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Facebook Messenger update will even let haters use it


Not that we can think of any reasons to avoid Facebook.

The latest update to Facebook’s Messenger app will let you use it even if you don’t have (or want) an account for the social-media platform.

It’s still Facebook, though, so you’re going to have to cough up some personal info.

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Howard Hughes’ former home is retro sci-fi, controlled by an iPad

Howard Hughes House

It’s straight out of a David Lynch movie.

If you have an extra $11.5 million sitting around, and you’ve always wanted to live somewhere that looks like a great place to plan a heist while your robot butler serves you drinks, we may have found your new home.

The house at 535 Haynes Avenue in Beverly Hills once belonged to tycoon, filmmaker, and real-life Iron Man, Howard Hughes. And if its classic charm and amazing views weren’t enough for you, it’s also entirely automated and runs from an iPad.

You can see more of the swanky house in the video below.

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Square Enix’s new apps are a dream come true for Final Fantasy nerds

Final Fantasy VII is coming to iOS

Final Fantasy VII is coming to iOS

It might be kind of hard to keep up with all of the Final Fantasy news that’s suddenly everywhere. We have a high-definition remake and an iOS port of PlayStation 1 classic role-playing game Final Fantasy VII in the works, the weird and cute-ish World of Final Fantasy, and trailers everywhere.

Oh, and if you’re looking for a hub that will make keeping track of all of this stuff way easier, developer Square Enix is ready to help you out with that too, thanks to the new Final Fantasy Portal app coming out for iOS

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Kingdom Hearts: Unchained X puts a Disney-themed adventure in your iPhone

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X E3 2015 04

We didn’t think it was possible to make this series more adorable, but Square managed.

If you love the Kingdom Hearts series of role-playing games, which is a sprawling adventure set in a series of worlds from classic Disney films — or if you’ve never heard of it but think that what I just said sounds like the best thing ever — we have some good news for you: It’s coming to mobile.

Developer Square Enix debuted the new entry in its incredibly nerdy series during its event at the Electronic Entertainment Expo tradeshow today, and while the series is already super cute, the iOS installment really kicks that up a few pegs.

Check it out in the trailer below.

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Lara Croft Go brings tomb raiding to iOS

Lara Croft Go

Get ready to raid your pocket. Actually, don’t do that.

Fans of the Tomb Raider game series will be able to bring the adventure along with them with an upcoming game from developer Square Enix Montréal.

Lara Croft Go is a turn-based puzzle game with a bright, stylized visual style. Square Enix announced it during its Electronic Entertainment Expo event earlier today, and you can get your first look in the trailer below.

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Postapocalyptic colony under your control in Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter

The nuclear holocaust has never been so adorable.

Developer Bethesda had a surprise or two for its showcase at the Electronics Entertainment Expo trade show last night. But the biggest one was a previously unannounced game called Fallout Shelter, a resource-management title for iOS that puts you in charge of a subterranean colony after the nuclear holocaust.

Most surprising of all: It’s out right now, and it’s free.

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Party Hard: a retro, stealth game about stabbing your neighbors

Party Hard

Prepare for a fun night out of stabbing.

We’ve all had terrible neighbors who throw loud parties that last all night, even on Mondays. Party Hard, an upcoming game for iOS, is about bringing those annoying gatherings to a halt. With a knife.

Developer Pinokl Games has released a new trailer for its “third-person urban conflict simulator” ahead of the Electronics Entertainment Expo trade show next week, and you can check it out below.

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WikiLinks 3 app makes Wikipedia even more of a mind-expanding time suck

WikiLinks 3

Prepare to get even more lost in Wikipedia.

If you’ve ever hopped onto Wikipedia just to “look one thing up really quick” and then come to an hour later with a comprehensive knowledge of the various forms of lightsaber combat, WikiLinks 3 might very well be your Kryptonite.

And even if you’re not the type to fall into a Wiki-hole of cross-references and endless chains of links, it’s still a cool app that offers an interesting way to get lost on the Internet.

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Apple all but confirms its Street View rival is coming

Apple Maps van

To be faire, how would you keep a fleet of large, camera-covered vans a secret? Photo: AppleInsider video

A post on Apple’s site for its Maps app heavily suggests that it’s hard at work on a feature to rival Google’s Street View, which lets users zoom into maps to explore areas from ground level. The company hasn’t officially announced that that is what it’s doing with those camera vans, but we’re running increasingly low on alternative theories.

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eBay’s Apple Watch app brings the auction to your wrist

eBay Apple Watch

The new eBay companion app for Apple Watch doesn’t try too hard.

Online auction site eBay has updated its iOS app to include Apple Watch functionality.

Now, sellers and bidders can keep an eye on their transactions wherever they are.

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