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Turn your brains into bucks by starting an online course


Sell the online course you’ve always wanted to with this all-in-one platform.
Generate passive income from online courses with this top-rated, all-in-one platform.
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Sharing your skills through online courses allows you to enhance your brand, establish yourself as a thought leader and make a sizable income — even in your sleep. The simplest way to create your own is with an all-in-one tool like OnlineCourseHost. And lifetime subscriptions are on sale now for just $99.99.

iPad Pro drops back to its lowest price yet


7 reasons to totally love the 2021 iPad Pro [Review]
Grab the iPad Pro at its lowest-ever price on Amazon
Photo: Ed Hardy/Cult of Mac

The M1 iPad Pro just dropped back to the lowest price we’ve seen. Amazon is currently selling the 11-inch model with 128GB of storage for just $699.99 after a $100 discount. (Note that part of that discount shows up at checkout.)

On higher-storage variants, you can score a discount of as much as $200. As usual, there’s no way of knowing how long these deals will last.

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Invest like a pro with this discounted stock-finding app


Learn and manage your stocks with this easy platform.
Make smart investments with this easy-to-use, all-in-one, stock-picking platform.
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We all know that we should be investing to create real wealth. But where do you start? Especially when the market is choppy?

A stock management platform like Tykr Stock Screener makes it easy, even if you’re a beginner. And right now, you can grab a lifetime subscription for just $119 (regularly $900).

Land your dream job with this top-rated AI resume-builder


Take your resumé to the top of the pile with this smart AI-powered CV creator.
Use this top-rated AI tool to build the perfect resume.
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There’s a secret trick to getting your resume to the top of the pile: Use a smart AI resume tool to supercharge your job application. One of the best out there is Resoume. And right now, you can grab a lifetime subscription on sale for just $39.99.

That’s a 93% discount off the regular price of $600. And it’s a tiny investment when it comes to landing your dream job.

Secure your data with any of these 10 VPN deals


Secure all your devices with an affordable VPN.
Secure all your devices with an affordable VPN.
Photo: Petter Lagson/Unsplash License

Cybersecurity is a major part of everyday life now. Even if you’re not working from home, you likely have some sensitive information you wouldn’t want someone else to get their hands on.

Sometimes it’s your browsing data that gets turned into targeted ads. And sometimes it’s your identity that gets fully compromised. Either way, you should have some security tools at your disposal to keep your data safe.

That’s why we found 10 of the best virtual private networks around for you to check out. And all of them are marked down if you use the code VPN20 with your purchase! This deal only lasts until May 24, 2022, so grab a VPN soon!

Listen to sports, news, music and more with this rad radio app


Listen to the world with this radio app.
TuneIn Premium gives you unfettered access to more than 100,000 radio stations.
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As convenient as the internet can be, if you actually want to get something out of it, a lot of the work is on you. Instead of searching, you can listen with a TuneIn Premium plan. The service’s massive radio network gives you music, news, sports and more. And it’s on sale for just $39.99 (regularly $119).

Make your data practically unhackable with this decentralized VPN


This firewall VPN is incredible.
This hardware VPN is also a firewall.
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Cybersecurity is no joke, even if you only use the internet to browse social media and shop online. Without thorough security in place, your personal information is at risk and could be sold or used against you. And targeted ads are just annoying.

The Deeper Connect Mini decentralized VPN and firewall is a simple-to-use hardware virtual private network that can protect your identity online and shield you from threats. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for $349.

Learn to be a content creator with this music-oriented bundle


Learn to be a content creator with this Music bundle.
See how content creators do it with these courses.
Photo: Cult of Mac Deals

You might have a good idea for a video or a line to what could become a catchy song, but actually creating the content you imagine takes a lot of different skills. You might need to know music production, videography or even just how to work a camera to see your creations take shape.

You can learn many of the skills it takes to produce quality content with The 2022 Digital Music & Content Creator Bundle. And for a limited time, it’s on sale for only $42.13 (regularly $2,200).

AirPods 3 are a real steal after a $29 discount


AirPods 3
AirPods 3 are brilliant ... and on sale!
Photo: Apple

Apple’s latest AirPods 3 is down to just $149.99 on Amazon — a sweet $29.01 discount from its retail price of $179.

In Cult of Mac‘s AirPods 3 review, we found them to be the best earbuds in Apple’s lineup. And this is the lowest price the earbuds have dropped to in the last month.

This post contains affiliate links. Cult of Mac may earn a commission when you use our links to buy items.

Protect your online privacy for life with this top-rated VPN for less than $20


Save on this FastestVPN lifetime subscription.
Lifetime access to this top-rated VPN costs less than a deluxe pizza.
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Whatever you do online, you need a reliable virtual private network to keep your private data secure. Thankfully, you can ensure your privacy forever with a lifetime subscription to FastestVPN for up to 10 devices.

Usually $1,200, it’s discounted to just $24.99. But you can take a further 20% off during Cult of Mac Deals’ VPN Security Sale when you enter the code VPN20 at checkout. That drives the sale price all the way down to $19.99.

However, the extra discount is only available until May 24, 2022. So now’s the time to grab this deal and stay secure for life.