Improve your golf game with this realistic simulator


Improve your swing with this realistic golf simulator.
Analyze your golf swing with this 3D simulator.
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Golf is one of those games where it’s difficult to improve without real-life practice. But this TruGolf Mini Golf Simulator helps you practice your swing — and enjoy beautifully rendered virtual courses — without going to the range in person.

It’s a futuristic way to enjoy the game of golf without gambling on clear weather (or spending money on green fees). It’s fun, it’s perfect for both newbies and regular golfers alike, and its built-in analytics will help you boost your game.

Protect yourself online with this all-in-one security bundle


Protect yourself from viruses
Safeguard all your devices and data with this discounted security bundle loved by experts.
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Who said you needed a ton of different subscriptions to protect your privacy, fight viruses and shield your devices from harm? You can keep things simple and do it with a single account with Surfshark One: VPN, Antivirus, Search, & Alert.

And, for a limited time, a year’s subscription to this security bundle is on sale for just $47.76. That’s a 72% discount off the regular price of $173. You can also drive the savings down even further with a two-year subscription, on sale now for just $89.99 (regularly $346).

Become a web developer for less than $30 with this complete coding boot camp


This complete web development bootcamp is on sale.
Become a superstar web developer for 25 bucks and change.
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Whether you want to make an exciting career change or start a lucrative side hustle, web development is one of the most valuable skills you can have right now. So, this deal on the 2022 Web Development for Beginners Bundle — a top-rated series of courses — is definitely worth a look.

With eight different courses included in this bundle, the deeply discounted price works out to less than $4 a course for a limited time.

Save $150 on this pro photography software bundle for Mac


This photographer software is 74% off.
These pro photography apps make editing pictures a snap.
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It’s not just the equipment that makes photography such an expensive career and hobby. Software that can help photographers produce the best pictures often proves incredibly pricey

However, for a limited time, the Everimaging 3-in-1 Photographer’s Bundle for Mac gives you three indispensable programs for only $42.49 (regularly $199) with the code JAN15. And you get the software for life.

This 3-in-1 wireless hub is marked down for our January sale


Treat your devices to a new charger this year.
New year, new charger! And this 3-in-1 wireless dock will last.
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It’s 2022. You don’t need a separate charger for each of your devices anymore. This 3-in-1 Fast Wireless USB Charging Station is a powerful fast charger for your iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. And during our January sale, you can get it for $46.74 (regularly $114) with code JAN15.

Save on iMazing, the iPhone file manager that Mac users love


Get 57% off this Apple device manager app loved by users.
This app lets you transfer files between your Apple devices easier than ever before.
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Naturally, we’re huge fans of iOS. Apple’s software is totally intuitive, beautifully fluid to use, and it comes with an unrivaled array of high-quality stock apps. But, it can also prove a little restrictive when it comes to file management.

That’s why the super-smart iMazing iOS Manager is a game-changer. You can grab this powerful app for Mac or PC on sale now for just $14.99. That’s 57% off the regular price of $34 — but you can save even more!

Boost your health with 4 deals on fitness-tracking smartwatches


Improve your fitness with this sleek smartwatch.
Track your New Year's resolutions with ones of these affordable smartwatches.
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The most common New Year’s resolution is (you guessed it) to exercise more to improve health and fitness. If that’s your goal for 2022, you’ll have a lot more luck sticking to your resolutions by using a fitness-tracking smartwatch as your accountability buddy.

The Apple Watch is our go-to smartwatch, of course. But if you don’t want to spend hundreds getting into the game, these stylish smartwatches will give you a clear picture of your lifestyle and activities at a glance.

These MagSafe-style breakaway cables work with any device


Power up your devices with this multi-way cable.
Charge all your devices with this powerful universal cable.
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The Infinity Cable is like a MagSafe cable that works with any device. You can get it with three types of magnetic tips — Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB — that snap onto the cable’s end.

As with MagSafe, the tip will snap away if you trip over the cable while it’s plugged in to your device. But that “yank safe” connection is just the start. Infinity Cable also brings high-speed data transfers and compatibility with multiple fast-charging standards.

And right now, can get the versatile and sturdy Infinity Cable for $24.99 — a fat 54% discount off the normal price of $55.

Make the games only you can dream up with this game development deal


Build your own games with GameGuru now $50.
With GameGuru, you can quickly start building your own games.
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Game design is a huge and exciting industry, but it’s also hard to learn when you’re first getting started. Even making simple games and learning what’s fun and what isn’t is locked at the bottom of a steep learning curve.

Luckily for would-be game devs, The Complete GameGuru Unlimited Bundle helps you ride that learning curve. With it, you get an easy-to-use game design program and a ton of assets you can use to build your own games. And right now it’s on sale for just $49.99 (regularly $384).

Protect your eyes from harmful blue light with this Ocushield bundle


Protect your eyes with these medically-approved anti-blue light glasses.
Block harmful blue light with these medically approved glasses and an iPhone screen protector.
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Staring at screens all day can cause headaches, eye irritation and even mess with your body’s sleep cycle. The secret to protecting your eyes and freeing yourself from screen fatigue is anti-blue-light glasses.

You can grab this highly rated Ocushield Anti Blue Light Screen Protector & Glasses Bundle on sale for $79.99 (regular price $89) and eliminate eye strain in the new year.