. Your score depends on how well you make your copy, and is based on metrics like number of attempts and accuracy.

It looks really neat, and as learning to draw is about just two things – looking and practice – then it should really help your technique.

But really, you could do as much yourself, if you weren’t too lazy. Just buy (or steal from the copy room) a stack of paper and a pencil. Any pencil will do. And a knife to sharpen it (no pencil sharpeners here). Then draw. Draw until the pencil is an inch-long stub and buy another one. Copy from magazines. Copy from real life. Draw the coffee cup you’re sipping from on a five minute break, Draw it from another angle. Draw it in a different style. Draw ten sketches in ten minutes.

And – this part is important – try to spend more time looking at the object than at your paper. The main reason most people’s drawings are so crappy is because they don’t look at what they’re drawing. Study the subject – hard — and the picture will follow

Or just try to shortcut the process with this app. It’ll totally work. Just like those weight-watchers meals have made you so thin.

Source: Draw This App