Let’s Get Physical: Artist Renders Touch Gestures In Wood And Plastic



Fact: I was once taking some notes about an exhibit in a gallery/museum in Berlin and a guard told me to stop using my cellphone. It was in fact an iPod touch, but whatever – try explaining that to a German security guard when you can’t speak German.

If I’d been in Gabriele Meldaikyte’s art exhibit, though, I could have continued pinching, tapping, swiping (and giving the finger to the guard) without even touching my “phone.” How? Interactivity.


Meldaikyte’s exhibit consists of interactive sculptures which mimic the five holy finger commands of iPhone usage: pinch, tap, swipe, scroll and, uh, scroll again.

The kinetic sculptures are made from wood, newspaper and acrylic and are manipulated in just the same way you’d manipulate your iPhone apps.

Is there a point? Probably. Is this a fun way to pass your time? Probably not as much fun as LetterPress. Is it a valid way to quench your fingers’ thirst for tappity-tap action under the strict cellphone-free conditions of a museum? Indubitably.

Source: Gabrielė Meldaikyte

Via: Dezeen

  • hanhothi

    “Nein iPhone, iPod!”

    He would have understood, but being an arsehole with authority (albeit very limited), and a rejected would be cop in all probability (therefore even more of an arsehole as frustrated therefore a complete plonker), you STILL would not have been allowed to continue.

    I had a similar experience with such a person at the Van Gough museum in Holland. The sound of those awful tourist Guide talking thingies was driving me nuts, and preventing me from immersing myself in the glorious art.

    I was listening to some very mellow and fitting music on my iPod with the volume turned right down, just enough to create a suitable ambiance. It was not loud enough to be heard by anyone standing next to me, let alone anyone using one of the guide thingies. I was approached by a similar self important git and told to stop. I was so naffed. I scowled at him (many hours spent practicing the dirty look in the mirror, very effective) and left, I was so angry! Don’t you just hate them?