iOS 5.1.1 Update Doesn’t Kill The Redsn0w Jailbreak For A4 Devices [Jailbreak]


Feel free to upgrade your A4 devices to iOS 5.1.1 without losing the ability to jailbreak.
Feel free to upgrade your A4 devices to iOS 5.1.1 without losing the ability to jailbreak.

We’d usually advise jailbreakers to avoid Apple’s iOS updates just after their release, until hackers have confirmed that the latest software can be jailbroken. But one report claims that it’s perfectly safe to update your A4-powered devices to iOS 5.1.1 without losing your Redsn0w jailbreak.

Apple’s New A5X Processor May Not Be Suitable For The iPhone [Report]


Image courtesy of Engadget

Apple introduced its new A5X processor in the third-generation iPad yesterday, and based on the company’s previous moves, we’re expecting the chip to appear in its next iPhone. However, that may not be the case. According to analysts, the chip requires too much power to be used in the iPhone, and Apple will need to create a more power-efficient chip with a new manufacturing process for its next smartphone.

Why You’ll Probably Never Own A Mac With An ARM Processor [Feature]


Image via Ars Technica

Ever since Apple launched the new MacBook Air, analysts and Mac fans alike have gone wild speculating that Cupertino might dump Intel and use custom-made, ARM-based chips in their laptop line instead. Yesterday, more fuel was thrown on the fire when it was revealed that an Apple intern worked on porting OS X to ARM devices back in 2010. Even Intel has said it would be “remiss” of them to dismiss the possibility that ARM might steal their Apple business. On the surface of things, it looks like ARM might make its way to our MacBooks soon.

Is ARM really a threat to Intel? Yes, absolutely, and especially as we transition into Apple’s Post-PC world. But there is next to no chance Apple will replace Intel chips for ARM-based ones any time in the next five years. In fact, there’s a good chance the exact opposite could be true, and Intel chips will be powering our iPhones and iPads by then. Here’s why.

iOS 5.1 Beta Suggests Next-Gen Quad-Core iPhones And iPads [Report]



While we’re all expecting Apple to introduce a quad-core A-something processor to its iOS devices at some point in the future, it appears there are already references to the devices in the company’s latest iOS 5.1 beta release. In addition to support for Apple’s latest dual-core A5 processor, the software also support quad-core processing, according to one report.